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Focused and gifted pianist but a social dud Calista isn’t at all focused but she always has her friends and a boyfriend by her side And that goes for her time in Sweden as well Jonas who’d been an exchange student at her high school in Wisconsin lives in Stockholm He’s the main reason Calista is studying in Sweden a If you can tolerate the kissy poo love longings from startgreat cultural travelogue read about Swedan

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Swede DreamsNd she knows he’ll be in tow as she explores everything Sweden has to offer from visiting Swedish castles to learning about the Viking era to sampling treats from a smörgåsbord to strolling the cobblestone streets of Stockholm’s Gamla Stan Calista loves Sweden from the moment she arrives but why hasn’t Jonas calle Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToocomSweden means two things for Calista getting away from her annoyingly talented twin sister and being reunited with her boyfriend But Sweden isn't at all what Cal expects For one thing she can't get a hold of her boyfriend She's also living with a host family taking all of her courses in Swedish and needs to learn the language pronto As the semester unfolds Cal begins to notice things about herself that she'd like to change when she gets back home but for now she's content with soaking up both the language and the culture SWEDE DREAMS is part of the SASS series of high school students traveling around the world learning different cultures and languages Cal realizes her true self on foreign soil and she's anxious to make a new beginning Teens will love this series


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Swede Dreams Book ´ 224 pages Download ç Eva apelqvist ↠ ❮Reading❯ ➵ Swede Dreams ➭ Author Eva Apelqvist – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Swede escape Calista Swanson has begun her study abroad semester in Stockholm Sweden and she couldn’t be happier There’s finally some distance betSwede escape Calista Swanson has begun her study abroad semester in Stockholm Sweden and she couldn’t be happier There’s finally some distance between her and the constant piano playing of her annoying sister Suzanne Calista and Suzanne are twins but the only thing they have in common is their birth date Suzanne is a I checked this out from the library last winter but I didn't get around to reading it then It would have been the first book I read in this series Now it's the fourth I've read Out of the gate Calista came out with some rude mean spirited comments towards her sister and I thought I wouldn't like her at all She made one towards the end of the book too Thankfully besides these few comments she made she ended up being likable 'Her thick wavy shoulder length hair and bangs emphasized her high cheekbones and her large brown eyes Suzanne's stiff bun looked drab in comparison''Suzanne didn't have a boyfriend She might be good at everything else but she didn't attract cute athletic guys the way Calista did'Part of me enjoyed the fact that Suzanne could never land such a hot guyThose comments were incredibly snarky which didn't jive with Calista's personality towards everyone else She was nice and polite so those comments didn't fit in with the rest of her I didn't like the relationship between the twin sisters because I'm a twin and I don't feel competitive or anything like they did I've always been really close to my twin so I didn't like this portrayal in here Calista said it was as if learning new languages opened up a new world Different ways of saying things came with a whole new way of thinking new music new literature new ways to look at life new everything I had never thought about languages like that It's very romantic and deepThere's a reuisite goth girl in every book I've read This was no exception I was surprised she never talked to or ended up being friends with Moa thoughCalista said Hakan looks like Prince Carl Philip and I immediately looked him up to find he is indeed good looking haha Although it was a cop out to write your Swedish romantic interest to look like the Swedish prince I mean what are the chances? It's like writing a book set in England about someone who happens to look like Prince Harry or William I hated how long it took for her to write an email to her sister It was annoying how she kept putting it offMattias was an unnecessary character He didn't even need to be in here I think he only served to show that she dated guys other people likedCalista dates guys that people set her up with or that her dad would like because they're athletes I thought he was only into watching sports and was of a nerd based on a joke her mom said the fact that he's a potter So that just doesn't add up to me Is he an athlete or does he just like watching sports? And if the latter then why does he care so much about her bfs that are athletes?I loved her project on the Vikings That's exactly what I would have done I also liked how interested she was in history and how she wondered who the Native American tribes were during the Viking times and what their cultures were likeIn one email her sister Suzanne thought of Mike the guy she went on a date with as a friend and the next she was 'totally recklessly insanely in love' with him I feel like she had to start dating and not get accepted by Julliard before Cal would accept her If she hadn't I think Cal would still be jealous of herI felt like her feelings towards her sister changed too uickly She goes from being annoyed with her and wanting to be away from her to suddenly realizing she misses her without ever expressing it to us She told her she missed her on the phone and only after saying it does she realize it's true Then she uickly realizes she only dates because people set her up or she wanted to please her dad I was so glad there wasn't any school and bad boy drama in here The Mattias thing was really weak but I'm just glad it didn't go any further And unlike the others I've read where they just ignore her schoolwork to party and date so that was really appreciated The teen slang was a little much at times Love to lv and kisses to ksssI hated that the past boyfriends ruined her so that she couldn't even tell if she liked Hakan herself or was only doing it because Lena would like them together It was incredibly stupid because she knew Hakan first before Lena even met him Lena doesn't even really know him and has only been around him a couple times She says Lena suggested they see him at the game store but how did Lena even know he worked there? She was getting a game for her cousin It was totally coincidental Calista even wondered if Lena somehow knew he worked there but that she couldn't It's just an asinine thing to say and how do you not know if you like someone?Just because Lena liked Hakan doesn't mean you'd be going out with him just to please her Don't you want your friends to like your bfs? That's not a bad thingI was so mad when Hakan called to ask her out and she turns him down; their romance was dragged out enough as it was But thankfully she called him back right after Calista said she deferred to other people not just about boys but about a lot of things She let people decide for her so she didn't have to What things exactly? You can't just say that and not give examplesI loved the rune that said 'Here lies Bjorn Slain in the east The stone was raised by Torulf his brother' It sounded like something from LOTR or The HobbitIdk why the page numbers are always so off There's only 202 pages not 224 The romance was underdeveloped Just when they started hanging out the book was over It was really disappointingI don't like how inconclusive the endings are and that you know they won't end up togetherThere's always character growth in these though; she learns to live for herself and not for others and that she's stronger than she thinks she is She also completes her goal of learning Swedish and also learns that Sweden is than the languageThese books are a little low on plot with not much happening Just sight seeing and school I think I like this one the most out of the ones I've read because it had the least drama And that was very much appreciated I think the drama brings the books down Besides a little drama with Jonas her bf which ended up being her ex bf and a little with her sister there was no other drama in here What I liked most about this was learning about Sweden The sightseeing and all the info on the country was really interesting to me This was pretty good and the first one I've been tempted to give over 2 stars to so I just bumped it up another star so I'd remember that this stood out It's really 25 stars though The lack of real romance brought it downI was beyond shocked that Eva Apelvist grew up in Sweden and instead of like her character she was an exchange student in America She met her husband 3 days before she left And now she lives in Wisconsin Which makes me wonder all the why this book didn't have an HEA Clearly you can meet your future spouse through a study abroad so why not have Calista end up with Hakan? You wonder why there's even romance in these books at all if they don't end up together Information on SwedenMost Swedes take their shoes off insideThey eat boiled potatoes with lunch and supper almost every dayThey say gott slut on New Years which means happy endingGuys over 18 have to do military service in SwedenI love the New Years tradition of melting tin and reading how the new year will go by the shape it makesSwedish and English are both Germanic languages so that's why they're similarVikings used memorial stones in runes the old Viking letters for their dead The stones were often than a thousand years old and were still around in SwedenJulgransplundring is when you say bye to Christmas It means plundering the Christmas tree where you strip it down and throw it out in the yard Swedes celebrate Christmas forever until there's something else to celebrateViking era women had strong positions in society when the men were out traveling the world Women could own and inherit land get a divorce and even fight battles But only 1 in 10 rune stones were raised for or by a woman They were instrumental in bringing Christianity to the Nordic countries but when Christianity became the dominant religion women lost a ton of status Swedes weren't all blond and blue eyed and they weren't that shy unless you met them on the train in which case you should not smile or talk to anyone But if in someone's home or class with themswedes were as talkative and friendly as AmericansI loved the museum exhibit with the black cave and the phosphorescent blue runes I could just picture it in my headOn January 13th they take swings at a gingerbread house with a hammer Vikings carved runes into all kinds of things like combs and wood One artifact was an amulet with a spell carved into it someone trying to protect themselves from their enemies It turns it there never was a people called Vikings Historians made up the term to describe the different people who lived during that time people Marie Bebadelsedag is Annunciation Day which because of a mispronunciation of the name ended up being a day they eat waffles It was expensive to hire someone to carve runes for you so the memorial rune was most likely for someone wealthyThe anteroom in the old church was where people would hang their weaponsTussilago are the first wildflowers to grow in the spring and kids pick themValborg is a celebration to welcome spring with bonfires singing songs eating drinking and partyingIn pre Christian says people would let their animals out to pasture on the first day of May They wanted to make sure the woods and fields were safe for their animals so they lit huge bonfires the night before to scare away predators or witchesUppsala is a Viking haven with burial mounds thereFalu Rodfarg means red paint from Falun and is actually a national paint They have a mine with red pigment in its bedrock It's been mined and used since the 16th century At first it was a sign of status and money with only wealthy people having red houses Then it became popular and by the 19th century farmers were using it for their farmhouses and barns The Neck is a mythological figure of a naked man with long hair playing an instrument usually the violin in a river luring people into the water Like a male sirenThe Viking age men were burned during burial so that the force of he fire would take them to Valhalla the home of their gods Thor and Odin Like the Egyptians the Viking age upper class were concerned about bringing their material goods with them to their new home and were buried with their richesFlowers from the elder tree are believed to be connected to the Nordic goddess FreyaDrinking songs are tradition in SwedenThey have Forsranningen the Run of the Rapids where people make homemade floats and go down the riverShe thought Swedish people were homogeneous all looking similar She realized they aren't categorized so easily There's no way to lump them togetherMost people from the Viking era weren't seafaring pirates but peaceful farmers and artisans