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Download ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ½ Ellis Peters Ons and death Not far from the safety of the abbey walls Shrewsbury Castle falls leaving its ninety four defenders loyal to the empress to hang as traitors W. 25A real disappointment especially since I enjoyed the first Brother Cadfael book so much such an intriguing premise A corpse mixed in with the victims of a massacre awesome ideaThis was a muddled mess and I'm not interested enough to go back to try to figure out where I becameconfused Having view spoiler two romantic couples hide spoiler

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Download One Corpse Too Many 107 Ñ ➼ [Download] ➹ One Corpse Too Many By Ellis Peters ➹ – In the summer of 1138 war between King Stephen and the Empress Maud takes Brother Cadfael from the uiet world of his garden into a battlefield of passions deceptions and death Not far from the safety In the summer of wa Ith One Corpse PDFEPUBa heavy heart Brother Cadfael agrees to bury the dead only to make a grisly discovery one extra victim that has been strangled not hang. for every untimely death every man cut down in his vigour and strength without time for repentance and reparation is one corpse too manyOne Corpse Too Many is the second of the chronicles of “Cadfael” a Welsh Benedictine monk in 12th century England at Shrewsbury Abbey near the Welsh border Author Edith Pargeter who wrote under the pseudonym of Ellis Peters passed away in 1995 I vaguely remember a TV series of the same name when I was young but never watched now I am enjoying the novels with fresh eyesThe story opens in 1138 with Shrewsbury under siege by King Stephen when King Henry I died without a male heir the throne was to pass to his daughter the Empress Maud Matilda according to history but her cousin took it for his own plunging England into Civil War As some approached Stephen to offer men and horses others loyal to Maud are trying to escape to Wales from where they can secure a passage to France The middle aged Benedictine monk Cadfael who harvests herbs for medicinal remedies and makes wine and potions is approached by a nurse asking him to take charge of a fresh faced youth Cadfael fought in the first crusade and was a ship’s captain off the Holy Land before taking his orders and his suspicions are aroused but he takes the boy inWith the battle in its bloody climax prisoners are bound then hung by the neck off the castle walls and the next day Cadfael is sent to recover the bodies and ready them to be either identified by their loved ones or to be given a Christian burial in a mass grave Among the 94 bodies dispatched by the Flemish mercenaries another body is found the massacre masking a murder and Cadfael draws it to the attention to the king who charges him to investigate and bring the offender to justice By all the signs there would be plenty of killing in Stephen’s realm in the near future and he would not lose his sleep over most of it but to have a killer by stealth creeping for cover into his shadow that he would take as a deadly insult to himself and avenge accordinglyThis was a story with everything romance and loss; deception and derring do as Cadfael tries to outwit the nobleman Hugh Beringar leading to a hand to hand fight to the death in the finale The language is that of Medieval England yet not difficult to read with maps in the preface and a glossary of terms particularly of garments and weaponry And a gentle humour permeates through the hostilities The town was willing to put on a festival face not so much in the king’s honour as in celebration of the fact that the king was about to departThis book has inspired me to read in the series and to check up on that period in English history and the city of Shrewsbury birthplace of Charles Darwin which has retained many of its medieval buildings escaping both the Luftwaffe and 1960’s demotions though Frankwell noted in the book on the far bank of the River Seven suffered severe flooding

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One Corpse Too ManyIn the summer of war between King Stephen and the Empress Maud takes Brother Cadfael from the uiet world of his garden into a battlefield of passions decepti. This was wonderful I was thinking all through it that I would be giving it four stars because I really have to save the very best books for five star class winners but then came the end which I adored So yep another five star book This is as good as The Leper of Saint Giles and that I gave five stars With that one I was shocked that I could love a book of a mystery series It astounded me Now I am beginning to expect Ellis Peters to perform as one of the best of the best and she pulled it off againHere is why I love the books of this series and Ellis PetersAll the books are about medieval life in Shrewsbury England This place really exists It is not imaginary I love these books because you feel that you are in that village and you are there at the beginning of the 12th Century Everything fits Peters never throws in a detail that is out of time or out of place There is no modern day slang Curse words are not thrown around The dialogs use the words of those times and people but it is never hard to understand It all just feels g e n u i n e Clothing food customs religious beliefs historical facts medical practices – they are all here but written in such a fashion that they never ever become dry taught or boring You see the people you smell the herbs you too are there at complineYou are part of that duel rooting for your hero There is humor Not sad humor not sardonic humor but sweet humor You will chuckle as you watch how two men try to outwit each other You love them both so this is pure enjoyment No nasty rivalrySure there are villains but there are central characters that you love They are kind and forgiving They have humility If there is a battle it is not gruesomely depicted There is no glorification in that which is gruesome If a villain has to be punished surprisingly enough that punishment does not have to be imposed upon by a human Nature sees that those who have done wrong are punished So has it been in every one of the books I have read by Peters I adore this trademark of her writingAlthough these books are centered on life in a Benedictine abbey where of course religious beliefs are of central focus never are we lectured about how we must behave or what we must believe No religion is shoved down your throat We can all agree about the religious ideas promulgated in the story Morality good behavior kindness compassion and understanding are ualities we all recognize and aspire toOne word about why I loved this particular book so much I love the friendship that you see growing between Hugh Beringar and Cadfael I loved that King Stephen was NOT drawn as a terrible villain and that the monks stay outside the strife between the two rivaling sides Empress Maude and King Stephen I liked how real people are interwoven with characters invented by the author What impressed me about this particular book was also that this is a love story and I don’t like love stories but this was so dam cute to watch In fact there are two love stories; both were marvelously depicted I was giggling at the end The audiobook narration by Johanna Ward alias Kate Reading was just perfect One must have an English accent when reading this book How has she so well learned to mimic these villagers of the 1130s Monks and King Stephen and beggars and knights all of them are done to a teeI read this with Gundula as a buddy ready We had so much fun discussing historical details and what we enjoyed Here is a link to that discussion