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Push Author Sapphire Book ´ 177 pages ☆ Dogsalonbristol ↠ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☁ Push Author Sapphire – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Precious Jones an illiterate sixteen year old has up until now been invisible invisible to the father who rapes her and the mother who batters her and to the authoritieHer we follow her on a journey of education and enlightenment as Precious learns not only how to write about her life but how to make it her own for the first tim I encountered this when it was excerpted in the New Yorker around the time of its 1997 publication when I was a senior in high school Reading the New Yorker piece effectively shattered my skull bludgeoning my brain into a tenderized and confused lump of uaking grey gristle Push is written in the voice of an impoverished illiterate uncared for despised abused obese neglected friendless and seriously fucked teenage black girl living in 1980s Harlem ground zero at that time of racialized poverty the crack epidemic AIDS and pretty much every other attendant inner city nightmare you can think of The main character's voice is so violently affecting that I lack adeuate words to describe what reading this was like for me For several days afterwards I thought of it constantly I mean constantly from when I woke up in the morning until I went to bed at night and nearly every moment in between Sapphire's writing gave me the uniuely visceral experience of having left my own life and consciousness to inhabit the body and mind of an individual whose experiences polar opposite of my own strained the limits of imaginable human suffering I have never read anything else in my entire life that so completely and effectively forced my mind into occupying that of a fictional character let alone one so completely different from me in every single respect save gender and nationality I felt while reading this that I lost all critical sense of distance and observation and actually in a very significant way became the character Precious And this experience of becoming her was so horrific and terrifying that I likely experienced symptoms of what mental health providers refer to as vicarious trauma the result of bearing witness to another person's experience of intensely traumatic eventsOkay okay so you get it already this book had a huge impact on me So why only four starsThe novel was unable to sustain the intensity of the shorter New Yorker piece and had several significant flaws For one thing Push seemed to me at the time to suffer from what is known as Jude the Obscure Syndrome ie the ceaseless litany of Precious's sufferings started to seem almost ridiculous after awhile she's not just raped by her dad she's also raped by her mom; of course Precious gets AIDS and so does her baby on and on and on I haven't reread this since it came out mostly because I'm scared it wouldn't be so amazing as I remember but I'm curious if I'd respond differently to this after working for several years in social services now that I've seen for myself that in fact who knew some people's lives really are exactly this badThe other problem with this book is that it displays several diagnostic criteria for Social Novel Disorder which is to say the power of the narrative is undermined by a sense of the author's understandable agenda and of a rather artificial plot trajectory in which Precious encounters a Sapphire like it seemed to me at the time social worker and thereby begins her healing and empowerment learning in the process to read and to surrender her misguided and intolerant homophobic views Of course I might appreciate this optimistic ending a lot now than I did at 17 when it struck me as inorganic and cornyI have to reread this novel and I will soon I'm very curious to see whether the writing still exerts the same power and force I remember and also whether my own aging and experiences in the years since will have changed my response to what seemed like serious flaws on my first read

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Precious Jones an illiterate sixteen year old has up until now been invisible invisible to the father who rapes her and the mother who batters her and to the auth 5 stars for creating a really uniue heroine5 stars for an enjoyable engrossing story7 stars for beautiful use of language yeah mutherfuckers sometimes that word is the only word that fitsI didn't put much faith in an author named 'Sapphire' More urban fiction ghetto girl's acrylics scratch eyes out of baby father's new crack addicted girlfriend I thought Not that I don't uite enjoy urban fiction Zane is uite good and very spicy I couldn't have been wrong The writing in the book is a joy to read It isn't as most good writing is just a vehicle to convey the material as much as a vibrant and necessary component of the story The literary device of the writing changing opening blooming along with the story is remarkably well executedThe story is really of how the system has failed those at the very bottom of society How no one cares about those who fall through the cracks so long as they do it uietly It's very much a diatribe against an America that so many blacks feel they had no place in forming and no place within as a right The racism and other prejudices are that of poverty Lack of experience and gossip being the main vehicles for knowledge rather than books and education In other words the racism is not at all deep seated it's something that can easily be changed for the better It is a wonderful book on every level not just the writing or the story or the tremendous creation of Precious antithesis of a heroine a 250lb girl who describes herself as too dark and ugly and whose taste in clothes is appalling but hopeful fluorescent yellow leggings and a leather jacket but also the ending There isn't one it's in your mind And perhaps in how you might see your home town after reading it and maybe also in who you vote for on your local council It's really you that can make the ending

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Push Author SapphiOrities who dismiss her as just one of Harlem's casualties But when Precious pregnant with a second child by her father meets a determined and highly radical teac I was going to write up a Celebrity Death Match between Sapphire and Dave Pelzer for the title of Most Abused Child Ever but on second thoughts silence is goldenOne last thing I remember reading Push and watching The Wire during the same week had a strange effect on me which for a white English male was not a good thing A work colleague asked me if Push was any good and I barked at him bitch be messin my mind and shit