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Free eBook Ü ePub Pocahontas ç ô ➯ [Read] ➫ Pocahontas By Susan Donnell ➻ – To her father the Great Chief Powhatan she was Pocahontas Little Mischief the cherished daughter destined to marry a mighty warrior from another tribeTo the English colonists at Jamestown she was all To her fatherT of the town confidante of lords and playwrights and a fierce defender of her peopleTo John Smith of the Virginia Company she was the greatest love of his lifePOCAHONTAS I really like books set in early America Typically I'd rather find books set BEFORE the EnglishSpanishFrench came to the Americas but it seems these types of books are rather hard to come across That being said Pocahontas was a very great read I found it to be exciting We are travelling along with Pocahontas as history is being made The book portrays her as being pro English which I suppose must be true I had just never really thought about it in depth before It got me to wondering if she could have known how things would eventually turn out for her people and their descendants would she have done anything differently Which leads to thoughts of how would things have been different if the English had not been able to establish a colony in Virginia Anyways that is really neither here nor there on the subject of the actual book but I do love getting a book that makes you think about it even while not reading I found the characters to be well drawn and very intriguing the book is very fast paced and even though it is uite big you don't really notice as you read pages just fly by MrsDonnell's writing made me think of another book I really enjoy called Follow The River I'd be interested in reading of her books if she has any set in the same time periodsubject

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To her father the Great Chief Powhatan she was Pocahontas Little Mischief the cherished daughter destined to marry a mighty warrior from another tribeTo the English colon Sit back relax and pour yourself a glass of wine because I’m here to tell you a storyWay back in 1607 the Virginia Company sailed the open seas to the New World where they promptly settled in the Virginia settlement Jamestown Led by the charismatic and devilishly good looking Captain John Smith they uickly get to work trying to find gold and deal with those pesky savages Along the way John meets and uickly falls in love with Pocahontas who teaches him to listen for wolves crying to the blue horned moon turns him into a schizophrenic by having him ask potentially human killing bobcats why they grin and has him paint with all the colors of theOh shit wait I’m sorry I’m telling you the Disneyfied version of the story aren’t I? WhoopsBut NEVER FEAR For this book will at last tell you the TRUE story of Pocahontas Not that generic romanticized and historically inaccurate if not nice to look at Disney movie I mean it’s told by a direct fourteenth generation descendent of her What could possibly go wrong? To John Smith of the Virginia Company she was the greatest love of his life WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKNO NONONONONONOPocahontas and John Smith were NOT I repeat NOT with a capital N lovers It never happenedThis should’ve been a reason enoughA 28 year old grown ass man wouldn’t be having a normal romantical relationship with a 12 year old girl Yes older men did happen to marry younger girls but it was often an arranged marriage set up by the two consenting families These two were in the New World and no written or historical indication was ever written at the time that there were ever arranged marriages between the Englishmen and the Indian women in Jamestown I say Englishmen because most of the settlers were in fact men The ratio of men to women was shockingly low The settlement was just getting started and it wouldn’t have helped already strained relations at all It’s already been proven time and time again that they weren’t romantically involved; there are no written or oral records to prove it And if it did1 That’s just gross2 SOMEBODY CALL CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES You know what Ms Donnell? While you’re at it with this whole “John Smith and Pocahontas were lovers” scenario why didn’t you just put in Grandmother Willow for good measure? You’ve already messed this up about enough as it is? A talking willow tree would’ve added the perfect touchEven the cover art isn’t accurate It’s pretty alright but that does NOT look like a 12 year old girl Either that or chicks back then started puberty at age 6 Well since we’ve already addressed the main gigantic problem with this novel already let’s address the smaller problems you though I was done didn’t you? I’M NOTThere were many other historical inaccuracies as well though if I listed them all you’d be sitting here forever The other main pet peeve I had with this book is that the writing was so boring It read like one of those boring history textbooks Heck the Disney version was exciting than this There was too much dry historical terms And for a book like this I wouldn’t have used the third person POV For events as exciting as this I would’ve used first person POV I don’t think I would’ve been this upset at the book if it wasn’t marketed as “the actual true story of Pocahontas” I hate to break it to you all but it’s not It’s basically the Disney movie with sex scenes Yeah yeah I get it; the whole romance plot line does make the story interesting but you know what? The story was already interesting enough to begin with You don’t need to perpetuate this totally bogus myth any further than it already has become So as my closing piece of advice if you’re a fan of the Disney version but really REALLY wanted to see John Smith and Pocahontas get down and do the dirty then this is literally the perfect book for youIf you want the real version of Pocahontas’ story and unfortunately pick up this book hoping for exactly that don’t even bother It will just make you fly into a rage Or better yet just stick with the Disney movies At least you get some awesome songs and gorgeous animationAnd just one Pocahontas related humor piece just for old times’ sake

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PocahontasIsts at Jamestown she was all that stood between them and starvation and constant warfare with Powhatan's armiesTo the aristocrats of London she was Princess Rebecca toas Oh lords this is bad Bad bad badWhich is uite sad as it was written by one of Pocahontas descendant so I was expecting something a bit close to the truth as we know it but this is like an adult fanfic of the Disney movie heavily romanticized in the most ridiculous waysI’m far from an expert on the subject but even I cringed than once at all the things Pocahontas does for the « love » of John Smith Like betraying and murdering people WTF??I’m not saying she wasn’t interested in the newcomers and wanted to build something maybe between the two worlds but here the colonists CLEARLY bid time lie and make a full of Pocahontas’ father and yet at some point she actually blame her father when he finally has enough just because HER LOVE Reading this the colonists are the victims and Pocahontas is their greatest defender against her own people Please? Kill me nowThis is just so sad because I imagine she was a clever child yet she’s younger when she met John Smith first another weird thing that this novel add peodophilia much? Not matter how « uniue » she’s still a child man that grew up to be an amazing woman with a fascinating short life and none of it shows in this book It’s sad that all her descendant could think to write about her famous ancestor even with research so she says was how Aauuwwtt John Smith was