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Fauna by Denise Robins review » 9 ✓ [Reading] ➯ Fauna ➷ Denise Robins – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Which is sweeter—tender yearned for love or revenge that has waited a lifetime In her veins mingled the blood of noble African chiefs and fiery Irish poets Sold into cruel slavery beaten by a harsh Which is sweeter—tender yearnedMistress she escaped into a dazzling world of elegance wealth and power All London would praise her intelligence and unmatched beauty all men would crave to possess her But nothing could ease the se. Fantàstica la primera parte Fauna es un personaje lleno de matices e interés Harry està màs estereotipado y parece màs niño ue ella sin serlo En conjunto muy bien escrita y una lectura apasionante Fantàstica la descripción de esos secundarios espeluznantes Lo mejor

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Which is sweeter tender yearned for love or revenge that has waited a lifetime In her veins mingled the blood of noble African chiefs and fiery Irish poets Sold into cruel slavery beaten by a harsh. This weighty paperback contains the traumas triumphs of three generations throughout the 19th century Originally published in the 1950s the prose is that of a vintage bodice ripper I'm sure it was considered torrid female reading back in the day though by today's standards or even the 1970s the violence sex is veiled in description But there's certainly no shortage of sensational elements in each section so I wouldn't call it clean Book 1 circa 1800 opens with young Fauna discovered in the below deck carnage of an African slave trader A slave peddler immediately recognizes her cash value he knows a white skinned golden haired uadroon will fetch big bucks in the world of overindulged nobility he sells her to a clueless though not unkind master whose bitchy wife abuses Fauna for several years Our teenaged heroine finally manages to escape begging protection from a young rake named Harry They fall in love of coursebut disaster tosses Fauna back to the selling block nearly kills Harry in the process Meanwhile Fauna is purchased by a bored nobleman known as The Satyr who for reasons of his own agrees to help her take revenge He carefully educates her in the arts of learning etiuette molding her into his idea of perfection But as she begins to triumph over her enemies including Harry Fauna has second thoughts must decide which man is her true benefactorBook 2 circa 1840 is the story of Fauna'a daughter Fleur Unlike the first installment this one has somewhat gothic flavors of innocence in constant peril isolated misery in a sprawling estate It's a relatively simple story in terms of plot Taking advantage of Fleur's unprotected social status the vile villain St Cheviot rapes our young heroine forces her to become his wife Fleur's marriage is hellacious but it becomes so when she gives birth to a throwback dark skinned child courtesy of her unknown strain of black blood As you'd imagine that goes over like a lead balloon The child dies moments after birth but Fleur is kept prisoner by her nasty husband evil housekeeper until the long suffering beta hero champion attempts to set her free This was my favorite of the three generationsBook 3 circa 1870 switches to an orphan named Charlotte This particular section is somewhat reminiscent of Victorian sensation novels in that Charlotte the sweet and beautiful but not terribly bright ward of a rich lady is seduced by Vivian the lady's randy young son Charlotte becomes pregnant her benefactor forces Vivian to reap the fruits of his seduction that is to marry the poor girl What the well intentioned lady doesn't realize is that this is a Really Bad Idea Charlotte Vivian's marriage is pure hell by any standards the heroine's rescue is nothing better than an accidentally merciful murderOverall this is a book where good characters are GOOD bad characters are BAD There's little gray area for anyone; Fauna herself is the lone character that might be classified as straddling the border between light dark That doesn't mean they're flat characters though at least in the first two books Each person has reasons for doing what they do the narrative explores them all Even St Cheviot a douche by anyone's standards had moments of enlightenment that endear him to the reader at least in a twisted I 3 to hate you kind of way But in the last section we're not treated to the same depth of character Instead we spend pages pages watching Charlotte fall for the same crapola from her wanky husband then wailing moaning when her life sucks after allowing her benefactor to make such a dumb decision force the marriage to begin with Whereas Fauna had the gumption to flee her shackles Fleur maintained her icy pride no matter what St Cheviot dragged her though Charlotte is a wuss She cries She begs She stupidly believes the possibility of reconciliation time after time then is repeatedly disappointed If she'd had the courage to demand raising the child as a bastard with appro

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Fauna by Denise RobiAring pain in her heart nothing but vengeance on the only man she had ever lovedThe Avon imprint is a in compilation volume of novels Gold for the Gay Masters Bride of Doom and The Flame and the Fro. From start to finish this book keeps you captivated and involved This was one of my all time favorite reads