SUMMARY Dead Undead or Somewhere in Between Rhiannon's Law #1 107

SUMMARY Dead Undead or Somewhere in Between Rhiannon's Law #1

SUMMARY Dead Undead or Somewhere in Between Rhiannon's Law #1 107 ß ❮KINDLE❯ ❧ Dead Undead or Somewhere in Between Rhiannon's Law #1 ❄ Author J.A. Saare – Alternate cover edition for 9781594267130One bad corpse can ruin your whole dayNo one knows that better than RhiannoShe managed to keep her nifty talent hidden from those around her until nowThe deliciously good looking vampire Disco knows her secret When he strolls into her bar to solicit help investigating the mysterious disappearances of his kind from Undead or Somewhere eBook #10003 the city Rhiannon discovers he’s not the kind of person that appreciates the signi. I'm always on the lookout for a great new urban fantasy series to rock my world Unfortunately I don't think this one was it First and I have to get this off my chest who decided it was a good idea to give the hot dangerous vampire MC the nickname Disco DISCO That is so not sexy I wanted to cringe every time they said his name Disco shuddersNow that I got that off my chest Overall this book had some really nice ideas I happen to love books with necromancers Ilona Andrews does a ton of them and I actively seek them out from the sea of paranormal romance There is something so cool about speaking or manipulating the dead This book really had a ton of potential plot wise However I had a few little niggles that added up in a big way My main issue with the story is the MC Rhiannon I flat out didn't like her I just didn't get her as a character She was sort of cartoonishly the tough girl with all of her cursing and attitude However instead of coming across as independent and confident she came across as a tantrum y teenager to me I also thought it was weird that someone with her powers wouldn't be curious about the extent of her abilities or how they would affect her around other supernatural creatures I also had some content issues with this story The plot of a vampire selling their blood as a narcotic on the black market has been done before Sookie Stackhouse series Dead Until Dark so that was nothing really new In addition I had some logistical problems with a few scenes In one part of the book Disco is supposed to be protecting Rhiannon which would work out great except she is in someone's house and he can't enter people's houses Huh That was a poorly thought out idea There were a few other scenes of that nature that just didn't uite work out logic wise Lastly I didn't get what drove the chemistry between Disco and Rhiannon When they finally got together it was hot but I didn't see why Disco was attracted to someone so standoffish in the first place I know I seem to be focusing on the negatives but this book had a lot of good in it It had some interesting concepts a nicely paced plot and a good amount of sex appeal I've heard people say that the series gets better and better and I'm willing to bet that that's true However this one just didn't uite work for meCopy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Ficance of the word noBut in a world where vampires peddle their blood as the latest and greatest drug of choice it’s only a matter of time before the next big thing hits the market Someone Undead or Somewhere in Between PDFEPUBor something is killing vampires to steal their hearts and unlike Rhiannon this isn’t their first stroll around the undead bloc. “Rhiannon's Law #37 Don't get so high and mighty God will only reward that arrogance with a huge bitch slap back to reality” Necromancer based Urban Fantasy is fascinating but not done nearly enough for my liking so I was especially excited to read this one Rhiannon is a bartender who doesn't want her ability known but finds she has little choice when called out hiding by a local Master vampire who needs her help finding out who has been slaughtering local vamps for ritual magicThe story line is good full blown mystery material as she pairs up with another necromancer who is less powerful but knowledgeable With the supernatural community they follow clues attend bizarre parties and finally stumble upon the real villain who turns out uber creepyThe book is hard to put down because the pacing stays strong there's excitement pulling me in multiple directions between personal and the mystery and the author has a well done writing style A lot of emotion comes through the characters who feel well rounded even the tormented ghosts who want vengeance It's not a simple find and follow trail but they have to go into different strange situations to find out secrets even holding a seance that packs a punch of its own surprisesOn the downside I seriously hated the ending and its implications I won't spoil it here but it almost makes me not want to read the second book I'll only try it out because the other ratings are so encouraging

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Dead Undead or Somewhere in Between Rhiannon's Law #1Alternate cover edition or Somewhere PDFEPUB #229 for One bad corpse can ruin your whole dayNo one knows that better than Rhiannon MurphyShe left behind the flash and sass of Miami for the no nonsense groove of New York City eager for a clean slate and a fresh start A bartender by Dead Undead Kindle trade a loud mouth by choice and a necromancer by chance. First of all please allow me to get this off my chest Why on earth would a self respecting vampire want to be called Disco It’s just ridiculous I guess the author wanted to be original and Disco is original that’s for sure as in no one would ever be crazy enough to do it I have become like the ancient Fae in Fever I read so much UF books the only thing I judge them by is whether they amuse me or not This particular book only mildly amused me It was a good story but very sloppy writing It’s just my luck to pick two such books in a row I liked the story well enough and because of that I was reluctant to write about all the inconsistencies I noticed I don’t understand how things like that can happen they are not some small errors than can just slip by all the controls and proofreading They are MAJOR mistakes obvious to anyone who bothers to think while reading There were also too many grammatical errors The sad thing is even I noticed them and my English is terrible It really ruined the novel for me and it’s too bad because the story had great potential Admittedly it is not very original Rihannon is a necromancer and Gabriel I refuse to call him Disco is a vampire and she’s helping him find the person behind the killings of his bloodsucking friends Guilty Pleasures all over again Then we have vampire blood sold as a very expensive drug on the streets Been there done that have 10 Sookie Stackhouse novels to prove it So decide for yourselves do you want to read a story you know all too well I obviously did and it was fun from time to time but that’s all I can say It didn’t change my life and it didn’t blow my mind It only made me smile a couple of times