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Lessons From A Younger Lover characters ¾ 107 ê [PDF / Epub] ✅ Lessons From A Younger Lover ⚣ Zuri Day – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Zuri Day cranks up the heat with an explosively sexy tale about a woman who's about to get a crash course in lustFirst grade teacher Gwen Smith was happily married until her husband got himselIfornia Lessons From PDF hometown caring for her ailing mother convinced her life is over Then she meets Ransom BlakeRansom is a twenty six year old hunk who pushes every one of Gwen's buttons Gwen has no intention of getting involved with a younger man but he won't take no for an answer So when he shows up at her classroom unannounced. I am not giving this book three stars because I didn't like it I truly enjoyed it and as my first read by Day that keeps it from being a two The premise of the story is easy to identify with especially being a forty year old divorcee It's also right in line with the age of the cougar The book has everything friendship lunacy romance and hot erotic sex Gwen is a woman who needs to be taken out of her comfort zone to learn it's okay to lose control every now and again Returning to her hometown to care for her mother afterbeing dropped by her husband should surely make her bitter and uptight Seeing her high school crush has fallen to ruin should bolster her ego It doesn't because she's feeling her age Enter Ransom A twenty something good looking guy who's vibing for Gwen He makes her want in a way she's not wanted before He causes her body to react in unimaginable ways He inspires her to let the naughty Gwen out We can't have that Ultimately he wins her over and helps Gwen battle her insecurities to build a solid relationshipSuch promise but the story fails horribly Yes this is fantasy and it isn't real but a woman who's got a Masters in education would hardly constantly use collouialisms and refer to her anatomy as nana The conflict of who I felt Day wanted Gwen to be and who she portrayed Gwen as left me confused and a bit frustrated Gwen needed to either be a goody goody or a progressive take charge woman You can't have her worried about her reputation in one minute and the next telling someone in a vulgar no holds barred way You can't make Ransom an old soul who's above the stereotypical twenty something black male but make his speech the exact oppositeI love the romance The erotica had me suirming I truly wanted to smack Adam for being so immature Good elements are there They just need a solid and relatable portrayal

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Gwen From A Younger PDFEPUB #187 can't help but tell him off and then she realizes he's come for his daughter But Ransom isn't shy about letting Gwen know how she can make it up to him And if he gets his way Gwen will lose all her inhibitions and her heartAn exciting read Zuri Day does a fantastic job Urban Reviews on Lies Lovers Tell. Wow I definitely enjoyed this book I liked Ransom He was of a Man than his half brother and bad enough he was younger than his brother That's why I say sometimes older men are immature than younger I'm glad this book had a happy ending Karma is definitely a B word Bria; Joanna; Carole and Adam def got what they deserve that's why I say you can't do people wrong because something bad can happen to you

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Lessons From A Younger LoverZuri Day A Younger ePUB #9734 cranks up the heat with an explosively sexy tale about a woman who's about to get a crash course in lustFirst grade teacher Gwen Smith was happily married until her husband got himself a twenty something mistress and filed for divorce Now just months away from turning forty one Gwen is back in her tiny Cal. I really enjoyed this book This is my 2nd time reading it and I remembered trying to imagine what Ransom looked like with that gorgeous long hair and body and I felt myself imagining this again this time around Gwen was your typical soon to be frigid divorcee but her chance meeting with Ransom 14yrs her senior really opened herself up to a whole new world intimately The drama with Adam at times was a little over the top and I could have probably done without it but all of the GwenRansom scenes really make up for itand Ransom's lesson'ssuper hot This was a good read