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Ory and Billy Sweeney has than the weather on his mind His daughter lies in a coma in the hospital the result of a mysterious attack at the petrol station where she worked Devastated by the unfolding conseuences of that terrible night frustrate. I seem to be stuck in a rut reading books which do not speak to me and which I am reluctant to pick up I have read several other books by Joseph O'Connor and have enjoyed them but I found it difficult to enjoy this one Maybe it was the difficult theme of revenge or the unreliable narrator but I could not connect with it The middle section was especially difficult for me and though I was sad but relieved by the end it wasn't enough for me

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The SalesmanD by officialdom and failed by the system Billy finally tires of seeking legal justice He decides to take the law into his own hands but when his plans go spectacularly wrong the results are terrifying often hilarious and in the end unforgettab. ‘A good salesman will swear to things he knows not to be true’Set in Dublin Billy Sweeney is the salesman a man with a litany of loss and failure in his life His wife Grace has left him his step daughter is in Sydney and his other daughter Maeve whom he raised through her rebellious teenage years is in a coma after an attack by some young thugs Sweeney is a tenuously recovering alcoholic who writes this story as a series of diary entries to his daughter Maeve Writing a diary is part of the therapy suggested to him by the psychiatrists treating his alcoholism He writes in the hope that somehow one day he will be able to break through Maeve’s coma‘A good salesman learns to read people’s eyes’While the thugs who beat Maeve have been captured and are on trial one of them Donal uinn manages to escape With the police seemingly unable to catch him Sweeney vows to capture uinn and kill him In his diaries Sweeney sets out every detail of his search as well as a lengthy account of his early life marriage and children It’s an account too of Dublin as Joseph O’Connor perceives it a place where family ties are important than the law a place where violent men rule‘A good salesman has an instinct for anticipation’Sweeney’s search for uinn brings him into contact with the violence of the underworld where almost anything is possible for a price And when he finds uinn A whole new journey commencesI picked up a copy of this novel purely by chance and couldn’t put it down Bill Sweeney’s life may be a train wreck but it’s hard not to sympathise with him at times To regret his bad decisions and his bad luck to wonder how much of his battle with uinn is a battle with himself This is a black bleak novel but not without glimmers of light and humourJennifer Cameron Smith

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FREE READ The Salesman 107 ë ❰Reading❯ ➻ The Salesman Author Joseph OConnor – This gripping and moving novel as The Guardian has noted offers a taut expertly crafted plot while it likewise captures brilliantly changes of mood and unexpected uirks of behavior As The Salesman ope This gripping and moving novel as ThThis gripping and moving novel as The Guardian has noted offers a taut expertly crafted plot while it likewise captures brilliantly changes of mood and unexpected uirks of behavior As The Salesman opens it is the hottest summer in Dublin's hist. Absolutely beautifulSet in Dublin Ireland 1994 the town is infested with drug addicts and crime is at its peak We follow Billy a salesman whose only daughter ends up in a coma after a dastardly robbery The culprits are apprehended and set to be a charged in court but on the day of the sentence the gang leader escapes Billy decides to take justice into his own hand by tracing the young culprit’s every move as he plans his revenge But soon things spiral out of control in a very disastrous way One small decision can ruin everything or make it better You have to read to find out The narration style was executed flawlessly and the main protagonist voice was so strong that you instantly felt a connection from page one We got to understand him on such an emotional level from his youth all the way to his current life it almost felt like opening a very personal diary I applaud the author for building that connection with the readerBilly was an alcoholic and the author managed to get me into the mindset of an alcoholic It was interesting character study especially when he mentioned how most addicts don’t even like the taste of alcohol that to function in their everyday life they had to indulge in it I have had some personal experience with alcoholics and I am always looking for material that discusses that topic he captured it very well in the sense of how lonely of a life it is and how the loss oneself and loved ones is inevitable It also influenced his decision making in a really drastic way some situations in the book escalated uickly and leaving the reader wondering “How will this get resolved”The writing style was sharp and had a dark atmosphere about it meshed so well with the characters and plot My interest in the story was always strong because every sentence added to the story The characters developed so well and formed such strong bonds that just made the experience of the book that much better The dialogue and how the characters were written made them literally jump out of the page some even had that deep Irish accent which I read out loud because it was so amusingThis is a much underrated book that has so much to offer and I feel that everyone should try it seriously stop reading this review and add it NOW please Have you ever just started a book and you knew deep down that this will already be your favouriteI got a little emotional towards the end because the story resonated so well with me thank God for thrift stores because I found one of the best reads of 2016 If you have read this tell me so we can freaking talk about it PS Added bonus there is a Beatles concert in the book it was absolutely fantastic GOODREADS    TWITTER  INSTAGRAM   TUMBLR