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DOWNLOAD Bloom By Elizabeth Scott õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ä [Reading] ➾ Bloom By Elizabeth Scott – There's a difference between falling and letting go Lauren has a good life decent grades great friends and a boyfriend every girl lusts after So why is she so unhappy It takes the arrG and about their life together planning a future Lauren simply can't see herself in and as Lauren's craving for Evan and over who she is with Evan becomes all the fierce Lauren realizes she needs to make a choicebefore one is made for her. Bloom by Elizabeth Scott looks like one of those teen romance type books and well it is but it’s actually good It’s all about Lauren who gets relatively good grades has a “perfect” boyfriend and plays in jazz band And then it’s all about Evan at least in Lauren’s mind because he’s all she can think about Oh and did I mention that her boyfriend’s name is Dave Yeah you read right; Lauren cheats on her boyfriend But that’s hardly giving away the plot since it’s fairly obvious from the beginning of the book that this is what’s going to happen It’s not really about what happens with Lauren and Dave when they’re at school or what happens with Lauren and Evan when they’re not but it’s about being inside Lauren’s head and seeing how she plans to deal with the situations that she’s created for herself The book opens by Lauren whining about not being able to drop a class that she doesn’t like World History In fact the very first lines are “I guess I kept hoping some kind of miracle would happen It wasn’t even like I was asking for a big one I mean I didn’t want someone to come along and give me straight A’s or perfect hair or anything I just didn’t want to take one lousy class That’s not too much to ask for right” She then proceeds to complain about this class for a bit in the first chapter then gets on to start talking about her life her best friend Katie and her boyfriend Dave As she’s talking about her life she hits on the subject of her parents Lauren lives with her father because her mother left them when Lauren was about six This plays into the book a lot and she learns a lot about herself in relation to her parents Moving the plot along something rather important happens in World History class There Lauren meets Evan Kirkland—meets him again I should say As you find out through a series of flashbacks Evan is the son of Mary a woman who had gone out with Lauren’s father a couple years previously Lauren and Evan were good friends when they knew each other but they lost touch after Mary and Lauren’s father broke up In spending and time with Evan Lauren begins to uestion her safe relationship and boring life She also realizes that she loves who she is with Evan but she’s also scared This is where her mother factors back into the story Lauren starts to wonder that if by cheating on Dave with Evan she’s turning into her mother who had a wild streak which is why she left Lauren starts to struggle inwardly over whether to stay with Dave or with Evan with safe or with wild It is at this point that the book becomes than a cheesy teen romance book When Lauren starts to debate within herself over the whole “cheating” scenario she also starts to think about her parents their motives for doing things they did and if she’s going to end up like them mainly unhappy This is mature topic than is normally encountered in these types of books and it was refreshing to read it and see how Lauren figures things out and takes charge of her life I may sound somewhat critical of the book but I really did enjoy it; the book itself is actually written very well It talks about mature topics than just the daily grind of high school which really if you think about it isn’t that exciting As stated earlier I liked that Lauren had to make decisions in her life that were than just what color to paint her nails; she was virtually deciding between two different futures one with Dave and one with Evan It made me think about why we do the things we do and how the things that we do when we’re young can affect us for the rest of our lives

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There's a difference between falling and letting go Lauren has a good life decent grades great friends and a boyfriend every girl lusts after So why is she so unhappy It takes the arrival of Evan Kirkland for Lauren to figure out the answe. When Lauren is with Dave she’s envied by all and Lauren thinks nothing can get better than being with her boyfriend With him his perfection rubs on her making her perfect as well But Lauren isn’t happy And when an old friend Evan comes along Lauren suddenly realizes that she should change things about her life before she can’t I am not impressed with Bloom at all I guess I had high—extremely high—expectations and was less than pleased when I finally finished reading I don’t think I liked anything about it NadaLauren is whiny times a hundred Overboard She’s always complaining about this or that—yes teenagers do that but I have an incredibly hard time sympathizing with her about anything It’s like her story is so so forced Everything screams fake and lifeless It's terrible when the world the author has created doesn't resonate with me at all She's so self absorbed it should be a crime and I'm left to try to sympathesize but oh god I can't Since I read Perfect You first I noticed that Scott likes to repeat things over and over again and it’s no different here Line 1 Dave is perfect in every way Three pages later Line 2 Dave is smiling that perfect smile of his Two pages later Line 3 Dave even has straight perfect teeth The stress on Dave’s perfection drives me crazy How can anyone be that perfect See just describing the book has made my sentences repetitive And if she’s so upset about how unhappy she’s feeling why not just save us all the time and dump him and get a life already GRRRRThe story is one long soap opera Nothing ever really happens short for Lauren talking about how she should be happy but isn’t because Dave’s too good for her It’s only at the last two chapters that Dave finally finds out that they’re not the perfect couple any Normally you expect the conflict to be resolved like that but when it comes to books with stories like this I can’t help but wait for it all to end sooner The emotions lines pages just drags on until finally the author realizes a little too lately that she has to end it somewhere and that’s the feeling I get it It’s all so sudden—not just Dave figuring out that Lauren wasn’t the best girlfriend but also the father expressing his feelings at the final chapter He’s been silent and absentee all this time but wham he’s saying how sorry he is and talking about the past Say what It wasn't a well thought out progress at all Lame lame But the most important thing is that it’s B O R I N G I hate to say that but I just wasn't pleased Besides the anticipation for something dramatic or even engaging to happen to wake me up from my foggy state of mind I was just like “Oh please” filled with sarcasm and everything There wasn't anything exciting or intriguing about the characters the story line or even the chemistry in the relationships Books movies you have to be able to experience that sizzling on screen romance you get from that big screen in the theaters But here Evan is robotic than anything and Lauren just gets stupider as time ticks away Perfect match you say Not in my world

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Bloom By Elizabeth ScoR She's been holding back She's been denying herself a bunch of things like sex because staying with her loyal and gorgeous boyfriend Dave is the right thing to do After all who would give up the perfect boyfriend But as Dave starts talkin. My Thoughts This is my second Elizabeth Scott book I will be reading from her I heart her I particularly enjoyed this book and didn't want it to end As I flipped the pages and got closer to the end it left me sad I enjoyed it a lot I love that Lauren runs into Evan after so many years and they have an instant connection Not so much as brother and sister their parents were dating but like a connection into their souls I loved watching the chemistry between them and the way their friendship blossomed Yes I should bring up her celibate boyfriend but I'll let you read about him I didn't find him that fascinating to be honest I especially liked the part where Lauren's dad did not remember Evan I think that could really happen in real life The time goes on the we forget and forget what is really important I loved the characters in this book the setting the chemistry and especially all the relationshipsOverall Wonderful Love the writing style love Lauren and Evan Loved everything about this bookCover Another pretty cover Lately I have been reading a lot of books with flowers on the cover haha Reviewed at princessbookiecom