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characters Deep Deception ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ ✪ [PDF] ✐ Deep Deception By Tina Brooks McKinney ✷ – Death has a way of exposing secrets better left untold and no one knows this better than sisters Vernica and Victria Mendoza They're about to find out that things aren't alTime here in America has been based on a lie The man they once respected has become a symbol of fear with a hidden agenda and he has no intentions of releasing them from a contract they didn't sign Deep Deception demonstrates how greed and the love of money can twist perception As the mystery unfolds readers will be shocked by the conseuences of these vice. I was a little confused by the ending I had to go back and reread a few sections Even though Moses was assigned to investigate Veronica by her supposed father he wound up sleeping with her and in his mind impregnating her Tilo was living with Victoria but didn't hesitate to kill her for money I am sorry that Ramon was killed also A lot of the parts didn't fit as the story unfolded The cover art should havedepicted a Hispanic woman

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Death has a way of exposing secrets better left untold and no one knows this better than sisters Vernica and Victria Mendoza They're about to find out that things aren't always as they seem Vernica takes a bite of forbidden fruit when she becomes romantically involved with her boss The one night fling leaves her pregnant with another man's child and headed. In true McKinney form the characters are bold and complex while the storyline twists in ways that make you wonder about the mind of the author The Mendoza family is rich in secrets and the children – Veronica Victoria and Ramon – are the ones that are in jeopardy After a phone call meant to instill fear kills their mother they come face to face with a man they believe is their father That is only the beginning the supporting characters will jump in and change the story times than I can mention McKinney is one of my favorite authors because her vivid imagination makes every story a uniue escape into a fantasy land that captures my attention and forces me to read every word till the endleaving me wanting to read her next work

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Deep DeceptionStraight to divorce court Victria can identify with her sister as she too harbors a secret love that goes against their strict upbringing After the sudden death of their mother Victria enlists the help of her lover to unravel a decade's worth of deceit Armed with letters written by their father the sisters soon find out that deception runs deep and their. Deep Deception was a very good read The Mendoza family veronica victoria and ramon was the mendoza kid's they came to the states not knowing what there parent's had done there mama taking in clothes so they could eat and pay the bill's and still hadn't nothing There father was still over in the old country taking care of his parent's and his kid's and wife here But something has happen there mother sudden dies and there life will change for ever when there father walk's in the door and find out that one daughter is pregant and married and the other one doesn't stay home There are murder's being done and everything use Can this family stay together can they fight for there life's the mendoza family is in trouble