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Child's Play characters Ò eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ ✪ [PDF] ✐ Child's Play By Reginald Hill ✷ – Geraldine Lomas's son went missing in Italy during World War Two but the eccentric old lady never accepted his death Now she is dead leaving the Lomas beer fortune to be divided betweeGeraldine Lomas's son went missing in Italy during World War Two but the eccentric old lady never accepted his death Now she is dead leaving the Lomas beer fortune to be divided between an animal rights organization a fascist front and a service. Child’s Play was published in 1986 and manages to be both an appealing police procedural with a hefty nod to the whys as well as the who in the course of the investigationMrs Gwendoline Huby has died and when her will is read by the local solicitor I do miss these formal will readings in modern fiction it turns out that those who were expecting the proceeds are to be sorely disappointed First in line to the funds is her son Alexander Huby presumed dead in Italy courtesy of WWII Gwendoline Huby never believed this was the case and has steadfastly expected her son to return home during the intervening forty year period going as far as to advertise in newspapers and pay private investigators to find him She’s not unrealistic though so if Alexander hasn’t returned by the year 2015 on his ninetieth birthday shocking to think that was some 30 years hence then the proceeds of the will are to be divided between three charities; one third for animal rights one third for a services benevolent fund and the remaining third for a fascist woman’s movementNow as coincidence would have it on the day of the funeral a man turns He’s about the right age has a light but relatively accurate back story and an Italian suit and he cries out ‘Mama’ Is he Alexander Huby returned to Yorkshire just too late or could this be an imposter Meanwhile given that charity begins at home the three charities aren’t too keen on waiting so long for the promised inheritance either and determine to act to get the rest of the family on side and the money paid out to themThe book is deemed a tragi comedy in three acts by the author himself and I really can’t disagree What I do love about the entire series is although there is the very important matter of murder at the heart of each novel and sometimes the characters have an urge to take themselves far too seriously there is always a thread of humour to stop proceedings from becoming too grimAnother feature is that often one or other of Dalziel or Pascoe take the leading role but in this delightful story we really learn about Wield the ugly policeman who is often given the supporting role on the fringes of the action In this book very fitting for the times he is contacted by a former lover The issue being is that Wield is gay something the self professed sensitive guy Pascoe has never realised and there is pressure from above when it appears the local paper is proposing an expose of homosexual policemen Dalziel not uite being the uncouth brute he presents himself as really gets to show us the other side because he always knew This given the year of publication was possibly a timely if challenging read for crime fiction lovers; it is often only retrospectively that you realise how much attitudes have changedYou’ll notice I haven’t said too much about the plot there is no need it is multi stranded and superbly executed ably supported by a brilliant cast of characters from the provincial solicitor to the young blackmailer from the sleazy journalist to the hard nosed publican all there to be laughed with and on occasion at as hopes are dashed and fears are sometimes unrealised

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S benevolent fund As disgruntled relatives gather by the gravside the funeral is interrupted by a middle aged man in an Italian suit who falls to his knees crying 'Mama' Andy Dalziel is preoccupied with the illegal book one of his sergents is ru. Very complex plot which not only keeps the reader guessing but adds on twist after twist right to the end One of Hill's best Dalziel and Pascoe stories full of wit and humour and some of his curious characters

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Child's PlayNning on who is to be appointed as the new chief Constable But when a dead Italian turns up in the police car park Peter Pascoe and his bloated superior are plunged into an investigation that makes internal police politics look like child's play. This is not a review – just a funny thought This book gave me one of those odd coincidences that folks who read a LOT get sometimes The ones where an interesting and unfamiliar word occurs in three different books in one week I had that happen with ‘susurration’ I remember I also found the phrase “1066 Country” in successive books – one of which was not even about England This time it was the Phillip Larkin poem “This Be The Verse” that starts “They fck you up your mum and dad” It was referenced both in this book and in the last book I read Jennifer Weiner’s “Good In Bed” I’d never come across the poem before and here it is in two books that couldn’t be any different and the one right after the other