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DOC Í READER The DUFF Designated Ugly Fat Friend FREE Þ [BOOKS] ✮ The DUFF Designated Ugly Fat Friend Author Kody Keplinger – Seventeen year old Bianca Piper is cynical and loyal and she doesn't think she's the prettiest of her friends by a long shot She's also way too smart to fall for the chSeventeen year old Bianca Designated Ugly PDFEPUB #227 Piper is cynical and loyal and she doesn't think she's the prettiest of her friends by The DUFF ePUB #8608 a long shot She's also way too smart to fall for the charms of man slut and slimy school hottie Wesley DUFF Designated Ugl They're making this book into a movie So naturally I had to read itThe word that first comes to mind when thinking back over this book is messy That's how I would describe it It's entertaining in parts annoying in others and sends out a confusing mix of messages “I actually need your help You see your friends are hot And you darling are the Duff”“Is that even a word”“Designated Ugly Fat Friend” he clarified “No offense but that would be you” This above exchange takes place between our narrator Bianca and Hamilton's resident notorious manwhore Wesley Rush Bianca responds to the insult by doing what any self respecting woman should do and throwing the nearest beverage into the douchebag's face However being a teenage girl with all the insecurities that go along with that Bianca can't uite forget what Wesley called herThen she has issues at home Her mother is away most of the time and her dad is a recovering alcoholic on the brink of a relapse With all this happening Bianca longs for a way to escape She needs something to take her out of this world numb her mind and make her forget who she is for a little while so she sleeps with none other than you guessed it Wesley Rush I get it the girl has serious issues No judgement we've all been thereSo here's where things get a bit messy I know this will be especially enjoyable for girls in their teens just as the author was when she wrote it I remember the days when I would read this “On one side I had Toby Smart cute funny polite sensitive and practical Toby was perfect in every conceivable way I mean he was a little dorky but that was what made him so adorable I liked being with him and he always put me first” and this “On the other side there was Wesley A jerk An asshole An arrogant womanizing rich boy who put sex before everything else Sure he was incredibly hot but he could annoy the hell out of me He was irritatingly charming and his cute little grin could really get under my skin But he had a way of making my heart race and my head spin” and my heart would race for jerkface too Then of course Bianca had to compare Toby and Wesley to Linton and Heathcliff which is really just very unfairI think this is one of those books that was evidently written by a teenager; an extremely talented teenager I'll give her that I couldn't have done it at 1819 but a teenager nonetheless Some annoying dialogue aside the writing itself is decent but there is something about this story the relationships in it and the way it portrays feminism which is incredibly immature When I was in my mid to late teens I had discovered feminism but wasn't uite sure what it meant in practice After writing essays on Margaret Atwood novels I'd decided I was a feminist but it took years and my time at college to fully understand it While I was in high school I hated double standards and yet was probably guilty of believing in some of them Stereotypes had been drilled into my brain and I often forgot how stupid they were I wanted to be a feminist; I wanted to write a great piece of feminist literature; and yet I still succumbed to my own internalized misogyny This book feels like it was written by someone with the same issuesFirst example Every girl drools over the hot guys except our narrator I'm glad that later in the book she learns not to have disdain for them but it doesn't change the fact that these girls are characterized by their constant thrusting of their breasts into the boys' faces Second example Wesley tells Bianca she is a not a slut because she's just confused and we all make mistakes I initially appreciated the way the author portrayed teen sexuality without turning it into a lesson and then it became a lesson Why can't she just enjoy sex and not be a slutThird example “Brontë” I asked seeing the cover of his book “Wuthering Heights Isn’t that a little girly Toby”“Have you read it”“Well no” I admitted “I’ve read Jane Eyre which was definitely full of early feminism I’m not saying that’s a problem Personally I’m a total feminist but it’s a little sketchy for a teenage boy”Feminism is a girls only clubFourth example Bianca ditches her friends as soon as she starts shagging WesleyI'm still giving this three stars though because it is damn entertaining The narrator is charming and just enough of a bitch to be likable in that way that makes you smirk knowingly to yourself while reading we've all had those naughtyvindictivejealous thoughts too And when the author is on top girl power form she comes out with wicked gems like this “I’m probably going to be a bitch most of the time I guarantee I’ll find a reason to yell at you almost every day and don’t be surprised if a few drinks get dumped on you from time to time That’s just me and you’re going to have to deal with it Because I’m not changing for you or anyone else” And the truth is despite myself I couldn't help being pleased with how this turned out Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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O a closeted enemies with benefits relationship with him Until it all goes horribly awry It turns out Wesley isn't such a bad listener and his life is pretty screwed up too Suddenly Bianca realizes with absolute horror that she’s falling for the guy she thought she hated than anyon I am all about the DUFF Loved itI was interested in this books years ago when it first came out but then I read some reviews that said it was full of inappropriate sex and promoted low self esteem in girlsUnfortunately I let that scare me offI recently noticed that they were making a Movie about the book and my interest perked up again Psst The movie a very PG version of the bookThis book really struck a chord with me Now I'm not going to give you some sob story and tell you that I felt like a DUFF in high school Because the truth is I actually had pretty good self esteem by that point And the thing is so does Bianca At least until Wesley decides to tell her that her friends are the hotties of their groupAnd yet she still sleeps with himAnd I think that's where a lot of readers get the idea that this promotes low self esteemI don't think so See she doesn't sleep with him to get his approval she does it to find an escape from what's going on in her home life She figures since he's a manwhore it's not like a real relationship that she has to care about or fosterTurns out Wesley may be sleeping around for the same reasons that Bianca is sleeping with him And what starts out as Enemies With Benefits begins to into something as they get to know each otherOh and speaking of Wesley Wesley is a straight up douchecanoe in the beginning of this book I wanted to strangle him I mean just wrap my hands around his neck and sueeeeeeeeze Which when you think about it is sort of a great thing for a writer to be able to make me want to do to one of their charactersBy the end of the book thoughI was like Girl kiss him alreadyAnother big complaint I see is the teen sex in this suckerSo if you think teenagers shouldn't have sex in booksdon't read thisHowever if you like me have some wiggle room in your brain for that then you probably won't be offended It's basically fade to black with no details other than kissingI also loved the fact that she was on the pill and they used condoms every time Because Yay for promoting safe sex as the normAnd as far as the term DUFF goes I think the author did a good job showing that it's just a word Everyone feels that way sometimes and the only real difference between the Plain Jane and the Femme Fatale is the way you feel about yourself I received a digital copy of this book for review from NetGalley and the Publisher

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The DUFF Designated Ugly Fat FriendY MOBI #241 Rush In fact Bianca hates him And when he nicknames her the Duff she throws her Coke in his face But things aren't so great at home right now and Bianca is desperate for a distraction She ends up kissing Wesley Worse she likes it Eager for escape Bianca throws herself int I think one of the worst things that could ever happen to a book is an unsympathetic protagonist A person would be willing to forgive a lot of things — loopholes in the plot slow moving story clichéd endings — if they fell in love with the heroheroine Unfortunately this did not happen to me with The DUFFI read a blog post by Kody Keplinger today where she remarked that a lot of the people who criticised The DUFF did so because of the sex scenes in the book Personally I have no objection to sex scenes in YA books In some instances I would even applaud them It wasn’t the fact that the book portrayed teenagers having sex that bothered me about The DUFF Even though I come from a very sexually conservative culture I know the reality and the reality is teenagers have sex Maybe not all maybe not even a majority but there is no denying that teenagers do have sex What bothered me was the way in which sex was portrayed in this book And of course the fact that for large portions of the story I was tempted to bitch slap Bianca Bianca hates Wesley the school man whore who has slept with women than she can count He in turn insults and hurts her by calling her the DUFF the designated ugly fat friend However when her parents end up on the road to divorce and everything in her world seems to be falling apart she finds a way of escaping reality — sex with Wesley She gives him a booty call every time she wants to escape the reality of her situation but slowly she discovers that running away doesn’t really help In the meantime of course she also gets to know Wesley as a person and begins to form a tentative friendship with him But once she realizes that her feelings for him go deeper than she thought she breaks things off with him and runs away yet againI admire what Kody Keplinger is trying to do with this book Bianca spends a lot of time struggling with her self image with the idea that she is unattractive enough to be labelled a DUFF There is also no hesitation in portraying teenage sex with not only Bianca but most of the other people in this book also being sexually active There is a feminist undertone to the last parts of the book where Bianca reaches a realisation that duff like slut and whore are just labels that are created to put women down But I still feel like this book is sort of teetering on the edge of breaking away from regular YA tropes without ever going the distance Let’s start with Bianca To be honest I really hated Bianca She is the sort of protagonist who makes me want to throw the book away instead of accompanying her on her journey of growth Bianca is portrayed as a feminist but she is also a plain bitter sharp tongued cynical person who has been rejected by the boy she first fell in love with an incident that also makes her strongly oppose true love teenage style For me this is actually a very anti feminist portrayal of a ‘feminist’ This is traditionally how people who deride feminism portray a feminist – as a bitter spinster who has given up on men after being disappointed in love It’s practically a caricature Despite the fact that Bianca self deprecatingly calls herself a hypocrite several times in the book it didn’t endear her to me one bit There is also the fact that Bianca ditches her friends in favour of getting laid Yeah yeah she needs an escape from her problems da da da but the fact is she put the dick before the chicks And to make things worse she actually doesn’t seem to understand why her best friend is pissed when she blows her off refuses to talk to her hangs up on her and forgets to hang out with her Instead of feeling guilty and apologetic she turns around and calls her friend a bitch and a snotty cheerleader I’m sorry am I supposed to like this girl and sympathise with her problemsAnother sore point for me is the issue of avoidance Being a very head on person myself I tend to get annoyed with people both real and fictional who bury their heads in the sand But sometimes I can understand and sympathise with characters who can’t deal with what’s happening to them like Francesca in Saving Francesca In The DUFF however I just didn’t get it Her father is a recovering alcoholic who has fallen off the wagon and instead of helping him she just runs away to have sex and hopes the problem will go away on its own She doesn’t even try right up to the end; it’s her father who finally realises how far he’s gone and makes the decision to seek help This really got my goat; she’s mouthy and outspoken and opinionated but she can’t sit down with her father and at least try to help himAnd now for the big one the S E X I would truly have had no objection to using sex as escapism in this book if she hadn’t had sex with Wesley I guess there are people out there who could use sex as a means of forgetting their problems even if this is not a path I would choose myself What I really didn’t like was the fact that Bianca re iterates so many times how much she hates Wesley She calls him a man whore and a creep over and over again She even at one point says that his touch makes her skin crawl with disgust Why then would she choose him of all people to find oblivion with That not only sounds unhealthy it sounds like she’s using sex as a punishment Just once I’d like to read a book where the sex is not only acknowledged but is found in a loving healthy relationshipI also think Keplinger does teenage boys a grave disservice with her portrayal of Wesley Maybe all those stories of teenage boys having no discrimination when it comes to having sex are true But I don’t think anybody boy or girl will or at least ought to have sex over and over again with someone who’s not just using them but actually hates their guts and insults them on a regular basis Again a person who settles for something like that should be in therapy not bouncing around in bed with their nemesis I mean Wesley is hot and popular with the girls He could definitely find a girl who at least likes him a little and sleep with her And there is no indication in the book really that Wesley has any ualms whatsoever about being used and discarded by Bianca That’s just so wrongWesley also gets to do his playboy routine with no obstacles whatsoever because his parents suffer severely from the Disappearing Parent Syndrome thanks for the phrase Lucy Obviously if he had a responsible caretaker they would insist that he have a curfew behave responsibly when it comes to sex and ensure that he lives like a teenager instead of a Mills Boon hero Instead he conveniently has a grandmother who takes care of his sister rejects him brutally and doesn’t call Child Services on his parents Please The ending of this book was so clichéd I wanted to barf Despite being a stone bitch Bianca somehow manages to make Wesley fall in love with her gets an easy out from having to decide which of her two suitors to pick view spoilersince the other guy nobly gives her up while admitting that he still has feelings for his ex girlfriend — what a cop out hide spoiler