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PDF ê BOOK Dangerous Pleasures ☆ FIONA ZEDDE ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Dangerous Pleasures By Fiona Zedde – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk No Names No Guilt No Boundaries Renee Matthews is starting over Free of a demanding ex husband who left her feeling worthless she's ready for a purely physical connection on her terms Sex in tNo Names No Guilt No Boundaries Renee Matthews is starting over Free of a demanding ex husband who left her feeling worthless she's ready for a purely physical connection on her terms Sex in the dark with a total stranger a night of breathless passion without complications An online ad leads to the first of m I liked this book until the last thirty ish pages and then I was left highly annoyed It started off shaky the first few chapters had me really confused as to who this story was about and there were a lot of typos got better then went off the deep endI never warmed up to Renee I have no patience for wishy washy characters with a ‘woe is me’ outlook on life but not doing anything about it I also felt her reasons for signing up for anonymous sex was such a bad idea Nothing wrong with having one night stands but she was doing it to fill a void and to run away from her problems and I really don’t have time for that I needed Mayson to step in and not be so supportive of Renee’s planBut Mayson did go along with Renee’s plan unfortunately and involved an innocent bystander playing on his feelings for Renee I really can’t forgive either of them for doing that I was excited to find out who the mystery man was but felt really hollow about how he was used in this book I think if Mayson and Renee were the end game there needed to be less than friendly scenes with them Like near kisses touches that meant Actually seeing the characters wrestle with their feelings for each other especially Renee There wasn’t any need for the side love interest characters I think the sexual tension between the two women would’vecould’ve been enough No need for a dramatic over the top event to make them realize their feelings For most of the book Mayson and Renee spend a lot of time having sex with other people As a romanceerotica “purist” it’s hard for me to swallow that And they don’e really acknowledge their feelings for each other I was confused as to why Renee and Mayson didn’t have their own books until the last two or three chapters And therefore I couldn’t really believe their love was beyond fraternal by the end Not even the “I dated a girl in college” story could make it believableThe strongest part of this work is the sex scenes Lord almighty someone pass me a fan and a cigarette I can’t describe them any other way than hot and masturbatory Zedde knows how to write sex and makes you feel like you’re in the room with the characters Or you wish you wereAll in all I think Dangerous Pleasures was a good read with a mismatch ending I just wanted a better suitor for Mayson I give this novel 3 starsDangerous Pleasure was given to me by the author for an honest review

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Any anonymous trysts And when one partner takes her into a darker realm of pleasure Renee discovers hungers she never knew she possessed Renee knows these encounters are risky Nothing has ever compared to such exhilarating desire certainly not her ex or the perfect potential boyfriend her parents keep pushing Renee and Mayson have been best friends since grade school they do everything together talk to each other all the time and are always looking out for each other Renee's ex husband was verbally abusive and believed that Renee's relationship with Mayson was the demise of their relationship Renee is straight and Mayson is gay and they both look out for each other and haven't found the right person to spend their life with Renee decides that what she needs is uncomplicated sex on her terms and decides to walk a line of danger by placing an ad on the internet Mayson fearful for her friend makes a dramatic choice to interfere with Renee's choice to make sure she stays safe I'm not going to say for fear of spoilers but I'm sure if you read it you can figure it out very uickly This book has very vivid descriptions of sensuality sex and friendship and the fine line that divides it all I loved that the main characters were both women of color and the descriptions of their bodies wasn't your cookie cutter skinny no curves There was a lot of straight sex in this book which made me wonder what I was reading a time or two and I think some of that could have been left to our imagination or not I loved the two main characters and was left a little disappointed in the end when their union was so abruptly cut short by the end of the book Since I haven't read any of her other books I have nothing to compare this one to but it seems her other books are much focused on the lesbian relationship while this book seemed to focus on the friendship and Renee's heterosexual trysts I will have to point out that it would have been nice if the cover girl fit the genre of the book since this is black lesbian fiction why is the girl on the cover so damn light


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Dangerous PleasuresHer way But as the excitement escalates so does the danger And walking away from her midnight lover may be difficult than Renee ever expected The sensuality of the narrative style the intensity of the characters' emotions and the complexity of the plot are all satisfying Eroticarevealedcom on Every Dark Desi That Package May Be Covering Spoiled Goods Renee is trying to get on with her life after her divorce from her mentally abusive ex husband Her parents are trying to set her up with Grant the safe boring next door neighbor who has harbored feeling for her for a long time Needing a completely physical connection with no strings attached Renee posts a want ad for just that under the scrutiny of her best friend Mayson Timid at first Renee embraces her encounters with a different stranger when the mood hits Ensuring that the room is dark and their identities remain a secret she is able to walk away each time until she “meets” a stranger who provides her everything she has been yearning forI have to give this book a 4 for hotness Be careful when reading because there are times when the words on the pages seem they should start a fire As far as the story line it was good but some parts became predictable to me and was not solid I was left feeling a little dejected at the end because the ending did feel a little forced to me There are some twists that will hold the reader’s attention to the end I think that fans of erotica with a little story line will enjoy Renee’s story of finding herself Reviewed by Lashonda35