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Carnal Sacrifice Read ↠ 107 Ç ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Carnal Sacrifice By Lacey Alexander ✸ – Book 3 in the Brides of Caralon seriesWhen the ruler of Caralon promises his youngest daughter Laela in marriage to an old man she runs away to the nearby village Begging the tavern owner Garon for pr Book in the BrideBook in the Brides of Caralon seriesWhen the ruler of Caralon promises his youngest daughter Laela in marriage to an old man she runs away to the nearby village Begging the tavern owner Garon for protection he demands something in return that she agree to become his sex slave Alt. It looks like I might need a PA Romance category nowThis is the second best in the series IMO far better than the second one not uite as fun as the first one Also it made me realize I've been stupid this entire series I'd already figured out that this took part in a post apocalyptic Carolina but it took until THIS book for me to realize Virgs Virginians and Myrtell is likely Myrtle as in Myrtle Beach Maybe it's my bias toward NC because I'm here but I spent way too much time figuring where on the NC coast Myrtell wasDuhAnyway the Princess in this book is the Laela the youngest daughter of the Ruler of Caralon Enrick He promises her to some gross old rapey lech so she runs off into town to escape the bad marriage and runs across tavern owner Garon who happens to be the son of some landowner out in the mountains that raped a servant resulting in Garon Laela and Garon fall in love while she works as his slave to make up for the risk of keeping her hidden just about the time that Laela is found by her father's men to be forced into her unwanted marriage Obvious things happen plot wise and sexily wiseI think the part that had me giggling is that they couldn't keep their paws off of each other long enough to escape It's awesome Hey I snuck into the palace to help you escape Only let's have sex instead because we have plenty of time for that reallyStill it was fun erotica if not the smartest not that I'm reading these for the smartness of it all

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Hough frightened Laela has admired handsome Garon from afar so she's willing to sacrifice her body to him for safety But Garon soon realizes he's playing a dangerous game in hiding the ruler's daughter and that he'd be a fool to take her brideprice her virginity But can he resist. 45 Stars5 out of 5 for hotnessIt has been a while since I read a Lacey Alexander story and I have no idea why I put off reading this story I read the first two uite a while ago and really enjoyed themThis is merely my opinion But the Brides of Caralon series is hardcore women's porn It's page after page of panty soaking hotness There is SO MUCH SEX Literally two pages of storyline fifteen pages of sex two pages of story fifteen of sex There is SO MUCH SEX yes I will continue to repeat it But the sex is so damn good You read this story to get aroused you read it to get all hot and bothered then ravish your significant other you read it to ramp up your heart rate and get some naughty ideas You DO NOT read it looking for an in depth romance Yet there is a great story underneath all the bumping private partsand yes there are many many private parts So many partners SO MUCH SEXEach scene was new each hotter than the next and I honestly loved it It was completely inappropriate to read while in the company OF ANYONE ELSE WHAT SO EVER but I really loved it SO MUCH SEXThis is the type of read I need to be in the mood for Usually I need of a storyline but you can just imagine what sort of a mood I was in It was well written and I had no clue what was going to happen between Laela and Garon in the end Not only did the SO MUCH SEX keep me turning the pages but needing to know what would happen kept me on the edge Oh my pretty pretty GaronHe was such a honey such a seductive sex god of a man sigh Thoroughly enjoyed it SO MUCH SEX

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Carnal SacrificeShowing the oh so tempting Laela all the ways of passion Not a chance Note Caralon is a land where anything can and often does happen Featuring scenes of same sex interaction multiple partners and public sex the series is definitely not for the faint of heart You have been warne. Third part of the series I recommend reading the others first to understand of the setting I liked the hero he was fun and hot The heroine's transition from spoiled princess to willing servantslave was a little to easy to be believable I liked how sexually curious the heroine was The only thing off base was her father and his sudden inexplicable change from unfeeling tyrant to caring father