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review In Sorcery's Shadow A Memoir of Apprenticeship among the Songhay of Niger 109 ¸ ➝ [Epub] ❦ In Sorcery's Shadow A Memoir of Apprenticeship among the Songhay of Niger By Paul Stoller ➧ – The tale of Paul Stoller's sojourn among sorcerors in the Republic Nding that will challenge all who read it to plunge deeply into an alien world. I would have liked this book so much better if it was written from the perspective of the sorcerer More of his own life and stories Like “Singing Away the Hunger” Instead of the anthropologist droning on about the heat etc

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The tale of Paul Stoller's sojourn among Shadow A PDF #204 sorcerors in the Re. A fascinating look at the Songhay culture of western Niger through the eyes of an anthropologist who became an apprentice sorcerer Perhaps the uestion for this non fiction account is how much of Paul Stoller's description of sorcery's power is true Or to the extent that truth is a subjective interpretation of events selectively remembered how many of Paul Stoller's experiences would I have interpreted the same way But I took it as he recounted it and so found this a hard book to put down When I mentioned the premise of the book to a woman who had lived for years in West Africa already she took off immediately on a tear against the native belief in witch doctors and sorcery While Paul's book never suggests the sorcerers with whom he worked failed to come up with cures and solutions to the ailements that their trusting clients brought to them my colleague ranted about people who let an infection go too far or for whom the witch doctor's ministrations did nothing but further harm where a simple trip to a legitimate doctor in a timely way would have saved a life She went on and on against these hokus pokes money makers who bring no good thing to their ignorant communities and who prey on superstitions But Paul Stoller never discussed this possibility at all never challenged whether the possession cults were a good thing or bad maybe that's not the uestion an anthropologist asks Nonetheless the fear that he ascribes to the local people regarding Wanzerbe the village famous for a concentration of powerful sorcerers provides its own suggestion of the answer as does the sorcery masters' regular instruction to Paul to be a hard man Sorcerers we intuit from Paul's anecdotes are businessmen and women who wield their supernatural power be it real or imagined and Paul's experiences suggest real with defensive and even tactically offensive strategy building their personal wealth and protecting themselves even in sometimes petty jealous ways The majority of the sorcerers with whom Paul interacted come across as flawed humans and their power based on incantations and potions while very real in Paul's telling tend toward malevolent A fascinating read I wish for of a denouement I wish for a philosophical conclusion I wish for an analysis of the future of sorcery in this culture and how sorcery rectifies with the imposition of the modern world I got none of that but oh well It was a fun read

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In Sorcery's Shadow A Memoir of Apprenticeship among the Songhay of NigerPublic of Niger is a story of growth and change of mutual respect and understa. This was a totally awesome book and really short too First of all the depictions of the sorcerers themselves were really fascinating the pictures are amazing and cinematic and it was a pretty interesting anthropology experiment sort of how far can an anthropologist immerse themselves and how much can ethnography divorce itself from the ethnographer's personal beliefs ie sorcery is false Its pretty insane that that woman's face was paralyzed because of his charms and I also appreciated the way he did not always come up with pseudo scientific explanations for every odd happening and explain by explaining away he actually gave it its due and engaged accordingly Its sort of a one trick pony aside from some fun cultural details women aren't expected to be virgins obese women are considered beautiful but its an experiment worth remembering