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Her Babys Bodyguard Eagle Suadron #4Special Forces sergeant Bodyguard Eagle MOBI #239 Jack Norton's mission to safely see brilliant Russian scientist Dr Eva Petrova to America The unwitting pawn in an international biowarfare plot was. Dr Eva Petrova discovered her work was being used for evil and decided to strike a bargain with the USA She would give over all the information on a new biological weapon in exchange for asylum She just let out a tiny little detail – her infant daughter is coming with her Lucky for her the military group sent to retrieve her commanded by Sergeant Jack Norton uickly adapts to the new duty but none of them know Eva is carrying than her daughter and the disk with information with herI absolutely loved this book from beginning to end no doubt about it The reader is immediately thrust in the middle of danger and just when you think the tension and pressure might ease up a bit in the middle of the story bam you’re whacked over the head with the big bad newsThis was a gripping gritty intense emotional rollercoaster of a story with great characters all around tension so thick you could cut it with a knife vivid and sometimes scary action scenes passionate interlude huge trust that were uickly overcome and emotional issues all lessened from time to time with cute scenes of battle hardened soldiers dealing with a three month old baby girlA definite 5 star keeper

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characters Her Babys Bodyguard Eagle Suadron #4 ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ô ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Her Babys Bodyguard Eagle Suadron #4 By Ingrid Weaver ⚣ – Special Forces sergeant Jack Norton's mission to safely see brilliant Russian scientist Dr Eva Petrova to AmerTo putting up emotional barriers she'd done it all her life But when she saw Jack's softer side she wondered if they were missing out on something explosive than this mission Only one way to find ou. This was a very good book I really enjoyed it It was NOT predictable

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Hiding one minor contingency her infant daughter Jack didn't do relationships well never mind kids So how was it these two were planting themselves firmly under his skinEva Petrova was no stranger. It's at this point I'm kicking myself I bought this Silhouette book and Snowbound With The Bodyguard Wild West Bodyguards at this little book store in Vermont for two dollars each There were a ton of others on the shelf too but I only bought the two I wish I had taken the time to get I loved this one too Actually I loved this one much Right off the bat I was worried because it's a 215 page book and the plot seemed uite ambitious Brilliant scientist Dr Eva Petrova has found out something terrifying and devastating about the work she has been doing for mentor Burian Ryazan in a secured complex deep in Russian territory She has brokered a deal with the American government the information on his program for protection and a new start in America she's actually an American citizen but she's been raised in Russia since the age of four The majority of the book is her extraction from Russia with the help of Delta Force's Eagle Suadron What the men of Eagle Suadron don't know is that Eva isn't alone She's a package deal with her three month old daughter KatyaThat's a lot of plot for a little book Believe it or not there's even plot that pops up in the last 1525 pages It might be predictable to some the second the basis of the plot is revealed others may pick up the clues along the way While I picked up the clues view spoilerI was confused on some of the aspects of the virus so hide spoiler