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All of a Kind Family Downtown Ebook Ë Download ô Dogsalonbristol » [Read] ➪ All of a Kind Family Downtown By Sydney Taylor – Sydney Taylor grew up among immigrant families on New York City's Lower East Side prior to World War I and wrote the All of a Kind Family seriesFor her daughter This seuel finds talented Ella mischievous Henny studious Sarah dreamy Charlotte and little Gertie helping Mama with their new b Such fun stories and scrapes these girls get into My favorites one girl ripping her clothes so she would look poor and going to the Christian church so she could receive a free doll for Christmas Henny charging her friends money to come watch her give baby brother a bath😂

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Sydney Taylor grew up among immigrant families on New York City's Lower East Side prior to World War I and wrote the All of a Kind Family series I LOVED these books when I was a little girl and read them over and over I learned so much about the Jewish religion how to be in a family the power of love the richness of the holidays the joys of having sisters I could see and smell what was happening in these books I have been on the look out for them for some time as I want to purchase them for a few of the little people in my life

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All of a Kind Family DowntownAby brother Charlie Sydney Taylor's charming books capture the everyday life of a home with little money but lots of love and good times to share I absolutely loved the first book in this series and found this one just as adorable The family are all so wonderful and such dear characters These would make great family read aloudsAges 9 12CleanlinessChildren's Bad WordsMild Obscenities Substitutions 4 Incidents cock as in a bird shucks stupid holy catsName Calling 3 Incidents scaredy cat fraidy cat that’s for sissiesReligious Profanities 7 Incidents for heaven’s sake thank heavens Gee Goodness Geewhiz GoshRomance Related 5 Incidents Girls have a crush on a certain boy An older girl says how handsome a boy is just observance not a crush etc There is family dancing non romantic An old woman has a dream about a beau coming courting “And you know what Ma there was a dopey boy following Ella around the place He was making goo goo eyes at her the whole time And Ma ”AttitudesDisobedience 5 Incidents A girl sticks her tongue out at her sister A girl decides to rip her clothes so she looks poor and can get a doll She tells a half truth She repents makes amends and learns a lesson A girl pushes her sister on a swing too high knowing she doesn’t like it She is sorry and makes up A girl recollects taking something that wasn’t hers She says it was just a joke but she shivers at the thought A girl gets up on the wrong side of the bed and she behaves poorly learning some lessons thoughConversation Topics 4 Incidents References the genie and Aladdin’s lamp Mentions a beer saloon Mentions a cigar box Mentions wineParent TakeawayA sweet story about a loving family and how the father and mother purposefully run their home The narration includes comments in the style of Henny knew she was being naughty and felt bad afterwards There is always conclusions to wrong behaviors The boygirl mentions are not fantasized or lengthyLike my reviews? Then you should follow me Because I have hundreds just like this one With each review I provide a Cleanliness Report mentioning any objectionable content I come across so that parents andor conscientious readers like me can determine beforehand whether they want to read a book or not Content surprises are super annoying especially when you’re 100 pages in so here’s my attempt to help you avoid that So Follow or Friend me here on GoodReads You’ll see my updates as I’m reading and know which books I’m liking and what I’m not finishing and why You’ll also be able to utilize my library for looking up titles to see whether the book you’re thinking about reading next has any objectionable content or not From swear words to romance to bad attitudes in children’s books I cover it all