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Wiggins for PresidentRdian is ousted for publishing news of Bean Farm in the local newspaper To ensure that those who are interested might still learn of all the goings on Freddy takes it upon himself to found a newspaper of his own and calls it The Bean Home News the basis for the current Freddy fan club newsletter It turns out that being a newspaperman isn't uite as easy as Freddy thought it might be but with typical aplomb he manages to burn the wire. Holds up very well for a book written in the '30s

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CHARACTERS Wiggins for President 108 ¹ ➺ [Download] ➶ Wiggins for President By Walter R. Brooks ➻ – It all started in 1927 when a group of animals on a farm in Upstate New York decided to travel to Florida in search of warmer weather and faithful fans of the Freddy books have been joyously lapping u It allIt all started inwhen a group of animals on a farm in Upstate New York decided to travel to Florida in search of warmer Wiggins for Kindle weather and faithful fans of the Freddy books have been joyously lapping up each book in the twenty six book series ever since Why is Freddy such a popular pig Most readers will tell you it's because he's a pig for all seasons a detective a pilot a magician an explorer a poet a politician you n. Improbably Mr and Mrs Bean are about to depart for a six month vacation in Paris leaving management of the farm to the animals In the farmhouse kitchen nervously contemplating their leap into responsible adulthood Jinx cat; Robert and Georgie dogs; and Eek uik Eeny and Cousin Augustus mice resolve to learn about money management and political organization Raging outside if one of those storms that in the Freddy series always shape the fortunes of the Centerboro humans and animals John uincy a woodpecker from Washington D C is blown into the Bean kitchen Impressed by John uincy’s sophistication Jinx the dogs and mice ask his advice in founding an animal bank and a republic Soon John uincy is president of the First Animal Bank Bringing his father Grover and son X from Washington the woodpecker forces Jinx bank treasurer and Freddy bank secretary from their positions After taking control of the bank the woodpeckers plot to take over the First Animal Republic FAR Using bank money to bribe the Bean animals John uincy plots to make Grover president of FAR Through fraudulent manipulation of ballots the woodpeckers divert votes from the rightful winner Mrs Wiggins cow claiming victory for Grover Seeking to force animals on neighboring farms to join FAR Grover utilizes Bertram the automaton Uncle Ben Bean built as a playmate for the Beans' adopted son Adnoniram THE CLOCKWORK TWIN With a microphone that amplifies his voice and his prodigiously strong wooden body Bertram with Grover in the automaton’s control chamber acts as enforcer Grover threatens that Bertram will tear down the barns of any animals that refuse to join FAR Relentlessly hardworking and well organized but devious and joylessly authoritarian the woodpeckers are Brooks’s negative example of ideal leadership With the help of animal and insect friends including Jacob the wasp Freddy gains control of the automaton forcing Grover from power The Washington intruders ousted Mr Wiggins takes her rightful place as President of FAR Freddy adds “bank president” to his long list of positions and accomplishments Before leaving for Paris Farmer Bean says of his animals “I’ve always said there wasn’t no animals anywhere that could beat ‘em for goodness and kindness—and smartness too But now I say there ain’t any can beat ‘em for responsibility’” 82 The Bean animals once again expell the outsiders that threaten idyllic Centerboro POLITICIAN ends with the promise that Freddy and the commonsensical Mrs Wiggins will preside over a republic whose citizens great and small will live lives rich in leisure poetry and kindnessMy Overlook Press paperback includes a “Foreword” 2016 by Nicholas Kristof in an age of “political disfunction” Kristof wishes that someone like Freddy were in the US Senate “standing up for the ordinary person” Drawing on the talents of the smallest most easily overlooked animals and insects Freddy makes sure that no human or animal is wronged or exploited Kristof travels to the world’s trouble spots putting a human face on victims of oppression As an admirer of Kristof’s New York Times editorials I understand why Kristof is one of Freddy’s most vocal fansFREDDY THE POLITICIAN 1939 follows THE CLOCKWORK TWIN 1937 in the Freddy series In the previous book the childless Beans gladly adopt orphan twin brothers Adnorniram and Byram The instinctively good but hideously abused Adnorniram is the emotional center of CLOCKWORK In POLITICIAN however the boys are barely mentioned and they disappear entirely from Brooks’s subseuent Freddy books Adnorniram and Byram go the way of Ella and Everett abused orphans that Bean animals brought back to the Bean farm from their trip to the North Pole FREDDY GOES TO THE NORTH POLE 1930 In the imaginative world of the Bean farm Mr and Mrs Bean are surrogate parents to their animals Mr Bean offers advice and support to animals faced with choices while Mrs Bean cooks sews and nurses the sick of injured There is apparently no space in Brooks’s imaginative world for human Bean children

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Ame it and Freddy will give it a shotFreddy the Politician comes just in time for the upcoming presidential election Political unrest has descended upon Bean Farm Amidst cries and whimpers for the establishment of the First Animal Republic a crafty woodpecker erects his very own dictatorship and Freddy is forced to fight for democracy in his own barnyardIn Freddy and the Bean Home News Freedy's friend Mr Dimsey the editor of the Gua. So many great characters in these Freddy books Jinx the very clever feline Charles the pompous rooster Henrietta the hen who keeps Charles in line the very brave cows etc