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O local gossip was the boy's six year old sister LaurenTwenty years on Lauren has created a new life for herself but details of Jacob’s death begin to resurface and the story again makes the newspapers As Lauren struggles with the ghosts of her childhood it seems only a matter of time before the past catches up with he This is a smart suspenseful story plainly told When a young boy is found dead his family is split up the mother is sent to prison for murder his three siblings wind up in various homes private state For one of them this is a kind of salvation though he later takes to drinking His sisters fare worse falling into unhappy early sexual relations with a variety of ill suited suitors I could draw conclusions about safety hope the tragedy that is family life for so many young people I'm aware though that I may be travelling outside the auspices of the book which sticks diligently to realism not philosophy And oddly the sister without any parental love fares better than her younger counterpart which I guess goes towards the idea that some people are born with it that survival instinct and some aren't The format of the book is intriguing each chapter is told from a different point of view from the grown up children to the arresting officer to the foster parents etc Some of these narratives add to the throughput of the story particularly the early ones which detail the immediate after effects of the crime Some of the narratives feel like they drift too far from the spine of the story could be shortened And okay by the time I started Part Two I was growing just a little bored The voices do often lack individuality IMHO sounding like one of two types of characters a a reasonably educated person b someone not so reasonably educated The chapters collected together seem sometimes to miss the narrative or travel tangentially to it There's no word on the trial itself for example The mother eventually dies 'off camera' without ever earning her own narrative I would've been very interested to hear her side of the story Large events happen in the lives of the survivors which seem to have little impact though this could be the point And most notably of course the use of first person past tense does occasionally make the novel feel like a summary than a story When one character comments that 'this next bit will be hard to read' I wondered who the audience was in the minds of the characters Who did they think they were talking to Was the novel meant to be a historical record had they all been called into a Royal Commission were they putting together their memoirs Or was it something else againI guess now that I think about it I didn't really care about any of the living characters They're ciphers really vehicles for expressing pain I was interested in the poor kid who died 'the ghost child' that haunts their lives this book this is what kept me reading The Big Reveal at the end didn't work for me I admit But I got the idea of what the author wanted from her ending It's sad horrible goes part way towards an explanation of the outcomes for the surviving siblings Like I said a clever book extremely easy to read it kept me up reading past my bed time Not a lot of books can do thatDisclaimer I won this book in a comp#aww2013 no6

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Ghost ChildIn Victorian police were called to a home on a housing estate an hour west of Melbourne There they found a five year old boy lying on the carpet There were no obvious signs of trauma but the child Jacob died the next dayThe story made the headlines and hundreds attended the funeral Few people were surprised when the boy Caroline Overington's writing style is really easy to read Again she's written chapter by chapter from different characters' perspectives She nails the voices of various Aussies the cop the foster carer the underprivileged and abused I enjoyed the voice of the police officer very salt of the earth and also I think she captures the essence of the 1980's as well It just all sounds real The way she writes you seem to just fall into the peoples minds and I think it really works I do recommend this and am looking forward to another As always uite dark themes though I get the feeling she's seen a lot of this stuff in her career as a journo Again a lot of issues relating to DOCS and as a mum to four young kids wow there's a lot of this stuff in real life too but thankful I am that I live a good life


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FREE PDF ☆ BOOK Ghost Child ñ [Download] ✤ Ghost Child By Caroline Overington – In 1982 Victorian police were called to a home on a housing estate an hour west of Melbourne There they found a five year old boy lying on the carpet There were no obvious signs of trauma but the chil In Victorian police were called to ’s mother and her boyfriend went to prison for the crime Police declared themselves satisfied with the result saying there was no doubt that justice had been doneAnd yet for years rumours swept the estate and clung like cobwebs to the long vacant house there had been a cover up The real perpetrator at least according t Short commentary as this was read for our face to face bookclub meeting yesterday Lovers of this book will be pleased to know I was very much in the minority because I really did not like this book Partially that's because of some stereotypical coincidences between the characters in this and the last book by the same author read damaged fragile women and balanced carefree despite trials blokes Partially it's because there was so much telling it felt like there'd be an exam to pass at the end Mostly it was because read the prologue you've pretty much read the whole book