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Read & Download í Saturnalia ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [KINDLE] ❆ Saturnalia Author Lindsey Davis – It is the Roman holiday of Saturnalia The days are short the nights are for wild parties A general has captured a famous enemy of Rome and brings her home to adorn his triumph as a Other Justinus has also vanished perhaps fatefully involved once with the great lost love of his youthAgainst the riotous backdrop of the season of misrule the search seems impossible and only Falco appears to notice that some dark agency is bringing death to the city street. Io Saturnalia Bah Humbug On returning from his Greek odyssey our intrepid Roman gum sandaled protagonist Marcus Didius Falco is summoned to the Imperial Palace and given a most delicate assignment namely to discreetly find and apprehend an escaped barbarian prophetess who he encountered years previously while undertaking a dangerous mission in Germania for Emperor Vespasian Unable to refuse this reuest Falco soon realises that this is than just a missing person’s case since said prophetess appears to be responsible for the beheading of a senator’s relative and also attempting to single handedly decimate Rome’s population starting with the city’s down and outs Add to this the general mayhem associated with the solstice celebration of Saturnalia the hectic and hilarious activities of his extended family plus all the perils involved in crossing swords with his arch nemesis the Chief Spy Anacrites Falco may be forgiven for donning the persona of a Roman Scrooge Luckily help is at hand in the shape of his wife and partner in crime solving Helena Justina and his best friend and drinking buddy Lucius Petronius Longus watch captain of the Vigiles the local fire fightingpolice forceAs is the author’s wont placed amongst the narrative twists and red herrings there is detailed information about first century Rome’s medical practitioners and the reality behind the Empire’s social structure in particular the lives and deaths of slaves and the homelessness However as the book is also infused with the author’s trademark sharp wit and repartee these descriptions are not overwhelming Indeed there are some side splitting episodes such as the description of a raucous Vigiles Saturnalia party involving a five foot carrot and turnip As I have written in previous reviews I feel that in order to fully appreciate these later Falco novels it is essential to have read the previous books where an understanding of the family dynamics is particularly rewarding Interestingly the barbarian prophetess Veleda and the Roman Governor Gaius Rutilius Gallicus were actual historical figures who appear to have been present in Rome around this time

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Endously murdered and she escapes from house arrestMarcus Didius Falco is pitted against his old rival the chief spy Anacrites in a race to find the fugitive before her presence angers the public and makes the government look stupid Falco has other priorities for Helena's br. Another fun Falco mystery This is set in Rome and was particularly fun for me to read as I am just back from Rome It is fun to try to visualize the forum including the various temples mentioned in the book as it must have been in AD76 And to know how far it is across the forum and up Aventine Hill I really enjoy how Lindsey Davis includes information on the Saturnalia celebrations slavery homelessness the various practices of medicine and other aspects 1st century Rome as part of the story without resorting to long scholarly digressions I enjoy her depictions of strong smart women such as Helena her mother Julia and Veleda the German priestess And Davis's wonderful sense of humor

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SaturnaliaIt is the Roman holiday of Saturnalia The days are short the nights are for wild parties A general has captured a famous enemy of Rome and brings her home to adorn his triumph as a ritual sacrifice The logistics go wrong she acuires a mystery illness then a young man is horr. Falco goes back to revisit a character from book 4 the Iron Hand of Mars and solve an historical puzzleExpect a tale of murder foreign prophetess annoying arch nemesis and general holiday mayhem as Davis offers her own ideas about what happened to VeledaBe aware that while it's not necessary to read the books in order it certainly helps; Falco's family life has evolved throughout the series and play a big part in describing daily lives and plot points Assaph Mehr author of Murder In Absentia A story of Togas Daggers and Magic for lovers of Ancient Rome Murder Mysteries and Urban Fantasy