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Go Givers Sell MoreWith their national bestseller The Go Giver Bob Burg and John David Mann took the business world by storm showing that giving is the most fulfilling and effective path to success That simple profound story has Go Givers PDFEPUB or inspired hundreds of thousands of readers around the world but some have wondered how its lessons stand up to the tough challenges of everyday real world business Now Bur. Great message Inspired me like Delivering Happiness did Create value for others you'll reap the rewards

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Go Givers Sell More summary ½ 0 Ý ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Go Givers Sell More By Bob Burg ✑ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk With their national bestseller The Go Giver Bob Burg and John David Mann took the business world by storm showing that giving is the most fulfilling and effective path to success That simple profound With their nationG and Mann answer that uestion in Go Givers Sell More a practical guide that makes giving the cornerstone of a powerful and effective approach to selling Most of us think of sales as convincing potential customers to do something they don't really want to This mentality sets up an adversarial relationship and makes the sales process much harder than it has to be As Burg and Mann demonstrate it's fa. If you want to read a book about becoming rich and successful do not read this book But if you enjoy blessing others lives that being blessed then this book is perfect for you Karma works The universe is cheering you on and God is with you the whole way

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R productive and satisfying when salespeople think like Go Givers Cultivate a trusting relationship and focus exclusively on creating value for the other person say the authors and great results will follow automatically Drawing on a wide range of examples of real life salespeople who have prospered by giving Burg and Mann offer tips and strategies that anyone in sales can start applying right away. Holy mind blowing book Okay disclaimer this is not for sales people I delayed reading this forever because I didn't think it pertained to me My mother had read a while back for her business and found it eye opening Intending to loan it to someone I knew I needed to read it so I could talk through it and point out certain take aways Wow Favorite segementsClassic business operates by billiard ball logic every action has an eual and opposite reaction You give me a hundred dollars and I’ll give you a hundred dollars’ worth of lumber You loan me a thousand dollars and I pay you back a thousand dollars plus interest that’s frictionManaging relationships based on the billiard ball logic of economics isn’t very practical though It’s good for keeping track of widgets foot pounds and minutes on the clock but not of people and their interactions We try anyway “I did the dishes last night; tonight it’s your turn” Every action has an eual and opposite reaction right And for a while it can seem like it’s working—but it never does in the long term In the effort to keep score accurately the arithmetic invariably breaks down “What most people call win win” Sam tells Joe in The Go Giver “is really just a disguised way of keeping track Making sure we all come out even that nobody gets the advantage I scratched your back so now you owe me” The secret says Sam is to stop keeping score Managing a relationship with a scorecard doesn’t work because nobody can ever measure up to the subjectivity of another’s billiard ball calculationsBurg Bob Go Givers Sell More pp 24 25 Penguin Publishing Group Kindle EditionAndThere is an assumption often unspoken that there exists a fundamental contradiction between self interest and altruism That is you may be acting for others’ benefit or for your own—but not both at once If you accept this treacherous dichotomy then every time you pick up the phone or walk across a room to talk with a prospective customer your subconscious has to conclude either 1 I am greedy manipulative and focused purely on my own personal gain at this person’s expense—or 2 I am big hearted and generous on a mission to serve this person and therefore must deny my own interests and avoid any hint of a result that could actually benefit meBut this is a false dilemma Not only are self interest and altruism not in conflict but in fact they are two sides of the same coin Having a giving spirit does not mean having a spirit of self sacrifice or martyrdom The martyr still sees the dualism between helping oneself and helping others viewing these two as being in conflict That’s not generosity that’s just being a card carrying codependent The true giver sees no such conflict The true giver knows that giving is a tide that raises all ships and that it allows you to be a person of value to others while doing very well for yourselfBurg Bob Go Givers Sell More pp 30 31 Penguin Publishing Group Kindle Edition The entire book revolves around relationships The main thing I took out of this was adding value to people and enhancing relationships If you are incredibly turned off by the word sales then you should pick this up because the true nature of sales involves giving and create strong relationships If you don't see many of the later in your life then it may be a sign that you're missing the boat on some basic relationship principles or you think you're doing things that you really aren't aka all of these things describe meHighly HIGHLY recommend