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PDF ↠ BOOK Oriental Ghost Stories ´ DOGSALONBRISTOL Ë ❮Read❯ ➵ Oriental Ghost Stories ➸ Author Lafcadio Hearn – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk ' and the man saw that she had no eyes or nose or mouth and he screamed' Lafcadio Hearn's fascinating and unsettling ghost stories are a reinterpretati' and the man saw that she had no eyes or nose or mouth and he screamed' Lafcadio Hearn's fascinating and unsettling ghost stories are a reinterpretation of oriental legends and folktales They are a potent blend of weird beauty and horror Hearn who referred to his narratives as 's These stories although seldom frightening are almost everything else creepy poignant evocative picturesue filled with the power of love and art Lafcadio Hearn who was an American newspaperman who moved to Japan converted to Buddhism and took a Japanese bride began to write these stories in Japan at the end of the nineteenth century His style is a uniuely charming combination of spare newspaperman prose and gorgeous fin de siecle gem like imagery of a Western enthusiasm for exotic detail and an Asian philosophic distance The stories are presented in roughly chronological order and I believe the later ones are even better than the first I particularly like the two familiar essays printed here Incense Silkworms in which the ghostly tales arise naturally as illustrations of Asian customs Their apparently casual yet artful structures are worthy of Lamb or Robert Louis Stevenson

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Tories and studies of strange things' believed that the spectral world was part of the oriental landscape Lakes mountains ruined castles and terraced fields were the natural locale of ghostly spirits and their intervention in human affairs was part of the natural order of things H An introduction to the beauty elegance and folkloric horror of Japanese ghost stories JS


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Oriental Ghost StoriesEarn's apparitions are not a violent intrusion upon everyday reality; they are already a part of that reality co existing with the living This collection contains the best of the work of this neglected master of the supernatural tale Prepare to be charmed and chilled in eual measu Rather unfortunately titled in my opinion this anthology collects a variety of the writing of the very interesting character Lafcadio Hearn Hearn was a bit of a world traveler but his most well known work came out of his decade living in Japan and indeed he remains a well known author there than anywhere else This Wordsworth Tales of Mystery and the Supernatural edition contains the majority of Hearn’s tales from his book Kwaidan minus his descriptions of various insects in Japanese folklore a handful of essays from In Ghostly Japan and the entirety of Some Chinese GhostsMy favorites were the spooky languid ghost stories published originally in Kwaidan Stories and Studies of Strange Things which were even adapted into a horror anthology film in 1964 by Masaki Koyabashi These tales were based on originally oral folklore collected from old Japanese sources and local people by Hearn and crafted into rather spare elegant stories In his writing Hearn has I feel an almost modern voice and manages to avoid many pitfalls for an outsider writing of another culture This is also true of the philosophical and thoughtful essays from In Ghostly Japan included hereOn the other hand Some Chinese Ghosts written before Hearn had even traveled to Japan takes a ornate fetishized take on Asian ghost literature as he merely retells old Chinese stories available in Western literature in a picturesue and ironical style Still interesting but a little less deep than his later Japanese work delving into actual folklore