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Free download Stealing Midnight ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Á [Ebook] ➩ Stealing Midnight Author Tracy MacNish – Set in the English countryside this exuisite new Regency novel by MacNish reveals how one woman's courage wins her the love she had never dreamed she'd findWhile Olwyn Gawain liHeir way toward Aidan's home he finds himself drawn to the alluring young woman who saved him from certain death Fiery and sensual Olwyn's very touch fuels a desire in Aidan too fierce to deny But when Olwyn learns he is hiding a heartbreaking secret Aidan must face a difficult choice or risk losing forever the love he so desperately nee. I thought this was a great book It was my first historical romance And I really liked it I met the author at a conference last year and after hearing her speak specifically about the research that went into writing this book I had to have itI thought the story was great with some good twists and turns I liked the heroinestrong most of the time I was very happy in the end when she stood up for herself and fought for love instead of running away to protect him and his family

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To discover that her father's latest subject a breathtakingly handsome young man is still clinging to life Refusing to let him die Olwyn stops her father at gunpoint and flees determined to bring the innocent man to safetyThe son of aristocrats Aidan Mullin doesn't know what to make of the unusual intriguing Olwyn But as the pair make t. There were so many aspects of this book The resurrection men and anatomy part was much less a feature of the book than I anticipated The author's note on the topic was so interesting particularly the estimate that 8% of English people at this time were buried alive Those pockets in coffin linings for vials of poison suddenly made a lot sense The weaving in of Welsh and Irish culture was very enjoyable and sadly unusual in a Regency Grandpa makes an off hand comparison of Aidan to Cu Chulainn which turned out to be very interesting in light of Aidan's houndguard dog The dog's death as in the Cu Chulainn myth marks a transition to Aidan as Olwyn's protector There was also a fascinating parallel with Yeats' play The Only Jealousy of Emer which begins with Cu Chulainn apparently dead only to be revived by his wife and lover The way they awaken him was very reminiscent of the opening scenes with Olwyn and Aidan when Olwyn explicitly makes a comparison to Sleeping Beauty One of my favorite sections all too brief was when Aidan woke up in the stone cottage and thought he had been transported to medieval times All throughout there was a bit of a uestion of magicfairy tale The line between reality and magic was somewhat blurred Downsides Missed opportunity for PadraigMira side romance or next book I was very sad there is no book for Padraig since it seemed very set up in this book I thought Mira could have been redeemed until the laced oysters incident From then on she was a very overblown villain very evil other woman I really dislike the You don't know you're beautiful that's what makes you beautiful trope I think it's fine for women to know they are beautiful and we could have appreciated Olwyn's lack of artifice without so much reliance on Mira as a foil

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Stealing MidnightSet in the English countryside this exuisite new Regency novel by MacNish reveals how one woman's courage wins her the love she had never dreamed she'd findWhile Olwyn Gawain lives as a virtual prisoner in her home her scientist father conducts chilling experiments on stolen corpses in the dungeon of their keep One night Olwyn is shocked. I LOVED the beginning of this book but the middle dragged for me so I knocked it down a starIt's still a historical romance but I recommend if you're looking for something a little different