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The Poisoner's Handbook Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¼ ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Poisoner's Handbook Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York By Deborah Blum ✓ –Son playground and danger lurks around every corner Automobiles choke the city streets with carbon monoxide Poisoner's Handbook Murder and the ePUB #8608 potent compounds such as morphine can be found on store shelves in products ranging from pesticides to cosmetics Prohibition incites a chemist's war between bootleggers and government chemists while in Gotham's crowded speakeasies each round of cocktails becomes a game of Russian roulette Norris and Gettler triumph over seemingly unbeatable odds to become the pioneers of forensic chemistry and the gatekeepers of justice during a remarkably deadly time A beguiling concoction that is eual parts true crime twentieth century history and science thriller The Poisoner's Handbook is a page turning account of a forgotten New Yo. of my chattiness about this book here if you so desire One day I left this book downstairs in the kitchen right next to the coffee maker intending to take it upstairs later and the next thing I knew there's a post on my husband's facebook page with a photo of this book that reads as followsHmmmmm first she has me get life insurance then I see this book #‎eatouttonight‬I didn't really ask for life insurance but his post is kind of spot on regarding this book one of the main points in Blum's study is that for a very long time people who were so inclined could get away with murder when it came to poisoning With very few exceptions in this period of time there were a wide range of toxic poisons that were basically undetectable used as a weapon to get rid of unwanted people That all starts to change with the advent of serious forensic medicine during the 1920s especially under the auspices of two major figures Dr Charles Norris and Dr Alexander Gettler Norris was New York's Chief Medical Examiner while Gettler was a brilliant toxicologist together the two started to change not only the way in which science was used in crime cases but also brought to the fore the emphasis on how government should work to protect its citizens Beyond being just plain interesting it's also a very good look at politics of the time at the failures and dangers of Prohibition and at the unsuspected dangers that lie hidden in some every day products and how science worked to study them and ultimately lead the fight in making lives safer I first came across this book when one night I couldn't sleep and decided to watch anything I could find remotely interesting at 2 am and chose an American Experience episode with this title I was hooked and then discovered that there was a book and that's all it took I enjoyed The Poisoner's Handbook one thing it did for me was that it hit home that in some ways a lot has changed and happily so since that time but in others a lot remains the same Today like in the 1920s many pro business interests in government continue to represent the interests of corporations at the expense of the people who work in their industries; there are still people who for some reason I do not fathom continue to insist that science is wrong undermining the work of skilled brilliant people for some political or financial reasons One thing this book takes of a journalistic approach making it highly accessible to everyone which is a good thing I have only one negative thing to say and that's that each chapter ends in some sort of anecdote which not only adds unnecessary fluff but gets tiresome after a while A lot of readers might enjoy that but I'm all about keeping the flow going so I didn't But that is just such a nit picky kind of thing that really did not make my interest flag or prevent me from being absorbed in this book and I highly recommend it especially to people who are into historical true crime

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Man factory workers with crumbling bones a diner serving poisoned pies and many others Each case presents a deadly new puzzle and Norris and Gettler work with a creativity that rivals that of the most imaginative murderer creating revolutionary experiments to tease out even the wiliest compounds from human tissue Yet in the tricky Poisoner's Handbook Murder Kindle #215 game of toxins even science can't always be trusted as proven when one of Gettler's experiments erroneously sets free a suburban housewife later nicknamed America's Lucretia Borgia to continue her nefarious work From the vantage of Norris and Gettler's laboratory in the infamous Bellevue Hospital it becomes clear that killers aren't the only toxic threat to New Yorkers Modern life has created a kind of poi. Mercury Rising One Reviewer's Feverish Reaction to Annoying Trends in Non fiction Book TitlesThrough our secret researches we were able to discover some of the rejected titles for this book Heavy Metal Madness A Stroll Through Some of the More Insalubrious Back Alleys of the Periodic TableCSI Manhattan Murder and Retribution in the Jazz AgeWhere's Fido Estimation of the Median Lethal Dose for Some Common Neurotoxins Under Severe Budgetary ConstraintsMoonshine and Giblets Prohibition Era Recipes for Pickling Organ Meats God Awful Title A Pretty Decent Book About the Origins of Forensic ScienceThough Deborah Blum is a skillful and engaging writer this book never uite soared for me A good editor might have pointed out that presenting a parade of a dozen villainous poisoners is ultimately less affecting than choosing to discuss just one or two The organization of chapters by compound is a little artificial but works reasonably well Including some relevant photos would have greatly improved the book But these are minor uibbles this is a well researched interesting book The material relating to Prohibition was unexpected and fascinating Despite the author's skill this book will never match my own little project in the works At present all I can share is the bewitching title Painted Ladies The Untold Story of the Two Indomitable Donner Party Survivors Who Founded San Francisco's Most Architecturally Charming Brothel and a Nationwide Cosmetics Distribution NetworkOrder your copy now In fact don't just order it Order it in advance

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The Poisoner's Handbook Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New YorkHandbook Murder Epub #217 Deborah Blum writing with the high style and skill for suspense that is characteristic of the very best mystery fiction shares the untold story of how poison rocked Jazz Age New York City In The Poisoner's Handbook Blum draws from highly original research to track the fascinating Poisoner's Handbook Murder and the ePUB #8608 perilous days when a pair of forensic scientists began their trailblazing chemical detective work fighting to end an era when untraceable poisons offered an easy path to the perfect crime Drama unfolds case The Poisoner's Epubby case as the heroes of The Poisoner's Handbook chief medical examiner Charles Norris and toxicologist Alexander Gettler investigate a family mysteriously stricken bald Barnum and Bailey's Famous Blue. I don’t know why publishers feel the need to put huge subtitles on non fiction books Take The Poisoner’s Handbook for example To me that’s a great title that would probably intrigue most potential readers But the full title is The Poisoner’s Handbook Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York While accurate it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does itThink about The Devil and the White City Even if you knew nothing about that book if you saw it while trolling through a bookstore wouldn’t you at least give it a look based on that title But then you see that the whole thing is actually The Devil and the White City Murder Magic and Madness at the Fair that Changed America which makes you feel like you just got eye strain so you drop the book and stagger out of Barnes Noble to go get a beer The trend isn’t getting any better either There’s a new book out called Hellhound On His Trail That sounds cool But wait for it The whole title is Hellhound On His Trail The Stalking of Martin Luther King Jr and the International Hunt for His Assassin It’s like you just read the whole Wikipedia entry about James Earl RayThank goodness that Truman Capote wrote In Cold Blood before this trend started Because the title these days would be In Cold Blood Murder and Fear On the Kansas Plains The Two Dipshit Losers Who Killed An Innocent Family But back to The Poisoner’s Handbook as we will refer to it from now on because I am not typing all that shit out again This is a mix of science crime politics and history It tells the story of how two men Charles Norris and Alexander Gettler worked tirelessly to bring scientific methods to the New York City coroner’s office and laid the groundwork for much of modern forensics So I guess we can blame them for all those goddamn CSI showsAmerica used to be just as poison crazy as it is gun crazy and before there were documented methods to prove the existence of poisons in a body it was tough to get a conviction Plus the old New York coroner’s office was corrupt and incompetent so it was an uphill battle for Norris and Gettler to gain respectability There’s detailed but easy to understand explanations of the chemical nature of the various toxins they dealt with as well as a sometimes hilarious account of the political in fighting that happened to even get a ualified coroner appointed There’s also a ton of stories about how the American public was routinely poisoned by harmful products or misunderstood chemicalsOne of the interesting parts is about the work done during Prohibition Norris and Gettler considered Prohibition a lethal joke that was killing people who were drinking almost anything to get a buzz and they did a lot of research into alcohol and intoxication levels to show that people were drinking when it was illegal And the fun fact that I didn’t know before reading this was that the US government actually had companies add things to industrial alcohol to make it MORE poisonous in a vain attempt to keep bootleggers from using it And if a few thousand boozehounds went blind or died from drinking it then they shouldn’t have been breaking the law anyhowInteresting book but I would have liked a bit history about Norris and Gettler and a little less of a chemistry lesson