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Body Heat Read & download Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Æ [KINDLE] ❆ Body Heat By Brenda Novak – Twelve people have been shot at point blank range and left to rot in the desert sun It's Sophia St Claire's job to do something about it She's Bordertown Arizona's new cN't get past A history that includes herRod refuses to leave town until the killer is caught He's not worried about the danger posed by some vigilante It's Sophia who threatens him Because he's used to risking his life but his heart is another stor. Meh 25 stars visualize a ditz with tattoos who reminds herself she's the Chief of Police

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Hired gun Roderick Guerrero As far as Sophia's concerned his involvement only makes things worse Maybe he's managed to turn his life around And maybe he's a good investigator But as the bastard son of a wealthy local rancher he has a history he ca. 2 ½ stars Ok for romantic suspense but generic writing Contrivances and stupidity bothered meAuthor used too many bad guys Police chief Sophia is searching for a serial killer Early in the story we see Leonard plant bugs in her home car and office He uses what he hears against her and causes problems Next Sophia talks to someone and the reader learns he is also a bad guy who plans to harm her but she doesn’t know it Other bad guys are added later It’s a conspiracy of people Sophia trusts or interacts with and gradually as the story progresses new ones come to light not the best kind of plot for me Examples of contrivance and stupidity 1 Sophia and Rod escape a dangerous situation but part ways because someone wants to show Rod something This was an artificial contrivance that was carried on far too long to extend the mystery The guy could have told Rod about a picture he saw which was a clue to the killer’s identity But he took Rod away from Sophia when she was fleeing from killers The guy makes Rod wait in the car while he soothes his wife who is upset about something Then they eventually go to a place where he shows Rod the picture 2 During this separation Rod and Sophia have cell phones but they don’t tell each other what is going on Sophia almost gets killed and is at the hospital with another victim She should walk outside the hospital door and call Rod to tell him what happened but she doesn’t because a little boy wants her to stay with him in the waiting room She says come with me for a minute while I make a call The boy doesn’t want to so Sophia stays with him and does not make the call Shootings and murders are happening but she won’t call Rod 3 Sophia hears gun shots inside a house She goes inside and finds someone safe She puts her gun on the bed and goes over to comfort that person Meanwhile bad guy walks in with his gun Sophia’s gun is too far away to reach There was stupidityAUDIOBOOK NARRATORCris Dukehart was good But at times her reading of general narration non dialogue was too much like reading Other narrators read non dialogue parts with a sense of wonder or curiosity Hers wasn’t as good But she was good enough just not the best I was pleased that she used a uality microphone screen so I did not hear her breathsDATANarrative mode 3rd person Unabridged audiobook length 11 hrs and 29 mins Swearing language none that I recall Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes 2 Setting current day Border Town Arizona Book copyright 2010 Genre romantic suspense

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Body HeatTwelve people have been shot at point blank range and left to rot in the desert sun It's Sophia St Claire's job to do something about it She's Bordertown Arizona's new chief of police and she's out of her depthHelp arrives in the form of Department. It was a horrible experience that jump started New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Brenda Novak's career she caught her daycare teacher drugging her children to get them to sleep Deciding she needed to work from home she penned her first novel and has been a household sensation ever since Other titles include Trust Me Watch Me Stop Me Dead Silence Dead Giveaway Dead Right The Perfect Couple The Perfect Murder The Perfect Liar and Mother Please She also heads an annual fundraiser for diabetes research every May Brenda resides in Sacramento California with her husband and five children New Chief of Police Sophia St Claire has been catching flack ever since she took the job in Bordertown Arizona She's the youngest to hold such a position and she's a woman not to mention she got where she is after the last Chief was fired for uestionable behavior A point most in town resent her for But twelve people have been shot and left to rot in the hot desert sun leaving Sophia feeling in over her head Department 6 operative Roderick Guerrero's involvement isn't helping The bastard son of a wealthy local rancher has returned to town to aid in Sophia's investigation but they have a shared history they can't get past Maybe he's different Maybe he's grown up But as they hunt for a ruthless killer hiding among them it isn't only the desert that's sparking heat This is Book Two in the Department 6 Trilogy with White Heat coming before and Killer Heat releasing after The hero and heroine meet or rather are reunited after a few chapters in this story There is such insane chemistry between them and clever bantering that I couldn't help but feel disappointed in the first part of the book as once they were together they shadowed everything else That's not really a knock on the book so much as an applause for good characters Usually in a Brenda Novak book the reader is in the killer's head as much as the main characters Not so in this one We are in tune to other suspects but this book is different because there's not just one bad guy making for a compelling read What stands out most of all is the well researched immigration issues and it comes at you from all sides You'll walk away from reading this with an entirely different aspect than when you went in Bravo A highly recommended read from a stand alone authorKelly MoranAuthor and ReviewerBookpleasures