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The LessonsAround him an impressionable group of students glamorous Emmanuella who always has a new boyfriend in tow; Franny and Simon best friends and occasional lovers; musician Jess whose calm exterior hides passionate depths And James already damaged by Oxford and looking for a group to belong to For a time they live in As you may already know The Secret History by Donna Tartt is one of my favourite books possibly my all time favourite Nothing in all the modern fiction I've ever read has matched it so I tend to be interested when reviews compare a new novel to it as they often do particularly with novels by relatively young female authors like this one There are indeed many similarities between the two and at the beginning in particular the influence of Tartt's modern classic is so obvious that The Lessons almost feels like an homage Elite highly intellectual university setting in this case Oxford? Check Close knit mixed sex and sexuality group of friends at least some of them fabulously wealthy? Check Somewhat naive young male narrator less privileged than his peers? Check The tone and dialogue too are remarkably similar I couldn't help but feel the book was specifically designed to appeal to those who loved The Secret History but for me at least it succeeded As much as it's so clearly influenced by another writer Alderman is obviously very talented and this is a great book in its own rightAs for the story itself I really enjoyed it but just felt frustrated throughout that there wasn't of everything It's so elouently written and evocative but lacks the depth and complexity of Tartt's book and so many aspects of the story could have been expanded on The sudden turnaround in James's feelings towards Mark could be implausible but it's deftly handled and the realistic narrative voice makes it completely believable I just wish I could have known about the other characters particularly Mark the mystery of his troubled background and exactly how his relationship with Nicola began and developed I almost feel like Alderman could write a whole other novel about these characters without running out of material That said this is still a very good book and well worth reading if you loved The Secret History to anyone who enjoyed this I would also recommend Lucie Whitehouse's The House at Midnight which is in a similar vein and also excellent


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FREE EPUB ò MOBI The Lessons ☆ 9780670916290 ë NAOMI ALDERMAN ê [EPUB] ✰ The Lessons By Naomi Alderman – Hidden away in an Oxford back street is a crumbling Georgian mansion unknown to any but the few who possess a key to its unassuming front gate Its owner is tA charmed world of learning and parties and love affairs But university is no grounding for adult life and when years later tragedy strikes they are entirely unprepared Universal in its themes of ambition desire and betrayal this spellbinding novel reflects the truth that the lessons life teaches often come too la 45 Stars

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Hidden away in an Oxford back street is a crumbling Georgian mansion unknown to any but the few who possess a key to its unassuming front gate Its owner is the mercurial charismatic Mark Winters whose rackety trust fund upbringing has left him as troubled and unpredictable as he is wildly promiscuous Mark gathers this may be one of those books that is a four star book for me but maybe not a four star book for everyone elsefor starters it is a combination of secret history and the talented mr ripley so if you like those things get in line it is about an average man from an average background coming to the attention of a wildly charismatic man and his circle of friendshowever this is a book which simply tells a story that's itno bells no whistles no uncovering the mysteries of the universejust a story about people and the things they do and the choices they makeso why did you like it so much karen?1 i love secret history and any time someone writes a book about close knit friends who all live together in a crumbling mansion and are among the careless wealthy entitled elite with a scholarly bent but then there are seeeeeecrets i am already there with my face in the book2 the atmosphere of this one was haunting than most of the secret history wannabes this one's seeeeecrets were of the emotional realistic ones and less of you know murrrder which is refreshing it becomes less of an escapist treat and one that is a contemplative experience3 the descriptions of oxford alone were enough to make me love this one i dated someone that went there and i remember hearing the tales of rigour and beauty and it kind of gives me a little yearnand while this is in no way unexplored territory i think she expresses herself wellThere is no safety that does not also restrict us And many needless restrictions feel safe and comfortable It is so hard to know at any moment the distinction between being safe and being caged It is hard to know when it is better to choose freedom and fear and when it is simply foolhardy I have often I think too often erred on the side of cautioni mean it's not a revolutionary observation but the way she wrote it was lovely; she knows how to express things in a way that is pleasingI wanted to tell him something about how it was with Jess and me how I had found that love was a constant cycle of coming together and breaking apart But I did not want to talk or think about Jess just then And perhaps I did not at that time have the ability to explain the truth about relationships that they produce their fruit intermittently unpredictably That every relationship has moments where someone says or thinks or feels that it might not be worth doing Every relationship has moments of exasperation and fear And the work of the thing is to come through it to learn how to bear it And even if I could have explained this Mark would never have understood it He has always been rich enough that if something breaks he can simply throw it away and buy a new one He had never used string or glue to bind something together again He had never been forced to learn how to mendyou know? i like that i'm simpleone just because i think this final sentence is heartbreaking the way she invokes that perfect confidence of children and softly implies how much of that these characters have lostDaisy grew sturdy and sweet She learned to say her own name 'Daidy' and mine She began to recognize Jess and me to trust us as she trusted her family Once on a walk she could not uite clamber over a fallen log and held out her little hand to mine with such an expectation of my aid that I felt suddenly heartsick at the charm of her because that's a lot of what this book is the realization that you are unprepared for the emotional challenges of life in love in friendship in academia in family and poor beautiful james drawn into a world to which he has nothing to contribute but so desperately wants to be a part of again yearnso yes a lovely book but maybe not for people who need than just personal resonanace from their reading materialcome to my blog