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EPUB ↠ MOBI Philosophy as a Rite of Rebirth ☆ 9781898910350 Ó DOGSALONBRISTOL Ô ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Philosophy as a Rite of Rebirth By Algis Uždavinys ✸ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Philosophy as a Rite of Rebirth challenges our understanding of philosophy indeHilosophy as a human participation in a theophany or divine drama Casting aside the unnatural limitations of modern philosophy as well as the grave misunderstandings of Egyptologists radical and exciting possibilities emerge for the serious philosopher These possibilities will certainly change our view of the universe in general but most particularly our view of ourselves The Rebirth of the title is one that implies an expansion of consciousness both upwards towards the divine heights of reality and Great book though some parts were really difficult to grasp I found it enlightening and informative This excellent book showed me how sophisticated and complex were the ancient Egyptians and their theology and religion I loved reading about the influence of Ancient Egyptian theology and religionphilosophy on the philosophy of Orphism the Pythagoreans Plato and Neoplatonists

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Outwards to embrace the whole of creation as a living image of the gods The exercises of philosophy thus move from the rational to the intuitive onward to pure contemplation and ultimately to a god like energy in the divine drama Dr Uzdavinys has recently been a research fellow at at La Trobe University in Bendigo Australia and an associate professor at the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts Kaunas Department He is a published author in English French and Lithuanian and translator into Russian and Lithuani This book is a must read for anyonewith enough background knowledge to catch the nuances and orienteer around First things first one needs to believe in a transcendent reality even if 'virtually' and 'as a test' otherwise the excercise is futile second one needs in good faith to build his structural theology in order to grasp the manifold topics that Mr Uzdavinys touched Preferentially the theological structure should be in place earlier so basic knowledge of some Egyptian theologies Egyptian Book of the Dead Anthologies of Literature and neoplatonic writings especially Iamblichus and Apuleius the Isiac part should be read beforehand Otherwise one might lose the thread and lose interest in a great and contentful book that it is My goal is not to detract anyone from reading this great work but to support him before he or she dives into deep waters offered by Mr Uzdavinys The synthesis is a definite compendium for anyone interested in the theological elucidations of various Egyptian theologies Memphite Theban Heliopolitan Hermopolitan it should be of interest to Khemetist magicians in dialogue with platonism neo platonism and theurgy Tonnes of research and a commitment to truth and wisdom I found it a general survey of well proportioned theological concepts of ancient provenance that I will most definitely return to It contains a handy glossary at the end with most of the used concepts explained succintly Highly recommended


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Philosophy as a Rite of RebirthPhilosophy as a Rite of Rebirth challenges our understanding of philosophy indeed it challenges many centuries of assumptions which have reduced othodox philosophy to a shadow of its original Algis U¿davinys returns to the very roots of philosophy in Ancient Egypt and shows why the Greeks revered that land of pyramids and priest kings as the source of divine wisdom Bringing his understanding of many great traditions of philosophy Indian Islamic Greek and others he presents the case for considering p A beautiful scholarly summation of the rituals of deification and theurgic ascent One can't help but revel in Uzdavinys' process as an academician to provide the source and resources of telestic transformation philosophical rebirth being and beyond being within Egyptian thought the mystical origins of Platonism divine semiotics gnostic hermeneutics and the framework of which theurgy can be internally derived and seen as such transforming the ba into akh within the solar barue of Ra