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The Case for Christ Free read í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [EPUB] ✰ The Case for Christ By Lee Strobel – Using the dramatic scenario of an investigative journalist pursuing his story and leads Lee Strobel uses his experience as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune to interview experts abouExperts about the evidence for Christ from the fields of science philosophy and histor. This book is uite possibly the most readable and engaging book to ever hit the field of apologetics; I recommend it to every Christian The book chronicles Strobel's inuisitive journey as he uestions some of the most astute thinkers alive today about some of the most pressing uestions a Christian can ask Read it for no other reason than to ground yourself deeply in the True faith to stand strong and to live a life of bold confidencePS Buy and watch the DVD by the same title that has recently come out based on this book It incorporates of Strobel's wife's journey as Lee spent years searching out the answers to the uestions he had which ultimately led to his conversion It's intellectually engaging and emotionally dramatic

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Ds Lee Strobel uses his experience as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune to interview. The Case for Christ is a collection of interviews that retraces journalist Lee Strobel's journey from skepticism to faith Not content to merely take someone's word for it Strobel used his journalism and law training to track down and agressively interview experts on Christ and the Christian faith Because Strobel is willing to ask taboo uestions and attempts to poke irreparable holes in his own faith the answers he finds from various professors and clergy are both compelling and intellectually sound This book is an excellent resource for apologetics looking for ammunition against attacks on the reliability of the Gospels the nature and identity of Christ and the Ressurection For those who haven't yet made up their minds this book could be the tipping point Strobel's case is both concise and compelling but the personal testimony of some of the interviewees resonates at the personal level giving a final human touch to a book that is engaging challenging and moving all at the same time

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The Case for ChristUsing the dramatic scenario of an investigative journalist pursuing his story and lea. My review for this book and The Case For Faith are the same since I read them at the same time five years ago and can't remember which topics were in which books I managed to forget I ever read them and only when I saw them on this site did remember These books were given to me by a guy I was dating at the time who decided I'd only be an acceptable wife if I converted to Christianity I'm currently single if you're wondering how well that went over It's a shame he chose these books as his main plan of attack because they're terribleLee Strobel's first mistake is that he tries to answer everything with a pat definitive response The tone he uses is one that says AH This is so simple now that you've explained it How does anyone not understand As most people realize religion is complicated and often reuires you to just believe in things that you take on faith rather than because it's been proven by evidence Trying to argue for faith makes faith a moot point When answering the uestion If there's a God why does he allow such suffering in this world Strobel trots out the tired response Because God gave us free will For a book that's supposed to help convert people that answer isn't going to reassure someone who had strong objections in the first place It also fails to acknowledge that we really just don't know and that we tell ourselves this to try to make sense of things not because we know for sureStrobel also tried to address deep uestions with anecdotes one that sticks out in my mind to this day was a response to a uestion about how people who never heard of Jesus could be saved and isn't it a flaw of the religion if it only applied to people who happened to live in a place where Jesus was brought to their attention Strobel somehow thought that a story about a Muslim girl in a Muslim country who one day randomly thought I need Jesus's help and secretly became Christian answered it sufficiently and proved that we will just know Jesus in our hearts Other answers reuired a preexisting belief in order to make sense They reminded me of the circular argument the aforementioned ex boyfriend would give for Jesus's divinity Jesus is God so since he says he's God if I don't believe he's God I'm calling God a liar The kicker for me was a chapter about the prediction of the Messiah in the Jewish bible Strobel managed to find an ignorant Jew who must have never done even the minimal Torah study With his help Strobel spins a conspiracy where Rabbis hide the fact that the Jewish bible prophesied the arrival of the Messiah The ignorant Jew tells Strobel all about how he didn't know such a thing was foretold and it was such a revelation to him that he converted to Christianity I want to find this guy and smack him up the side of the head with my Tanakh and suggest he look up that little thing about the descendant of King David Strobel would have done far better to admit that these are complicated uestions for which we don't have all the answers if we have any at all The fact that he has an answer for everything just makes him look silly and arrogant If religion were this easy we wouldn't have the Talmud and Midrash