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eBook ↠ South Africas Brave New World Ý Hardcover Read » R.W. Johnson ã ❮PDF❯ ✭ South Africas Brave New World ✩ Author R.W. Johnson – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk The universal jubilation that greeted Nelson Mandela¹s inauguration of South Africa in 1994 and The universal jubilation that greeted Nelson Mandela¹s inauguration of South Africa in 1994 and t Excellent Book Well worth the read if you want to know what is really going on in SA

South Africas Brave New WorldThe universal jubilation that greeted Nelson Mandela¹s inauguration of South Africa in 1994 and t Excellent Book Well worth the read if you want to know what is really going on in SA


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South Africas Brave New World ↠ K tells the story of South Africa from that magic period to the bitter disappointment of the prese The author's chief complaint overall is the ideological pretensions underpinning most of the library of South Africa literature and he certainly adds to it with this big volume R W Johnson's God that failed critiue of the ANC has its merits; but smashing clay feet only begs the uestion of original faith Johnson himself seems associated with the Democratic Alliance and the Helen Suzman Foundation bastions of middle class liberalism in the old South Africa and also the home of Alan Paton of original Beloved Country fame As partisans of the free market they were also they hoped the Liberal Answer to Communism A radical resolution of South Africa's ills alarmed them no less than their rightwing opposition even as Helen Suzman maintained her lone liberal vigil in the Nat run parliament But can middle class white liberalism show the way to impoverished black millions? Only if it can deconstruct its intellectual opposition and gain hegemony over the benighted fools at its feet in practice embracing the Reagan Thatcher TINA Doctrine of unfettered monetarism showing how conditional liberalism still remains in the South African context For this reason I argued with the author at some point on virtually every page so my reader's response is going to get longFrom the first paragraph of p 4 alone are several debatable assertions South Africa's sophisticated economy and infrastructure far from being simply handed over intact to the ANC instead absorbed the ANC into just another Western model political corporate machine as was the once radical rightist Nationalist Party before it If South Africa was anything but a war torn country for whites many residents of KwaZulu Natal and Soweto would disagree A veteran reporter like Johnson tells us as much in his take on the Truth Reconciliation Commission later so why prevaricate in his opening chapter? The ANC's 30 year military struggle against white power was largely ineffective in the field but it did create paranoia in the apartheid establishment and that was enough Uttering the name Joe Slovo even today brings forth fear and loathing If propaganda and sanctions be included as forms of guerrilla warfare the dent made was serious indeedMaking common cause with Regis Debray another recanted God that failed leftist Johnson flails the South African liberation movement for its creaky hidebound Stalinism seemingly unaware that the late Joe Slovo embraced glasnost in his 1989 essay Has Socialism Failed? a very thorough self critiue of the SACP's ideological rigidity In the heat of high struggle as in WW II introspection was not a virtue Johnson also uotes that anointed prophet of triumphalist smuggery Francis Fukuyama at great length Fukuyama's urging South Africa to embrace the German unity model in uplifting its backward sector nicely ignores that East Germany was a developed industrial society; any resemblance it bears toward the depressed state of township SA arose after the former GDR's de industrialized integration into market democracy But why spoil a good read with facts I also disagree with Johnson in that South African apartheid was comparable to Nazism even if Helen Suzman remained free and in parliament In South Africa the dirty work of native conuest had already been done during the previous century making the imposition of apartheid possible at all in 1948 The Nazi plan of settling the steppes was directly modeled on the Herrenvolk conuest of the veldt and if left alone for 50 years would have settled into a vast Aryan South Africa in Europe with the same amnesia no doubt I therefore could only blink at the page 315 when Johnson writes that parties representing the least educated achieve successful dominance over the better educated and sophisticated only when the party was backed by terror surveillance and political constraints of every kind Surely even he doesn't swallow this High Tory snotticism Only rarely has history deviated from the norm of the educated and sophisticated maintaining class rule by terror surveillance and political constraint over the dark masses below No doubt this alleged deviance is the ANC's real crimeTrue to his conversion from progressive activist to mordant liberal rightist is his insistence that the cure for SA's ruinous unemployment is neo liberal wage slashing attracting new investment and higher employment through coolie labor This worked in the 1890s in establishing the mining industry so it must surely be valid for today Why if it wasn't for noisy organized labor SA wouldn't even have had apartheid So D F Malan and Joe Slovo were on the same side the TINA Doctrine in practice Yet the new black bourgeoisie's take the money and run ethos is hardly a leftist ideological hangover; and its racism is but a sure sign that a genuine patriotic upstart middle class is on the rise The 50% rise in shack dwellers since Mandela's successor President Thabo Mbeki embraced free market reform and the central bank's structural adjustment surely must be material proof that ANC is on the path to prosperityJohnson's broad analysis of post 1960 African nationalism as a great historic mistake likewise overlooks certain fundamental facts however debatably benevolent European colonialism was still alien rule imposed from afar exactly like the captive nation satellite regimes of Eastern Europe after WW II I doubt Johnson would be much moved by claims of benevolence in East Berlin or Bucharest; like any sound Fukuyamist he uotes the prophet that socialism was revealed to be an obstacle to social and economic modernization Irrelevant is the socialist transformation of peasant Russia into the largest industrial power in Europe and No 2 global military force; or the basket cases of so many post socialist new democracies If township South Africa resembles Uzbekistan Johnson might write at least its ragged tzotzis were spared collective farms in the native reserves so all is well Johnson speaks of either case as a First World white male who's been neither Uzbek nor Bantu Re his overview of colonial British India said subcontinent possessed an order unity and modernity of its own before the British corporate conuest Marx to the contrary Though cheered on by Winston Churchill General Reginald Dyer thoroughly murdered the Raj's clay footed moral foundations at Amritsar If African nationalism is as passe as its Boer and Anglo predecessors like them it will not simply go away; nor is Democratic Alliance liberalism any likelier than before to serve as successorIn his swipe at Gramscian hegemony theory Johnson accuses himself Free Market Democratic intellectual and cultural hegemony over the ANC's failed nationalistleftism is exactly what he seeks The cry of the Western Right for decades has been the Left's alleged intellectual and cultural hegemony over the subject of South Africa and virtually every other issue which Johnson echoes along with Chicago School economics all the while deriding the intellectual paucity of the ANC and friends If he was really up against so flabby an enemy his book wouldn't have been half as longJohnson's critiue of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission raises valid points but is worn down by the same ideological axe grinding of which he accuses the hatchet man judges of the ANC I wonder if his distaste for political and moral judgment over riding law and due process and his concern for railroading defendants extended to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia; or to the political vindictiveness of unified Germany's Enuete Commission on the East German Dictatorship Likely not even as he touts unified Germany as an economic role model He dwells exclusively on ANC aggression in the township battles with Inkatha that figured so prominently in the early 90s after apartheid's semi dismantling and easily dismisses evidence of Inkatha police collusion Yet however fumbling the TRC's fact finding such cooperation between authority and vigilante thuggery was well known to township dwellers of all parties; resembling Russian Black Hundreds ca 1905 no puns intended subsidized and egged on by the Tzar's Okhrana to prove that the dark people weren't ready for democratic reform and still reuired the firm guiding hand of law and order by sword and bayonetI'll rate this book three stars for Johnson's fluid writing and reasoned arguments despite their elisions loopholes and biases His personal wish to break free of the ANC's monolithic unity was successful but as a corrective to leftist PC coverage of South Africa he's countered only with neo conservative ideological tropes that didn't fly even when used by the Nats and Ronald Reagan 25 years ago Whatever the failings of the black left nationalist agenda of the ANC I can't see patronizing white liberalism and its very conservative class view as a viable alternative cure for the social ills of the South African majority reader í South Africas Brave New World ↠ R.W. Johnson

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R.W. Johnson ↠ South Africas Brave New World mobi He banishment of apartheid is one of the most thrilling hopeful stories in the modern era This boo Johnson does a great job of revealing the ANC's shift from a party defined by its militantMarxist activist base to a party defined by its rent seeking patronage chasing members of the black bourgeois Unfortunately Johnson displays tone deafness that reveals why the DA will be a viable opposition party to the ANC in KwaZulu Natal or Mpumalanga When he tries to downplay the tragedy of Apartheid and the structural barriers created by the NP to good governance by the ANC he expresses a tone that is felt by South Africans whenever a DA politician speaks a certain nostalgia for times before the ANC came to power This nostalgia while faint and unspoken drives South African politics Racial politics perseveres and increasingly the country is unraveling The ghost of apartheid lingers on in the form of ANC's destructive governance and a lack of relevant opposition outside of the Western Cape I can't say that I have much appreciation for Johnson's neo liberal ideology but his journalistic style is thoroughly enjoyable and well done He clearly displays an intense and broad knowledge of his nation yet I can't agree with his prescriptions On the whole this is a worthwhile read but be warned if you are on the left you will find yourself constantly shaking your head