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READ & DOWNLOAD È PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ý Layla Jordan No one knows is that Sinclair used to be Detroit hustler Ms Tracy Franklin wife of Kwame Franklin wh. Really this is of a 25 I read this book in less than one day It was absolutely crazy and complete trash but I did enjoy it Would I recommend it No I probably wouldn’t admit to reading it 😬but I did enjoy the entertaining Hollywood setting and the book was oddly satisfying

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REVIEW The Liars Club î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❮Reading❯ ➵ The Liars Club ➭ Author Layla Jordan – Sinclair Fines is living the good life in New York City as the wife of movie producer Omar Fines What no one knows is that Sinclair used to be Detroit hustler Ms Tracy Frank O is now in jail When Kwame is released from prison he tries blackmail Then the tabloids get involved. In the world of the eliteHollywood films have nothing on the dramatic lives lived behind closed doorsor the lies told to keep secrets buried Sinclair has it allbut just has a minor problem with Omar that leaves her with insatiable urges But when her past comes back to haunt her she realizes all that glitters is not always goldJaleesa just wants a big break and will do anything to get itbut when is the price ever too high for comfortBrijetta is always looking to make things perfectincluding her body but when all flaws are revealed and she finds herself dealing with some hard truths with her film star husband Treyshe finds that the limelight is dimmer than it seemsI throughly enjoyed this read The characters were well developed and I liked how the plot intertwined them which made it a suspenseful read The story was on point and fast paced And I absolutely lovedddd that it was a stand alonewell it seems like one; very satisfying ending and very well written It was not rushed at all I'll be sure to check out this author's work again

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The Liars ClubSinclair Fines is living the good life in New York City as the wife of movie producer Omar Fines What. Membership Dues Weaves nails and breasts aren’t the only fakes in Hollywood Meet Sinclair Fines Brijetta Hamilton and Jalessa Love members of the Liar’s Club Lies and facades mean their very livelihoods Sinclair is married to movie producer Omar Fines and she has a PhD in Pretending This girl from the hood and one time hustler hit the jackpot and her biggest lick when she landed Omar What Omar doesn’t know won’t hurt him but it may hurt Sinclair The skeleton is out of her closest and it’s doing the Cha Cha slideall the way to Hollywood What’s a girl to do Brijetta is married to super sexy movie star Trey Hamilton and has a Master’s in Fronting From the outside looking in it’s peaches and cream But Brijetta knows it’s anything but With her marriage and its secrets always on the verge of being exposed what’s a girl to do Jalessa a struggling actress is trying to get in where she fits in and she’s dual majoring in Deviousness and Backstabbing She’s looking for her big break even if it’s at the expense of others including her friends Sinclair and Brijetta All’s fair in love war and Hollywood What won’t this girl do HmmmI’m kind of on the fence on this one There were some things I really liked about this novel and some things I didn’t THE LIAR’S CLUB is a uick and highly entertaining novel What I think disappoints me and is keeping me on the fence is that it had the potential to be with some solid rooted writing and less shock and superfluous drama I would prefer that the author had scaled back on some of the drama and focused on the strength of the story as there was a lot of strength in this storyline Now having sampled a few of this author’s books there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that’s she’s talented but I hate to see her not reaching her full potential This book shined but along the lines of a 75 watt light bulb while she has 100 watts Some authors need gimmicks like manufactured drama over the top sex bling bling and hood certification to cover up where they are lacking in writing This author doesn’t have to do that and I’d like to see her play to her undeniable skills I’m moving on to some of her romance to see what she’s working with over there That said this book did have a lot of pros It held my interest from beginning to end I like the fact that it did end If you want a uick fix of drama THE LIAR’S CLUB is the perfect read for you Layla or whatever name you prefer if you’re reading this turn your lights all the way on and blind these folks with your talent You and your girl