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Not uite Paradise kindle · Hardcover read Ä [Ebook] ➠ Not uite Paradise Author Adele Marie Barker – A chronicle of life on the resplendent island combining the immediacy of memoir with the vividness of travelogue and reportage  Adele Barker and her son Noah settled into the central highlands of Sri A cA chronicle of life on the resplendent island combining the immediacy of memoir with the vividness of travelogue and reportage  Adele Barker and her son Noah settled into the central highlands of Sri Lanka for an eighteen month Not uite PDF sojourn immersing themselves in the customs cultures and landscapes of the island its elephants birds and monkeys its hot curries and sweet mangoes the cacophony of its markets I picked up the audio version of this book after returning from our recent holiday in Sri Lanka I had so many lingering thoughts about the country and I wanted to get another perspective before it all faded out of my memoryThis is very different to Elephant Complex a book that I started before we departed and had accompanied me on my journey Not uite Paradise takes a much personal approach The book is narrated by the author who moved from Arizona USA to Sri Lanka with her 15 year old son soon after 911 The first part of the book serves as a pretty straightforward travel diary I had seen a review on Goodreads which said that the book was “a so so travelogue by another author whose observations are rather standard” but for me it was lovely to indulge a little bit in hearing someone talk first hand about places that we ourselves had recently visited and and to understand what it had felt like for her However as another reviewer notes she “never explains what initially attracted her to Sri Lanka” and this remains a mystery It must have been a great upheaval for her teenage son; they eventually decide that he will return home while she stays on for a little longer Nothing very dramatic happens throughout this part of the book but the pleasure is in the small details of life and interactions that she has with the people her house and the landscapeThe second half is uite different It starts during Christmas 2004 where she hears the awful news of the Indian Ocean earthuake and tsunami which brought devastation and death to the island She is almost immediately compelled to return there toI’m not uite sure what See it first hand Report on the damage Complete the book She doesn’t give too much away about why she wanted to make the journey but make it she did and her writing covers a much broader scope of the island and its recent history as she travels around in this part of the book Some of the accounts of the tsunami are devastating even so as they are weaved together with details and evidence of the long Sri Lankan Civil War The book was a useful compliment to the topics covered in Elephant Complex and I was grateful to it filling in uite a few gaps in my knowledge and clearing up my misunderstandings from the other denser book The timeline covered stops short of the brutal end of the civil war and felt slightly unfinished because of itI don’t think this will ever be held up as one of the greatest travelogues of all time but I did find it a very pleasant read — just what I was looking for after my own Sri Lankan journeyOriginally published at

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The resonant evening chants from its temples They hear stories of the island’s colorful past and its twenty five year civil war between the Sinhalese majority and the Tamil Tigers When having returned home to Tucson Barker awakes on Decemberto see televised images of the island’s southern shore disappearing into the ocean she decides she must go back Traveling from the southernmost coasts to the farthest outpo Adele Barker and her teenage son Noah spent a year in Sri Lanka where Adele taught literature at the University of Peradeniya in Kandy In Not uite Paradise Adele discusses everything from the food and customs to the people she meets and the civil war After the tsunami Adele returns once again to Sri Lanka and describes the horrible devastation She also travels north to war torn Jaffna where she experiences the danger first hand Not uite Paradise combines interesting details about daily life historical fact and current events in a country ravaged by war for over twenty yearsSri Lanka is a tiny island nation populated by two distinct ethnic groups the Sinhalese majority and the Tamil minority It was once a colony of Britain but after the British pulled out tensions escalated culminating in the civil war between the LTTE a faction of Tamil terrorists and the Sinhalese government that began in 1983 Adele makes the country’s history come alive and she talks about the conflict from an unbiased point of view Her own personal experiences as an American adjusting to life in Sri Lanka add touches of humor to the narrative Not uite Paradise was an intensely personal reading experience for me My parents are originally from Sri Lanka They immigrated in the mid 70s before I was born If not for that choice my sister and I would have grown up there in the middle of the war The descriptions of war violence were very hard to read about Although the war ended last year it will take a long time to rebuild and heal People in Sri Lanka have suffered a lot but even among the sorrow they have hope There is a lot of beauty and rich culture on the island Adele is particularly interested in elephants and local birds and I enjoyed reading about the animals that she saw She also met and made a lot of new friends both Sinhalese and Tamil and she shares their stories with us I admired Adele’s bravery in coming to a country so different to her and I like how open she was to new cultures and ways of belief Her conversational writing style is mostly accessible and flows well If you enjoy reading narrative nonfiction and learning about other cultures you might enjoy Not uite Paradise

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Not uite ParadiseSts of the Tamil north she witnesses the ravages of the tsunami that killed forty eight thousand Sri Lankans in the space of twenty minutes and reports from the ground on the triumphs and failures of relief efforts Combining the immediacy of memoir and the vividness of travelogue with the insight of the best reportage Not uite Paradise chronicles life in a place few have ever visited From the Trade Paperback editio This book started off rather well I liked the blend of history and travelogue as it traced her experiences in a new country and you also learned new information as she was told by the locals However a few chapters in and you realize that this book has no real direction In fact the author's main motivation for sharing her life as she mentions many times is that she had planned to write a book while in Sri Lanka and now dammit she'll write that bookSo in the end this blend of travel writing memoir history and investigative journalism just doesn't work as she doesn't delve deeply enough into any of these to form a concrete picture of the situation In the memoir like sections for example she was just too vague and relied to heavily on compare and contrast This is how America is and this is how Sri Lanka is and it's really really different She skirted over her personal views of the culture or even how it affected her home life I mean she has a teenage son And it seems like the first time she's there he hangs around and watches tv And the second time she goes to Sri Lanka she just leaves him with friends and doesn't really mention him againAnd one short note on her visit after the tsunami I just didn't get this She felt the need to go back because of the disaster But her response was just to visit lots of places hit by the tsunami to take a look around I don't see how this helped the situation at all or brought to light any surprising things about foreign aid