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Lentlessly exposed the blacklist for what it was a cynical disdain of elementary decency couched in the rhetoric of patriotismMany of the people involved in the Faulk case were and are famous attorneys Nizer and Roy Cohn Edward R Murrow and Charles Collingwood Myrna Loy Kim Hunter Tony Randall and Lee Grant J Frank Dobie Ed Sullivan David Susskind and Mark Goodson But the hero is Faulk himself a man who in the words of Studs Terkel faced the bastards and beat them down. Fascinating look at a terrible time in our history told by one of the heroes of the time who is now nearly forgotten This would be a good companion to the movie Trumbo Long time Austinites will enjoy the glimpses of South Austin life in the 1930's and 1950's I would have given it stars but the long passages of verbatim trial records got a little tedious

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Fear on TrialJohn Henry Faulk was a popular radio and television personality during the McCarthy era He was host of his own radio program on WCBS in New York when he publicly challenged AWARE Inc an ultrapatriotic group engaged in the systematic blacklisting of entertainment personalities In response an AWARE bulletin accused Faulk himself of subversive associations Angry and frightened by this accusation Faulk brought suit against AWARE charging conspiracy to libel him and to dest. Finished this book today The first half had me outraged and appalled that those folks labelling often with no basis at all and definitely with no fear or reprisal artists and others as possible communist supporterssympathizersJohn Henry Faulk is one such person He was a CBS radio personality who was paid well and uite popular and had good ratings until a smear sheet reported he may have communist tendenciesBut Faulk took a uniue approach he sued He sued for libel those who smeared his nameSo the first half shows how he not only lost his job but couldnt find any work in his profession for several yearsThe second half is mostly reporting often reading like a court transcript of how he and his legal team fought and won They knew things had gone ever better than expected when the jury had a uestion soon after beginning deliberation namely can they render a verdict awarding even money to Faulk than had been reuestedSo the second half is a great read as these folks engaging in lies and smears get their comeuppanceSadly even after the verdict Faulk could not get radio work again because the radio industry deemed him person non grata for making public just how much in bed the industry was with both advertisers who would engage in boycotts and threats to get off the air folks maligned like Faulk and even disturbing the practice of radio programs having to check with people on whether a certain possible actor could or could not be hired due to whether they were considered a possible red menanceAn excellent fascinating readI picked up this book appropriately from the downtown libraryWhy is that appropriate Because this book which I originally pickedup for a book club answers a uestion I bet others who have been to thedowntown Faulk library have wondered namely who is this guy FaulkHe was labelled a communist subversive and put on the blacklist Heargued in court he was libelled and he won 35 million the largestlibel record ever at that timeSo Faulk is named after an artist who fought the system and wonAfter I read it i'll give a detailed report

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Fear on Trial Download ☆ 100 ↠ ✤ [Download] ➼ Fear on Trial By John Henry Faulk ➶ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk John Henry Faulk was a popular radio and television personality during the McCarthy era He was host of his own radio program on WCBS in New York when he publicly challenged AWARE Inc an ultrapatriotic John Henry Faulk Roy his career Thus began Fear on PDFEPUBone of the great civil rights cases of this centuryJohn Henry Faulk recounts the story of this harrowing time in Fear on Trial the dramatic account of his six years on the blacklist an exile that began with the AWARE bulletin and ended with his vindication by a jury award of the largest libel award in US history at that time The heart of the book is the trial of Faulk's libel action against AWARE in which attorney Louis Nizer re. You would think or hope that this book would read with the patina of a bygone era Unfortunately today's descendants of Red Channels still count on fear and hysteria to accomplish their goals and its lessons apply todayIt's good to read of one man who stood up and was not afraid to pay the price he was forced to pay for believing that the Constitution deserved to be taken seriouslyAnyone interested might want to read Louis Nizer's book The Jury Returns as well He was Faulk's attorney and devotes a chapter of his book to the trialI indicated 2007 as the date I read the book but it's an arbitrary date I read it first about 15 years ago having gotten it through an interlibrary loan Later I purchsed a used copy from and have read it again completely once and parts of it several other timesIt deserves to be reprinted