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review True Confessions of Adrian Mole 103 ´ [Reading] ➷ True Confessions of Adrian Mole Author Sue Townsend – Adrian Mole has grown up At least that’s what it says on his passport But living at home clinging to his threadbare cuddly rabbit ‘Pinky’ working as a paper pusher for the DoE and pining for the AdrUsher for the DoE and pining for the love of his life Pandora has proved to him that adulthood isn’t uite what he hoped it would be Still intellectual poets can’t always have thing. I read the first two Adrian Mole books when I was an adolescent and reread them recently and found them amusing I therefore decided to read the rest of the books to see what has happened to Adrian as he grows up This book has stopped that plan dead in its tracks It's awful Terrible There are a couple of laughs but the diary format has been scrapped to be replaced by chapters between which huge leaps in time take place Pandora has gone off to university so presumably we missed the college years out entirely and Adrian has lost his virginity which would have been hilarious material for Townsend to write Instead what we do get is a really tedious account of Townsend and some other writers visiting Russia and some unsubtle anti Thatcher satire in the form of a diary of the ex Prime Minister It's not as funny a the other books and much of it is just plain boring

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S their own way Included here are two other less well known diarists True Confessions PDF or Sue Townsend and Margaret Hilda Roberts a rather ambitious grocer’s daughter from Grantha. I'm a little confused to tell you the truthAdrian Mole was a character I grew up with My high school boyfriend had the first two books which I'd read if he was being moody Needless to say I grew uite close to young AdrianI remember enjoying the books back then and although I knew it wouldn't be the same experience as reading them as a teenager I was looking forward to seeing what had become of our favourite Mole However rather than the elouent ramblings I'd come to enjoy this book was of a mish mash of letters and diary entries which didn't tell much of a story and didn't seem to be connected much at all As for the last two parts of the book the entry from Sue Townsend about a fairly uneventful autumn trip to Majorca and a business trip to Russia was humorous at face value but a strange addition to the book The section by Margaret Roberts I just didn't get at all Something to do with Margaret Thatcher A bit odd to say the leastA little disappointing on the whole and hoping that the next book in the series includes Adrian

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True Confessions of Adrian MoleAdrian Mole has grown up At least that’s of Adrian PDF #8608 what it says on his passport But living at home clinging to his threadbare cuddly rabbit ‘Pinky’ working as a paper p. sighAfter waiting patiently for this next installment of everyone's favorite angsty self inflated British teen to arrive from InterLibrary Loan I was given roughly 80 pages of Adrian not all of it new to faithful readers double sigh Seriously Sue Townsend I waited for THISYes some of it was delightful but too brief and not at all fulfilling The rest of the novel is devoted to an essay by the author yawn uite literally YAWN and then the diary of a teenaged Margaret Thatcher I skimmed Sue's essay and read through Margaret's account but I was ultimately uninterested in both After all I wanted Mole not all this filler designed to lure readers in and then frusterate them beyond beliefThe next Mole installment has been reuested I just hope there is some substance here with this next read I feel duped I feel mad I feel cheated that I bought into this disaster Here's hoping #4 isn't so disappointing I really don't want to stray from loving this series but this book left a bad taste in my mouth