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What do you do when everything in your life falls apart If you're Chris Mitchell you run away from home all the way to Disney World a place where no one ever dies and employees known as Cast Members aren't allowed to frown Mitchell shares the behind the scenes story of his year in the Mouse's army From his own personal Disneyfication to what really happens in the hidden tunnels beneath the Magic Kingdom and what not to eat at the Mousketeria it was a year Cast Member PDF or filled with adventure and surprises than he could ever have imagineeredFunny and moving Mitchell tracks his ascent through the backstage social hier. If you're looking for a uasi anthropological look behindnthe scenes at walt Disney world this is the book for youto throw away This isnt a book about Disney World It's actually a book about an indulged Mama's boy who holds the entire world in contempt The book opens with him letting us know that he is much much cooler than Disney a skate park hangaround who tags alleys with spraypaint and photograps skaters doing tricks off tombstones When life slaps him down he leaves California to work at Disney World in Florida We are then treated to his anecdotes about his job interview his first day and an improbable orgy at the Cast Member housing complex A lot has been made in reviews about how he doesnt know The Orlando geography Some people think those criticisms are petty but what i think people are getting at is that it really seems like this guy has either only been to WDW once or was so drunk and high the entire time he was there that it seems he was writing the book after reading a travel guide Honestly though it doesnt matter Because this isnt a book about WDW It is a book about how some snotty brat from a life of privelege spent a year sneering at hardworking cast members and tourists alike

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Cast Member ConfidentialArchy in which princesses rule and his escapades in the Ghetto where Cast Members live and anything goes Along the way he unmasks the misfits and drop outs lifers and nomads who leave their demons at the stage door as they preserve the magic that draws millions to this famed fantasyland the same magic that Mitchell seeks and ultimately finds in the last place he ever expectedChris Mitchell is an action sports photographer and journalist who grew up in Los Angeles He was a senior at UCLA when he started his first magazine an inline skating publication and sold it to Sports Fitness Publishing Within a few years he was wor. Two things really irritate me about this book 1 As a former Disney cast member myself a CP then a CT I know that we all have a memoir in us that would surprise people with regard to WDW in some capacity That's why I don't understand how this book could be so effing boring The salacious stories he tells are all the same stories that everybody tourists Disney haters and cast members alike has heard And 2 The number of factual errors in this book is incredible from simple geography eg where the Everglades are seriously dude to basic Disney practices and attractionsBasically this guy wrote a Disney tell all littered with horrible surfing metaphors no less that appears to be mainly made up yet still really lame Wipeout

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Cast Member Confidential Download ´ 0 Ë ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ Cast Member Confidential Author Chris Mitchell – What do you do when everything in your life falls apart If you're Chris Mitchell you run away from home all the way to Disney World a place where no one ever dies and employees known as Cast MeKing on five magazines within The Surfer Group He continues to work closely with a number of publications and websites as well as event and TV production companies like ESPN ASA Entertainment and Lifelounge He is a recognized expert in action sports and as such has stunt coordinated dozens of productions including Batman and Robin Brink and Airborne He is also the Chairman of the International Inline Stunt Federation for the advancement of extreme skating as a healthy and safe activity After spending a year working as a photographer at Disney World in Orlando Florida he moved back to Los Angeles where he currently lives. I know the magic that dear ol' Walt wanted to create for all of his guests and I think he truly succeeded for those who are happy enough to take Disney ana at face valuethis book is NOT for those peopleIf you want to hear about the skeletons hiding in Mickey's closetdrugssexcharacter assassination of a different sortthen this book was written just for youI've only been to the CA and FL Disney areas once apiece both when the Magic still flowed freely in my mind Peter Pan WAS my crush when I was way youngnowgreen tighties Not so much Now I find that I crave the dirt behind the scenes the people behind the storybook character facades and what realllyyy goes on behind the scenesWARNING You'll never look at Disney the same after reading this