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Desiring the Highlander review ß 103 ↠ ☆ Desiring the Highlander PDF / Epub ✩ Author Michele Sinclair – Seven McTiernay brothers each a highlander born to protect Scotland and her people warriors known for their uick wits and uicker broadswords The third brother Cole stared death in the face when he wasSibilities The wild northern Highlands need a laird who can guide them to peace Cole has the army strong enough to accomplish this task What he doesn't have is the desire to be a leader among menAnd so he is sent off on a fool's errand a mission to retrieve something from the very Englishmen Cole has spent his life. This is my first Michele Sinclair book and it is definitely not going to be my last And I’m sorry it’s my first book of hers This is the third in her series and I know I missed a couple of great stories in not reading the first two yet I’m a huge fan of Scottish historicals and Ms Sinclair has just become a favorite new author of mine with her alpha but sensitive heroes intelligent and level headed heroines and romance to die forCole McTiernay has spent years hating everything English keeping a vow to avenge his best friend’s death at their hands He keeps all emotion locked inside letting only his hatred out when need be Talked into doing a favor for his sister in law Cole rides into England to pick up something important to her What he ends up with is a spitfire of a woman and though she is English she intrigues him like no other woman ever hasFeigning madness to keep all prospective husbands at bay Ellenor has her escape from her brother in law planned out but everything is ruined when she’s handed over to a trio of Scotsmen to deliver her to an unknown destination She’s left one frightening situation for another but as she gets to know their leader a man who keeps the world on the outside just as she does she is amazed to find that his touch makes her feel safeI absolutely loved this couple They have their own fears and ways of dealing with the lot life has handed them But when they come together and recognize this in one another they begin a tremulous but beautiful relationship that grows into a love of a lifetime Of course it’s not uite that easy for themCole is on the brink of being named laird of a ragtag clan that needs leadership but it is his inability to connect with people that is holding his selection back Elle still fears a man’s touch after a horrifying night that leaves her father dead As their love grows they also help each other see that what they need to move on in life is inside them just waiting to be let free to guide them along They each have what the other needs to move past their fears and this is done so extremely well by Ms SinclairIt is Cole who has to make the decision to grab this new life that’s his for the taking Elle has done all she can to prove to him what they have together will work if he’ll only give it a chance It’s not until Ellenor’s life is in danger that he knows he must take hold of his own destiny with this incredible woman who only wants to love himI like the fact that there are seven books planned in this series one for each McTiernay brother For a reader who loves to read about brothers and Scottish historicals I believe I”ve hit a gold mine I’m looking forward to every single one of themSee my complete review at

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Hating When he finds that the 'something' is a wild hellion he balks determined to make the return to Scotland as hard on her as it was for him to set foot on English soil But though English herself Ellenor intrigues him with her fierce spirit and Cole's heart deeply locked away for so long may be vulnerable at la. As a boy Cole and his best friend snuck out against orders to join a battle against the English Instead they were captured and when the sadistic English officer saw that Cole was unafraid of death instead he forced Cole to watch as his best friend was tortured and killed Since then Cole has been famous for his icy cold unfeeling demeanor and for his hatred of all things English With one unfortunate exception His brother Connor married an Englishwoman and Cole in his cold unfeeling way kinda likes her So when she asks him to cross the English border and retrieve something important from her brother he takes a couple friends and goes The something important turns out to be a filthy stinky raving madwoman named Ellenor who is dragged out shrieking and clawing and tossed at his feet She nearly unmans Donald one of Cole’s companions when the man grabs her but Cole sees something in her eyes and knows she’s just pretending to be crazy Still he takes the precaution of tying her up before he sets her on his horse Ellenor wants nothing to do with men and can hardly stand to be close to them so when her greedy sister and brother in law Laurel's brother took her in so they could marry her off to the highest bidder the best way to fend off unwanted attention was to stink and act crazy She senses somehow that she can trust Cole so the instant they’re away from England she stops pretending Which is not to say she’s cooperating No indeed Since Cole won’t tell her where they’re going the point of his refusal eludes me she fears that she’s only being dragged off to another relation who will try to force her to marry for money so she intends to escape You guessed it—an attraction develops between them though Cole tries to resistThere’s a secondary story that adds a bit of danger to the mix which keeps this from being a bit too romance only for me I’ll give it three and a half

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Desiring the HighlanderSeven McTiernay brothers each a highlander born to protect Scotland Desiring the MOBI #8608 and her people warriors known for their uick wits and uicker broadswords The third brother Cole stared death in the face when he was only a boyNow Cole McTiernay is a man And though he resists them in every way he has respon. I just can't finish this series Too lovey dovey and full of romance cliches Women are too innocent even for a historical romance