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Clubbing mobi À 176 pages Æ dogsalonbristol Å ❮Reading❯ ➺ Clubbing Author Andi Watson – A spoiled rebellious London girl takes on the stuffy English countryside in Clubbing The crime getting caught with a fake ID at a posh London nightclub The punishment spending the summer at T's stuffy country club But Charlotte Lottie Brook best known for her mile high platforms a bottomless itunes account and an unbridled passion for classic lit will end up doing than just serving time in c Okay who published this novel? Did they even read this book or did they just take a uick glance at the first couple pages and go this looks interesting and print it off right away? There is no excuse for this kind of book being published The main character was so stereotypical gothgirly girl I wanted to gag I could not stand the way she acted and I wanted to slap her for being so annoying and whiney I think a lot of girls would find this book offensive because of the way the main character is portrayed especially with her outrageous and revealing outfits No normal teen dresses like that Don't even get me started on the plot for this book I seriously have no clue how someone thought this was a good story line The ending of the book was one of the most ridiculous and crazy things I have ever read I have no clue why they thought they needed to throw THAT element in and than the main character basically shrugs off all the drastic things that have happened to her and goes about her normal business This is ludicrous and stupid I would never recommend this book Actually I'd recommend that someone take it off the shelves of libraries and bookstores so that other people don't have to read this nonsenseTaken from my book reviews blog

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Ountry boot camp In between avoiding the strange locals and cake decorating contests Lottie will narrowly escape romance and end up solving a murder mystery on the 19th hole of her Grandparent's golf cour Minx the new graphic novel line for girls is really not trying at all The first one The Plain Janes wasn't well written but had a decent plot art style This second release? The writer should be shot There was no plot set up and scenes were unpredictable at best or out of the blue at worst and the main character was so completely stereotypical that she had no depth whatsoever The art is decent but very similiar to Kim Possible C'mon DC Comics Do better than this please Otherwise the American female comic market is never going to touch the appeal that Japanese Korean mangas have With this kind of crap being released how can you expect any sort of loyalty from your readership?I have Re gifters enroute right now and high expectations for a rebound; Mike Carey the author already has book cred with me for a previous comic If even HE can't pull something decent out of his hat for this imprint I wash my hands of it and will begin composing a letter to DC Comics offering my editing services because they are obviously in need of someone who can find better authors than dime a dozen hack writers

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ClubbingA spoiled rebellious London girl takes on the stuffy English countryside in Clubbing The crime getting caught with a fake ID at a posh London nightclub The punishment spending the summer at her Grandparen I picked this up on a whim at the library maybe I missed having a thing for goth chicks when I was a teenager Anyway Clubbing was one of DC Comics' ill fated Minx imprint a line of alternative graphic novels targeted at girls which got cancelled after a couple of years because their marketing sucked and the market for graphic novels in general particularly girl friendly ones just wasn't that goodThe clubbing is a pun as Charlotte Lottie Brook is a spoiled privileged London teenager used to going out clubbing with fake IDs until she's caught and gets sent to stay the summer with her grandparents at their golf country club in the country where she tries to go hiking through cow pastures in 300 platform bootsLottie was amusing of course she comes in with the cliched snotty big city rich girl all prepared to look down at the bucolic yokels attitude but underneath her affectations and her privilege she's not a bad girl and she actually likes her grandparents even while displaying the expected teen dismay at OMG having to hang out with grandparents She's smart but not very wise makes dumb and believable mistakes for a teenager she's kind of cute and as it turns out she has a wicked golf swingSo I would have liked this book a lot if the sinister schemes Lottie imagined had stayed a product of her imagination and all the classic British literature she's read she's a fan of the Brontes and Thomas Harding It would have been funny if she was a modern day Catherine Morland from Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey which is where I thought the author was going with the story Unfortunately nope the story goes full Lovecraft at the end which I thought was just dumbI don't how how much this book would appeal to the supposed target demographic teenage girls I guess they are supposed to identify with shopaholic Lottie and her overactive imagination and ten inch waist but it seemed like kind of an arbitrary way to lure girls into reading about shopping and boys and OMG it sucks being a teenager and then suddenly ELDRITCH HORRORS FROM BEYOND THE STARSAnd the execution of that twist was just meh considering who the real villain turns out to be it broke my suspension of disbelief and my sympathy for all the characters Still mildly entertaining