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review Un Juif pour l'exemple ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free á [KINDLE] ✽ Un Juif pour l'exemple By Jacques Chessex – On April 16 1942 a handful of Swiss Nazis in Payerne lure Arthur Bloch a Jewish cattle merchant into an empty stable and kill him with a crowbar Europe is in flames G in a lake nearby leading to his arrestJacues Chessex winner of the prestigious Prix Goncourt is one of Switzerland’s greatest authors He knew the murderers went to school with their children and has written a terse implacable story that has awakened memories in a country that seems to endlessly rediscover dark areas of its pa. Any European countries which managed to remain neutral during WW2 did it by reaching some level of accommodation with fascism Switzerland was surrounded by actively fascist countries German occupied countries and countries cooperating with Germany and its alliesThis book is very short but packs a lot of power into its few pagesThe author takes an incident and uses it to examine the various levels of accommodation with fascism within Switzerland both pragmatic and ideological

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On Aprila handful of Swiss Nazis in Payerne lure Arthur Bloch a Jewish cattle merchant into an empty stable and kill him with a crowbar Europe is in flames but Un Juif PDF this is Switzerland and Payerne a rural market town of butchers and bankers is worried about unemployment and local bankruptcies than the fate of nations acros. What better time to be reading this book than now a time like that time when people across Europe are saying just that A Jew must dieThis is the sort of book that will only be read by those who don’t need toRest here

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Un Juif pour l'exempleS the border Fernand Ischi leader of the local Nazi cell blames it all on the town’s Jewish population and wants to set an example thinking the German embassy would be grateful Ischi's dream of becoming the local gauleiter is shattered however when the milk containers used to dissimulate Bloch's body parts is discovered floatin. Chessex continued to look into the dark corners of Switzerland’s past right up to this his last but one novel It looks at the 1942 murder of Arthur Bloch a well to do Jewish cattle dealer in Payerne by some Swiss Nazi sympathisers meant as an offering to the Führer just a few days before Hitler’s birthday It wasn’t just a random murder – how the teenage killers also disposed of the body was particularly gruesome This short novel was not well received in Switzerland possibly because the Nazi chant of ‘death to the Jews’ is freuently put across in the first person alongside some possibly gratuitous SM imagery plus Chessex has a cynical take on Swiss indifference Payerne is also where Chessex grew up and the last chapter neatly but remotely connects him to the event as he explores the culpability of a particularly notorious pro Nazi religious leader I found this was just as good and sad and well told a story as his other recent biographical novel The Vampire of Ropraz and in short doses like this Chessex makes a memorable impression