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Royal Seducer Royal Seductions #5 free read Ü 106 Á ➵ Royal Seducer Royal Seductions #5 Download ➾ Author Michelle Celmer – Mr July Prince Christian heir to a royal throneHis purpose Marriage uick painless lovelessHis prey One unsuspecting princessRoyal must marry royal which left Prince ChWhich left Prince Christian's options few and far between That isuntil a new princess was discovered beautiful innocent and unaware she'd been Seducer Royal Seductions eBook #184 offered up as a pawn. OK so this is one of the seriesBut still some mysteries are left unexplained Who hacked the system and why What is the significance of the not so innocent rhymes That refrains me from giving stars to this book

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He would have wed whomever duty dictated but the lovely Princess Melissa soon had Christian than ready for a royal wedding night He just had to keep love out of the euationor lose his kingdom foreve. sorta left you hanging on a few things there is another in series so maybe the items are cleared up there

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Royal Seducer Royal Seductions #5Royal Seductions Epub #218 Mr July Prince Christian heir to a royal throneHis purpose Marriage uick painless lovelessHis prey One unsuspecting princessRoyal must marry royal Royal Seducer ePUB #8608. Melissa is the long lost illegitimate child of the Morgan Isle throne She reunites with her family and don't find them very welcoming but no matter They send her to Thomas Isle to establish a relationship of trust with the royal family there She doesn't know that Prince Christian and his siblings are expecting a marriage of convenience so when Chris starts seducing her she thinks it's because he really likes her and her alone He's plenty attracted but he's planning on a marriage without love but thankfully the sex is going to be great Melissa doesn't learn of the scheme until her wedding night when she tells her husband she loves him and Chris is flabbergasted and sets her straight Melissa wants love and family while Chris is all about duty Will she be able to convince Chris they could have so much This started out promising and even with a bit of a mystery to it as the Thomas Isle royal family has a hackersome evil villain who clearly means them harm It seems that the mystery gets dropped part way through and is presumably picked up in later books I don't really like it when that kind of things gets carried across plot lines at least without a clear indication that it will And while the relationship that built between Melissa and Chris was good the fact that Melissa stayed in her emotionless marriage and was actually hoping to get pregnant while her husband spent NO time with her during the day felt very out of character for the way her personality was established She was bright clever insightful and spirited Yet she finds out it was an MOC and she promptly removes her spine and becomes the dutiful bedwarmer for her husband Fortunately she does dust that spine off and reinsert it before the end of the book but I couldn't fathom that she spent 3 months stuck in her marriageor that she later claims to have loved that version of her husband too I do like that his family gives him major grief over his actions but they needed to do a bit of groveling themselves