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His Border Bride Summary ð 105 ✓ ➮ [Read] ➪ His Border Bride By Blythe Gifford ➺ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Gavin Fitzjohn is the bastard son of an English prince and a Scotswoman A rebel without a country he has darkness in his soulClare Carr daughter of a Scottish border lord can recite the laws of chival Gavin Fitzjohn isGavin Fitzjohn is the bastard son of an English prince and a Scotswoman A rebel without a country he has darkness in his soulClare Carr dau. 25 stars Haddington Scotland 1356 Adult Medieval RomanceIf it weren't for the historical facts and the plot twist I would flung this book to the wall and left it to be forgotten The heroine Clare is the stupidest moronic idiot person ever She deserves all the curses imaginable solely for her childish behaviour and thoughts Reading about her was such a burden torture chore and I felt truly sorry for Gavin who's sometimes found himself in defeated whenever Clare's concernedRead on your own peril

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Ghter of a Scottish border lord can recite the laws of chivalry and knows Gavin has broken every oneClare is gripped by desire for this roy. Gavin Fitzjohn is the son of an English prince and a Scotswoman who decides to return to Scotland where he finds shelter as a knight at the home of Clare Carr They marry but Clare fights between what she believes to be proper for a lady and what she wants while Gavin has his own border to crossRating this book is difficult I was uickly interested in the story and in the characters but my interest did not last The initial story that Gavin is torn between two countries in the 14th century was very intriguing Motherless Clare who feels her father abandoned her is attached to her falcons Unfotunately the falcon becomes a very forced metaphor for the relationship between the two main characters which okay at first but grew increasingly annoyingThey are forced to marry when her father decides Gavin is the best choice for Clare after he beats out the man she had unreuited like for As the story progresses Clare is shown to be shallow and selfish in how she treats Gavin how she acts towards other characters and how she tries to cling things that don't exist such as her feelings for the Frenchman and her ladylike principles These same principles also become annoying later on Once she and Gavin grow together it made no sense to me why she pulled back from him again The conflict grew murky and the ending was placed there without being a part of the story Clare sends Gavin away and he goes even though he's promised to be master of the tower only for a simple talk from her father's paramour to convince Clare that she might have been wrong to turn him away Not much of a climaxThere were things I liked here some interesting description the emphasis that battle and knights were not the flag carrying romantic stuff Clare believed and the fact that her father did seem to care for her even though Clare didn't see it I appreciated that the author never resolved that part of their relationship but left it hangingBut all these things made me give the book a 2 star rating though parts of it were better and parts worse

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His Border BrideAl rogue could he be the one to unleash everything she has tried so hard to hide These persuasive urges have stayed safely dormant until no. Engaging fast paced Scottish romance I particularly liked the parallels of characters and falcons Mixing real historical characters with fictional ones Ms Gifford neatly weaves Scots English conflicts into this story Fab bed time reading