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ePub Ý Tomaz Humar ï Bernadette McDonald Cripted into a dirty war that he despised where he observed brutal and inhumane atrocities that disgusted him Finally he did the unthinkable he left and finally arrived home in what had become a new country Slovenia He returned to climbing and within very few years he was among the best in the world Reinhold Messner among others called him the most remarkable mountain climber of his generati The story of this legendary mountaineer is fascinating of course but I found the writing style to be uite mediocre

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Tomaz Humar kindle Ä eBook 9780091795481 Free ✓ ★ Tomaz Humar PDF / Epub ✪ Author Bernadette McDonald – In August 2005 Tomaž Humar was trapped on a narrow ledge at 19000 feet on the formidable Rupal face of Nanga Parbat He had been attempting a new route directly up the middle of the highes In August Tomaž Humar was trapped on a narrow ledge atfeet on the formidable Rupal face of Nanga Parbat He had been attempting a new route directly up the middle of the highest mountain face in the world solo After six days he was out of food almost out of fuel and freuently buried by avalanches Three helicopters were poised for a brief break in the weather to pluck him off the mountain Be Ever since a fellow climber casually mentioned I somewhat resemble Tomaz Humar in facial features I had been wanting to find out about this icon of high altitude mountaineering Online searches led me to the excellent biography penned by now renowned Himalayan author Bernadette McDonald but waiting for it to be available at my local library was futile My patience finally ran out and I ordered the book from delving into it as soon as it showed up at my doorIt is a fast and compelling read alternating the inadeuate and ultimately harrowing events that led to Humar's being trapped on the Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat with the story of his life up to that point with everything well referenced in historical political and cultural contexts The unprecedented helicopter rescue itself was a spectacular success that provoked extended discussions worldwide on the kind of expectations it would set for future alpinists to take even greater risks knowing they could be potentially bailed out from what used to be impossible situationsHumar's reputation was that of someone who was willing to face inordinate dangers to climb difficult but elegant lines which were and still are considered suicidal This ability to take incredible risks resulted in some spectacular successes but also opened him to criticism from the international climbing community especially when he enthusiastically agreed to share every stage of his adventures with the entire world via the internet In essence Humar turned his later expeditions particularly the one to Nanga Parbat into a global reality show with multiple episodes One positive was that the notoriety of the climber helped move the gears of international cooperation faster so that his rescue was achieved in the nick of time However it also opened him to sharp criticism from people both in Slovenia and around the world on his decision to dilute the spirit of climbing by readily sharing it with the entire mass of humanity Prior to reading Humar I had not realized the protagonist was such a controversial figure in the climbing community which marveled at each one of his unprecedented accomplishments but also could not understand his modus operandiIn the end the overwhelming odds caught up with him and Humar perished on Langtang Lirung before another helicopter rescue effort could get him off the mountain only a year after the publication of this book The saddest part of his demise for me after finishing the book was that each close call got him closer to abandoning solo high altitude climbing but the pull of the mountain was too strong and ultimately lethal Neither saving his marriage seeing his children grow up or overcoming a debilitating injury succeeded in curbing his intent to play the game at the highest levelTomaz Humar was a brilliant star that shone brightly for a little while and was then extinguished by the indifference of the highest mountain ranges in the world Luckily there is still much we can learn about him and about ambition dedication and vision through McDonald's excellent biography at hand

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Tomaz HumarCause of the audacity of the climb the fame of the climber the high risk associated with the rescue and the hourly reports posted on his base camp website the world was watching Would this be the most spectacular rescue in climbing history Or a tragic and very public death in the mountains Years before as communism was collapsing and the Balkans slid into chaos Humar was unceremoniously cons Odlična knjiga o legendarnem pokojnem slovenskem alpinistu s predgovorom svetovno znanega alpinista Reinholda MessnerjaAvgusta 2005 je Tomaž Humar ujet prezebal v ledeni luknji 6300 metrov visoko v mogočni Rupalski steni na Nanga Parbatu v Himalaji Sam je skušal po novi smeri preplezati najvišjo steno na svetu Po šestih dneh mu je zmanjkalo hrane izčrpanega in premočenega do kože so ga zasipavali sneženi plazovi Ljudem po vsej zemeljski obli je zastajal dih bo to najbolj spektakularen reševalni podvig v zgodovini alpinizma Ali pa bo gora zahtevala smrtni davek pred očmi vsega svetaNapeta ganljiva in navdušujoča zgodba o človeku za katerega dobi življenje resničen smisel šele z bližino smrti