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Blood Brothers Among the Soldiers of Ward 57 characters ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¹ [Download] ➾ Blood Brothers Among the Soldiers of Ward 57 By Michael Weisskopf – This expert piece of journalism by a brave man about brave men follows three soldiers aAmong the Kindle #215 This expert piece of journalism by a brave man about brave men follows three soldiers and a reporter through eighteen months on Ward Walter Reed's amputee wing The Washington Post Time Brothers Among the Soldiers of MOBI #8608 magazine's Michael Weisskopf was riding through Baghdad in the back of a US Army Humvee when he heard a Blood Brothers Kindle metallic thunk Looking down he spotted a sm. This is a true story about a journalist who lost his hand while covering the war and was subseuently rehabbed at Walter Reed the first civilian to have done this The book follows his journey as well as a few other soldiers who were at Walter Reed at the same time all of them new amputees I admit I got totally geeked out over the OT parts I guess saying I enjoyed this book would be a stretch since it isn't an enjoyable subject but I found the story lines especially as the journalist coped with his new identity as an amputee very engaging and enlightening At times the writing was a bit melodramatic but hey he is a journalist so for the most part it was very easy to read non fiction

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All object inches from his feet and reached down to take it in his hand Then everything went black Weisskopf lost his hand and was sent to Ward at Walter Reed Medical Center the wing reserved for amputees There he met soldiers Pete Damon Brothers Among the PDFEPUB #229 Luis Rodriguez and Bobby Isaacs alongside whom he navigated the bewildering process of recovery and began reconciling life before that day in Baghdad. When Time magazine reporter Michael Weisskopf went to Ira to do a cover story on the US soldier as Time's Person of the Year for 2003 he came back with the story of a lifetime Problem is it wasn't the cover story It was a story that came from losing his right hand to a grenadereturnreturnAs the first reporter wounded in a war ever afforded the privilege of being treated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center Weisskopf was in a uniue position to view and truly understand the care and treatment provided battlefield amputees From that position he brings us Blood Brothers the story of soldiers treated on Ward 57 of the hospital the amputee wardreturnreturnWeisskopf was in a Humvee on patrol with the First Ard Division in a district of northwest Baghdad on December 10 2003 He heard a clanking sound thinking it was just one of the rocks youth tended to throw at the Humvees He looked down saw a small dark oval picked it up and began to toss it over the side of the vehicle I may as well have plucked volcanic lava from a crater he recalls I could feel the flesh of my palm liuefyingreturnreturnThus starts Weisskopf's journey into a world of pain medicine rehabilitation and courage At Walter Reed he comes to know a variety of soldiers who have lost one or both hands arms feet or legs or any combination of them Weisskopf tells the stories of three of them as much as his own He takes us through not only his own experiences but the medical rehabilitative and personal trials and tribulations of a variety of Ward 57's patients focusing in particular on Pete Damon Luis Rodriguez and Bobby Isaacs even after their discharge from the hospital None of them are alone or particularly uniue By the time Weisskopf was injured the Ira War had produced twice the rate of amputations of every war of the 20th century except Vietnam for which there were no good statisticsreturnreturnRead balance of review at

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Blood Brothers Among the Soldiers of Ward 57With everything that would follow his release Blood Brothers is the story of this difficult passage—a story that begins with healthy men heading off to war and continues through Brothers Among the Soldiers of MOBI #8608 the months in Ward as they prepare for a different life than the one they left A chronicle of devastation and recovery this is a deeply affecting portrait of the private aftermath of combat casualtie. I borrowed this from the library to be part of my 'Vintage 57' reading challenge and was pleasantly surprised to find it interesting and very readable The author is a journalist who went to report on the American presence in Ira and while travelling with a group of soldiers lost his right hand to a grenadeThe book details his progress in Ward 57 the specialist ward for amputees and that of some of the soldiers he got to know very well He also muses on the role of a journalist in war and on heroism