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FREE READ ó The White Cascade The Great Northern Railway Disaster and America's Deadliest Avalanche Ì [KINDLE] ✽ The White Cascade The Great Northern Railway Disaster and America's Deadliest Avalanche Author Gary Krist – The never before told storyCascade The Great Northern ePUB #8608 escape seemed possible the unthinkable occurred the earth shifted and a colossal avalanche tumbled from the high pinnacles sweeping the trains and their sleeping passengers over the steep slope and down the mountainsideCentered on the astonishing spectacle of our nation's deadliest avalanche The White Cascade is the masterfully told story of a supremely dramatic and never before documented American tragedy An adventure saga filled with colorful and engaging history this is epic narrative storytelling at White Cascade The Great Northern ePUB #8608 its fines. Somehow I managed to read this month's book selection with a week to spare I had already had this on my to read list so I was happy to read it I especially like reading books that are regional I vaguely remember this disaster from a show I'd seen a few years back on the History Channel The book really fleshes out the details; it really amazed me that the author could find such testimonials He really gave life to the different characters and you could even feel the chill of the snow and wind coming off the page Also like many books I've read recently you could see similarities between then 1910 and today just over a century different In 1910 the Gilded Age was just starting to tarnish Today we are in a new Gilded Age I am rapidly becoming convinced Let's hope progressivism will take hold as it did then

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Pe their railcars gradually being buried in the rising drifts For days an army of the Great Northern Railroad's most dedicated men led by the line's legendarily courageous superintendent James O'Neill worked White Cascade The PDFEPUB #227 round the clock to rescue the trains But the storm was unrelenting and to the passenger's great anxiety the railcars their only shelter were parked precariously on the edge of a steep ravine As the days passed food and coal supplies dwindled Panic and rage set in as snow accumulated deeper and deeper on the cliffs overhanging the trains Finally just when White. This was an incredible historical record for this most dire tragedy of avalanche in the state of Washington It reminded me of a minute to minute but in this case day to day record for another horrific catastrophe in Chicago when I was young on the Our Lady of the Angels fire that I read years ago Two completely different kinds of horror but told in the same way and objective eyes style Witness eyes and follow up research of their tales for the afterwards as well And they are similar in another way as well In that being patient because the authority on the scene and off was trusted to know better and so obeying and waiting as told heralded a demise in both events in great majority This also gives the history of the line the CEO the man in charge for these right of way and directional positions for the trains on the line Jim O'Neill And many geographic and logistical facts upon Wilmington Everett Spokane Seattle and many other entities and positional realities upon the Cascades lines It's at least a 45 star I wish the liability issue would have been addressed a bit than it was but you can't help but round that up when an event such as this is recorded in such an excellent and non opinionated matter And also such a reveal too for so many personalities involved considering that it is over 100 years since this occurred The photos are phenomenal 1910 and weather intervened in human affairs to an outcome that is hard to envision without the photos

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The White Cascade The Great Northern Railway Disaster and America's Deadliest AvalancheThe never before told story of one Cascade The PDF #200 of the worst rail disasters in US history in which two trains full of people trapped high in the Cascade Mountains are hit by a devastating avalancheIn February a monstrous blizzard centered on Washington State hit the Northwest breaking records The world stopped but nowhere was the danger terrifying than near a tiny The White PDF or town called Wellington perched high in the Cascade Mountains where a desperate situation evolved minute by minute two trainloads of cold hungry passengers and their crews found themselves marooned without esca. Every time we drive over Steven's Pass I can't help but think about this the deadliest avalanche in the history of the United States My goal for summer 2011 is to hike the trail look in the tunnel and think about the factors that lead to this disaster I first heard of this when we visited the North Central Washington Museum in Wenatchee and can't believe we didn't learn about this as kids when we had to take Washington State History This story would have sucked me into learning about local history