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Changing Places Read ✓ 2 Ó [Epub] ➟ Changing Places By David Lodge – Anyone intrigued by differences between American and British academic institutions will find this an amusing and accurate send up David Lodge portraying two American and British professors who replace Anyone intrigued by differences between AmericanReplace one another at their respective institutions gives greed pettiness and pretense full re. Lodge's Changing Places is the first novel in his Campus Trilogy It follows a very simple story or perhaps formula or script are appropriate terms two professors one from the United States and the other from England exchange positions and fill their counterpart's teaching position for six months They also end up sleeping with each other's wivesContrary to expectations the story was not particularly funny or revealing It felt rather uneven—undeveloped in some places and overdeveloped in others Nor was the style successful; to go from relatively straightforward storytelling to epistles to news bulletins and finally to film script might work theoretically in some cases—not in this one I think that the news bulletins especially killed what little interest I had in the flow of events I could see what Lodge was doing—at times it is almost painfully clear—but what he was doing simply failed to arouse serious response or passion I will read the subseuent two novels of the Campus Trilogy but with dampened expectations and enthusiasm I'm afraid

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Anyone intrigued by differences between American and British academic institutions will find thi. Satire – the use of wit especially irony sarcasm and ridicule to criticize faultsFarce – a ridiculous situation in which everything goes wrong or becomes a sham Earlier I reviewed Dear Committee Members a delightfully humorous epistolary novel about a disgruntled professor of creative writing and literature at a small midwestern college in the US During the course of a discussion of the book a GR friend Esil mentioned that British writer David Lodge had also written several humorous novels about the academic life Since I have high regard for her opinion I went searching and found a used copy of Changing Places A Tale of Two Campuses published in 1975 You can tell by the five stars that I awarded that I was glad I found the bookIt begins this way High high above the North Pole on the first day of 1969 two professors of English Literature approached each other at a combined velocity of 1200 miles per hour They were protected from the thin cold air by the pressurized cabins of two Boeing 707s and from the risk of collision by the prudent arrangement of the international air corridorsFor the next six months the two professors would be “changing places” as part of an academic exchange program Phillip Swallow was flying from the University of Rummidge located in the English Midlands clearly based on the University of Birmingham He would seem to be an odd choice for the exchange since he was an unassuming underachiever who had never accomplished anything out of the ordinary and in fact was unpublished The truth is though he didn’t know it he was selected over much ualified applicants because his department chair used his influence to ensure his selection He did so not out of admiration or respect but because he wanted to promote a younger department member to a position above Swallow and it would be easier if Swallow was out of the countryMorris Zapp on the other hand was a well known flamboyant scholar who had written a number of books and was considered to be the authority on Jane Austen He was on the faculty at the University of Euphoria known locally as Euphoric State and obviously based on the Berkeley campus of the University of California And as might be expected he was not all that eager to leave the campus by the Bay in order to spend six months in the blue collar Midlands And there were other reasons for his reluctanceDespite being an English Literature professor and a noted authority on Jane Austen he didn’t want to go to England for he “always claimed that he had made himself an authority on the literature of England not in spite of but because of never having set foot in the country” Besides he enjoyed shocking his students by admitting that he thought Jane Austen was a pain in the assSo why did he make himself a candidate for the exchange program In a word ego His wife was kicking him out of their home and threatening divorce and he could not tolerate the idea that people would know that it was her idea He did get her to agree to delay the divorce if he left the country for six months which would he hoped prevent people from knowing what was transpiring at home The lives of th

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Changing PlacesS an amusing and accurate send up David Lodge portraying two American and British professors who. I kept hearing that David Lodge is the funniest author around that you have to read it what you haven't read David Lodge yet no way so I decided to finally make acuintances with Lodge through one of his novels and being a trilogy i took this one to start with The story is alert dynamic and there was no wasted phrase The story is good well written I liked the different types of writing letters newspaper cuts a lot of dialogue no dialogue filmscript NOW A BIT OF A SPOILERLodge plays with his readers he knew that we all waited to see how this elaborate story ends and then he gave us that ending So I can decide how I want the book to end If anyone of my followers read this one we could see if our endings match