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A respected surgeon and rare book collector is brutally murdered in his elegant Manhattan home just hours after showing a book dealer the fifteenth century manual of black magic a grimoire he'd received from a grateful patient Now the healer's blood is everywhere and only the priceless grimoire is mis The only reason I finished it is because I did not want to let the 7 or so I paid on Kindle go to waste but it would have been wiser to just toss the book and say good bye to the money What a horrible read While easy to read in terms of language and writing style which helped me to uickly skip across pages after the first half or so the only way I could handle this the content was so ridiculous what did I expect from a book with that title far fetched silly cliche and at times horrifying and kinky in the worst way I have read very good books with horrifying even kinky content that it made me cringe and despise the book Well even the language sometimes made me cringe due to its overused cliched phrases and platitudes Yes the writing had flow and some short stretches showed Stanton's usual skills but the whole thing sounded like a teenager was trying to put together some terribly simple minded sexwitchcraft story trying to make it sound grander by throwing historic elements in as well as some erotic scenes they were anything but without ever getting to understand the characters and their dynamics It was like a kindergartner's painting by number with shock value thrown in Even though there seemed to be some historic research behind it the implementation of the historic factual knowledge failed completely The characters were so predictable one dimensionalclunky and super cliched I hated all of them not just the obvious villains I am not a reader who has to like the characters ie I find the unlikeable ones often the most intriguing if they have depth and seem complex and real These don't whatsoever on any level in any shape or form I have read three other social crime novels by the author which I enjoyed very much so I was simply curious how this would turn out I can't help but think Stanton Hitchcock was just playing around with this book writing it on a whim as an experiment to make fun of this genre Or did she really try to produce a story about a woman and her erotic discovery as so many reviews seem to point out I don't know One thing is certain The write ups on this book which freuently mention the erotic aspect of it either haven't read it or haven't read any good erotic novels If being forced to spank an old geezer's bare bottom in a witch cellar is your kind of erotic discovery be my guest read the bookIn any case the attempt failed It should have never been published but rather been hidden at the deepest depths of the lowest drawer where failed attempts at novels find their eternal resting place If this were a movie it would be a B movie of the lowest uality In fact reading it felt like watching the worst sort of B movie

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The Witches' HammerSing The horrific death of her beloved father has shattered Beatrice O'Connell's uiet sane and orderly world Only by tracking down the vanished malevolent tome with its dark spell and salacious illustrations can she hope to put things right But the search is The Witches' PDFEPUBleading Beatrice her ex Addictive funI chose this book hoping for one thing but was treated to another Five stars because it kept me hooked and ended up a one sitting read I love it when that happensWere there moments of suspending my realistic beliefs yes Were there some moments of how many lives does this kitty woman have yes But don't you see Thats the fun of fiction for me I get to check out of my world and into the authors My only real disappointment was the story finished Fun ride on a day off


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read kindle ☆ The Witches' Hammer Ò Paperback æ jane stanton hitchcock ë ❴KINDLE❵ ❁ The Witches' Hammer Author Jane Stanton Hitchcock – A respected surgeon and rare book collector is brutally murdered in his elegant Manhattan home just houHusband and a mysterious occultist into an expanding labyrinth of powerful evils a tangled web that reaches as far as the Vatican itself What coveted secrets are hidden in the missing volume that threaten to turn Beatrice into precisely what her unseen and unrelenting enemies are determined to destro What's the deal with all the smoking references that had nothing to add to the story line