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Player One Free read Æ 104 à [BOOKS] ⚡ Player One ✯ Douglas Coupland – International bestselling author Douglas Coupland delivers a real time five hour story set in an airport cocktail lounge during a global disaster Five disparate people are trapped inside Karen a singl International bestselling author Douglas CInternational bestselling author Douglas Coupland delivers a real time five hour story set in an airport cocktail lounge during a global disaster Five disparate people are trapped inside Karen a single mother waiting for her online date Rick the down on his luck airport lounge bar. It's hard to write about any of Coupland's novel because they are much than mere plots and characters smudged together This hits its peak in Player One possibly the clearest manifestation of Couplandism where do we go after Postmodernism When was Generation X published Let's Google that 1991 Will the future generation remember a time when information reuired physical labour Look I can't even get to my review without uoting Coupland this is how much I love him So it has been two decades since his first book and the transition is striking The premise is purer and minimal the characters well defined as he finally ditched using first person narratives no offense Doug but you really aren't a good enough writer for that yet More importantly this is a synthesis of all his previous attempts at clarifying his philosophy it's a combination of Life After God's postmodern religion Hey Nostradamus's terrorism Shampoo Planet's denial of the past and Girlfriend in a Coma's So now let's pretend it's the future what the hell do we do Intentional or not a lot of material in this book including character profiles and dialogues are recycled straight from his earlier works I couldn't help feeling slightly ripped off for 1350 But it's all very art school isn't it Appropriation as part of postmodernism It works much better when Coupland cleans up his half finished rants and integrates them into a stew of social criticism One thing or perhaps the best thing of all is that Coupland offers hope in his work Not the obvious Bald font 36 Helvetica in your face Obama sort of hope but a subtle 'hey I know it's shitty now and probably will be shitty because we're surrounded by shitty people and you will most definitely fail and be broken in the process But that's ok Why Because you're here asking that uestion' This really shouldn't be called a novel it's a bunch of uotes and thoughts put together loosely bound by a post apocalypse theme Maybe he should just stop pretending and have a list of Tumblr ish ideas and illustrations What was I saying before that I don't remember Oh well This is what the 'save' button is for isn't it PS I love Coupland Unless he screwed it up royally I'm not sure how he could go about that I knew this is going to get 45 stars from me Probably because he's such a product of art school yet he went on to satirise its exact nature Now you don't see Damien Hirst or Vito Acconci doing that do you

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Tender Luke a pastor on the run Rachel a cool Hitchcock blonde incapable of true human contact and finally a mysterious voice known as Player One Slowly each reveals the truth about themselves while the world as they know it comes to an endIn the tradition of Kurt Vonnegut and J G. There is something disturbing about writers as intelligent as Douglas Coupland Underneath the brilliant psychological dialogue the haunting charismatic cast of underachievers and the creative plot that is impossible to predict lies writing that is so fresh and honest that it is scary truthful Player One is that book depicting the tale of five characters trapped in a cocktail lounge during a world changing event The discussion topics humanity vs everything else and whether we are worth it Douglas speaks in prophetic voices that are so dark and logical that it is hard not to lose hope in what we are and what we are to become But there is also a sweetness to his apocalypse like the tsunami that is coming is made out of milk chocolate or the bombs that spill out of the sky are confected gum drops It loosens the blow and in the end somehow gives us hopeWith that being said the ending felt tacked on an after thought almost like Coupland got tired of predicting his own dreary futures and just stopped It makes this reader wonder if he did it on purpose forcing us to endure one final apocalyptic meteor crashing into the Earth or a giant hand reaching up and turning off the sun

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Player OneBallard Coupland explores the modern crises of time human identity society religion and the afterlife The book asks as many uestions as it answers and readers will leave the story with no doubt that we are in a new phase of existence as a species and that there is no turning back. I've got mixed feelings about the book Neither female character read as completely believable to me and yet they were both far better realized than the men who were mere sketchesHere's partly why Our MC is in an airplane Karen's a little too warm so she undoes two buttons at the top of her dress hoping that if anyone sees her they won't take this as a sign she's a slutSnap poll friends does this accurately describe your thoughts at any time in your life¹The other woman is on the autistic spectrum but this seemed played as a caricature Temperance Brennan on steroidsI did enjoy the narrative structure even the end which pissed a lot of people off The connections and experiences which link the characters were done well The whole existential pondering thing seemed like it had been pulled off cheesy motivational websites For every person currently alive there are nineteen dead people who lived before us Maybe that's the whole pointI grew to enjoy the book as I got deeper into it and it finished of a 35 for me rounding down for the autistic character view spoiler begging God to send me a sign that this is how it feels to be a woman hide spoiler