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Download Black Orchids Doc  192 pages Æ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Black Orchids Author Rex Stout – Not much can get Wolfe to leave his comfortable brownstone but the showing of a rare black orchid lures him to a flower show Unfortunately the much anticipated event is soon overshadowed by a murder a Not Not much can get Wolfe to leave his comfortable brownstone but the showing of a rare black orchid lures him to a flower show Unfortunately the much anticipated event The book consists of two novellas Black Orchids and Cordially Invited to Meet Death with black orchids being the only connection between them Black Orchids Anybody familiar with the series knows Nero Wolfe grows orchids and would go to any lengths to acuire rare specimens including the unthinkable like leaving his house It is easy to imagine what he would do to get his hands on the rarest of the said plants the black orchids Somebody managed to grow them and put them in a big plant exhibition Now Archie Goodwin has another job go to the exhibition every day and report on them to Nero Wolfe On the third day the latter decides to go himself Where Nero Wolfe goes crime follows Cordially Invited to Meet Death A famous New York party organizer asked Nero Wolfe to play a detective in a party game Wolfe refused her and felt offended for being asked to participate in such entertainment When she got into a real trouble several years later and asked Wolfe for his professional help he was not enthusiastic about giving it to her until the trouble became much than that I became curios about the existence of black orchids so after a consultation from my friend Suzy I am looking at you I read the Wikipedia article on the subject Black orchids do exist in fact several different kinds of them but none of the real life variety is as black as described in the book; no wonder Nero Wolfe would do anything to get them As to the book itself it is a good Nero Wolfe mystery two of them actually exactly what we would expect from the series Inspector Cramer grumbles he really has a good reason to do it with the way Wolfe conducted the investigation in the first novella Nero Wolfe is as unmovable as a mountain except when it comes to objects in the title Archie Goodwin provides his usual wisecracks and all the action and never lets these stories become boring or slow This review is a copypaste of my LeafMarks one

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Is soon overshadowed by a murder as daring as it is sudden It’s a case of weeding out a cunning killer who can turn up anywhere and Wolfe must do it uickly Becaus This 9th entry in the Nero Wolfe series is actually 2 separate but connected novellas Black Orchids and Cordially Invited to Meet Death The paperback cover of this one is so familiar to me that I thought I must have read it at some point even though this is one of the books missing from my Stout collection But these 2 novellas were both new to meIn Black Orchids we learn how Wolfe managed to obtain these rare flowers for his collection it is his fee The murder case has some interesting twists an unexpectedly macabre ending 4Despite the publisher's blurb Cordially Invited to Meet Death occurs after a long time has passed The connection to the first story is tenuous but it is there The woman who hires Wolfe is an event planner not a society widow whose clients have been getting poison pen letters which all say that she the party planner is the source of the information Regardless of whether the information is true or false the idea that she is indiscreet would drive away most of her business A good solid entry in the Wolfe series 3Now a word about the audiobook Michael Pritchard does a good narration not the best I have ever heard but I have no problems with it However this edition of the audiobook had some technical flaws well annoyances than actual flaws The most irritating one was that there were often long pauses at the end of a section 20 30 seconds long enough that I would think that the app had crashed and have to fumble with my phone while driving to see if I needed to restart it Eventually I figured out that I just had to wait but until I did it was very annoying Secondly this digital audiobook was copied from audio cassettes and the publisher hadn't bothered to edit out the This is the end of tape 1 please insert tape 2 to continue this audiobook type comments While I would prefer not to have these I would rather have them than no digital audiobook at all But these issues made my ultimate rating lower than it would have been


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Black OrchidsE a second case awaits his urgent attention a society widow on a mailing list of poison pen letters leading to a plot as dark as any orchid Wolfe has ever encountere This is the first book with multiple stories in it Later on in the series you get a clue of that from the title We'll see that as we go along Sometimes the multiple stories have a common element tying them together In this one the common element are black orchids Each is introduced by a little note from Archie The first story tells how Nero got the only known black orchids in existence They were grown by a rival grower but fortunately for Nero the owner needed help that only Nero and Archie could provide The fee was the black orchids This story was the stronger of the two Archie is in prime form at teasing Nero and in spite of the badgering he does Nero appreciates it and that is made clear in this storyThe second story tells of the first time any black orchids were seen at a funeral I felt this story was rushed and I was disappointed that Archie didn't follow up on a clue earlier in the story The clue was actually used as a plot element in the resolution of the mystery so if Archie had followed up they could have fixed this up pretty easily