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PDF ☆ BOOK What If Secret Invasion Í JIM MCCANN Í ❰Ebook❯ ➩ What If? Secret Invasion Author Jim McCann – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Marvel once again poses the uestion What If Witness the shocking alternatives to Marvel's biggest events What If Gwen Stacy Survived The House of M What if the Skrull inInstead of Colossus Collects What If Spider Man House of M What If Secret Invasion What If World War Hulk What If Dardevil Vs Elektra and What If Astonishing X Me This volume of “What if” collects alternate versions of Marvel events from 2005 2008 Here are some spoiler filled reactions to each of the issuesWhat if the Skrulls succeeded in their Secret Invasion This was my favorite issue of the volume because it is an ending that I originally wanted I would have been happy if the Dark Reign that we got was actually the Skrulls reigning over Earth for a while I didn’t like exactly how this issue played it out but I would have liked something similar The most shocking part of the issue for me was when Thor broke Sentry’s neck Even though this is an alternate universe and the death doesn’t count this is how Marvel is portraying Thor as acting in a high intensity situation Thor is capable of killing a friendWhat if the Secret Invasion remained a secret This Secret Invasion story was less interesting because in this universe a Skrull prophet intervenes with his prophecies and stops events from unfolding the way that we originally saw them There was no real climax here other than the fact that there are Skrull sleeper agents that don’t even know they are Skrull Not that cool Especially for an alternate universe storyWhat if the heroes lost World War Hulk This story had less to do with World War Hulk and to do with once again the Skrulls There was no explanation as to why Stark’s satellite ray reacted differently in this world Hulk didn’t actually win World War Hulk he just happened to survive an unfortunate event sparked by Stark The best part of this issue was when Hulk became Galactus’ new herald Hulk the World Breaker the herald of Galactus would make for a great alternate universe series What if Thor entered World War Hulk The Hulk dialogue in this book is very wrong This is a stupid story in which the Thor vs Hulk battle is stopped by a kid needing help This is not a good writer on this one By the time I finished it I was convinced that it was supposed to be a joke What if Gwen Stacy survived the House of M I would have loved it if Gwen had survived the House of M This would have been a great way to bring her back I am convinced that she is Peter Parker’s true loveWhat if Spider Man intervened for the Scarlet Witch This issue actually had a better version of Gwen and Peter’s young son coming over from the House of M universe I didn’t like how Peter went crazy again because that was one of my least favorite things from all of House of M in general I did like the son of Peter Parker Richie inheriting his powers This could lead to a new series much like the Spider Girl series but I doubt it will at this pointWhat if Ord resurrected Jean Grey instead of Colossus The X Men’s reactions to Jean Grey coming back from the dead were so lame It was as if she had been away on an unexpected vacation not that she had just been resurrected I know this is a parallel universe story but Cyclops would never choose Emma over Jean The original version of the story was much much better What if Danger became a bride of Ultron NonsensicalWhat if Daredevil died saving Electra I have never read a lot of Daredevil so this story instantly bored me I flipped through the pages but don’t have much to say about it

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Marvel once again poses the uestion What If Witness the shocking alternatives to Marvel's biggest events What If Gwen Stacy Survived The House of M What if the S What if storiesI have always been a fan of the What If series These stories give the writers freedom to explore avenues that can't normally be followed For example stories that would lead to the death of a main characterThis collection looks at stories that result from the Skrull Secret Invasion Work War Hulk if Daredevil had been killed and a couple of stories from the X Men So how much you enjoy the story will partially depend on how much you enjoy the source materialThe artwork ranged from gorgeous very detailed paintings to sketchwork

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What If Secret InvasionKrull invasion was a success What if the heroes lost World War Hulk What if Daredevil died and was resurrected by the Hand What if Phoenix returned from the dead An OK set of What If stories mostly based around various then recent Marvel plotlines None are terrible but none are really great either The humor backup strips also don't do much for me Also for weird points the two House of M Spider Man stories basically contradict each other B