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Free read ã PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Henry Green A group of rich spoiled and idle young people heading off on a winter holiday are stranded at a railway sta. and off they go the pretty young things the butterflies brainless and heartless and full of their excruciatingly minuscule plans and ambitions lacking any true purpose in their movements any depth in their thoughts even butterfly lives have meaning and to see them off an old wounded pigeon barely conscious immobilized by her spinsterish neuroses and an unwise helping of whiskey the butterflies fly about her scarcely seeing her and certainly not understanding her ways how could they they are of a different species the butterflies flutter to and fro up and down and across thinking that their little hothouse is the whole wide world a novel crammed with dialogue true to life but only to a certain kind of life one filled to the brim with willful passivity and micro aggression; artifice and constant passive aggressiveness a book about minutia Henry Green tracks every small movement each feint and barb every blinding bit of uickly shut down anger every muffled explosion when some sad person tries to stake a claim then dies just a wee bit on the inside as their barely conceived plots and shallow facades crumble away but can something without life even die this novel about various English socialites' attempt at a lark across the channel but stuck waiting for a fogbound train took many years to write perhaps to get each and every little little thing just right the result should have been a chore to read but it was a tart delight the participants in this farce too harmless to warrant much than sneers and snide laughter at the thought of their various trials tribulations and heartbreaks off with their pretty little heads but no that would simply be too cruel despite what Green may want his empty vessels are appalling but also amusing sometimes even fascinating their minds so full of vague recollections odd repetitions and puerile musings misunderstood as meaningful Party Going is a carefully designed piece of work a display of tinted glass beads disguised as jewels and colorful vapors pretending to be shapes; a perfect encapsulation of Sartre's Hell is other people it is most of all a poison pen letter by turns giddy and melancholy but always sharply pointed written to the upper classes of England's yesteryear let them eat cake and only cake for the rest of their so called lives review for Living herereview for Loving here

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Free download ✓ Party Going Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò ❮Read❯ ➳ Party Going ➶ Author Henry Green – A group of rich spoiled and idle young people heading off on a winter holiday are stranded at a railway station when their train is delayed by thick enclosing fo Don railway hotel where they shelter from the grim weather and the throngs of workers on the platform below. This book was one of the most powerful influences on my early writing In terms of style it is uite uniue Simply there is no other reading experience like it Just a few pages in you know you're in an entirely new world of feeling and perception

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Party GoingTion when their train is delayed by thick enclosing fog Party Going describes their four hour wait in a Lon. Stylistically this is similar to the two other Green novels I've just read Living and Loving It is breathless dialogue with very little interior monologue certainly in the modernist tradition On the surface it is a simple story but it took Green from 1931 to 1938 to write it It is set over 4 hours at a train station A group of young wealthy socialites meet at a train station to go on holiday to the South of France this is towards the end of the era of the Bright Young Things A thick London fog has descended and all trains are stopped The station begins to fill with people and close contact with the lower and middle classes isn't that attractive so they take some rooms in the station hotel They spend most of the novel bickering and flirting There is also an aunt in tow and she is taken ill and put to bed The characters are all pretty vacuous and empty headed and on the surface it can be seen as a satire on idle rich youth because pretty much nothing happens in the novel At one level that is true; the characters are in their hotel rooms bickering and looking out of the Windows down on the heaving masses below However there is much going on At one point there is a description of a picture on the wall of Nero fiddling whilst Rome burns juxtaposed with Max the main character around whom much revolves looking out at the crowds below All the girls seem to be interchangeable whilst most of the men are just irritants The girls names are even fluid Evelyn changes to Evelyna and back There is also an amorality about it and it does seem as though these rich young people are as amorphous and anonymous as the masses Then there is the strange figure who seems to move between the crowds and the group in the hotel switching accents as he does so and appears to belong in both worlds There is also the dead pigeon which the aunt picks up and washes before she is taken ill; she carries it wrapped in brown paperGreen plays with space; familiar space becoming unfamiliar and threatening members of the group losing and finding each other in the station and occupying the same space at different times before they all move above the familiar space to unfamiliar roomsThe sense of oddness is heightened by the fog with the faces of the crowd having pale lozenged faces as one critic points out very like Munch's The Scream Movement and tension revolve around a hollow centre as the crowd become threatening and the girls worry about being murdered in their beds by the faceless massesOf course you could go along with Frank Kermode and see the whole piece as being laced with the imagery of Greek mythology revolving round a Hermes figureGreen is a very clever writer who teases the reader by hding all sorts of little messages and images I enjoyed this; it pulls the mind in different directions; but the characters are much less sympathetic than in the other two of Green's novels I have read It was worth the effort though