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Ry Taraborrelli boldly explores Diana's troubled relationship with her family and the heartbreak she feels compelled to hide bringing into focus a celebrated personality too often obscured by the bright lights of fame Despite years in the limelight Diana Ross remains an enigmatic figure a compelling paradox of vulnerability and iron will fragility and strength J Randy Taraborrelli examines her private world to reveal a complex inspiring triumphant survivor in unprecedented clarity Ladies and gentlemen the incomparable the one and only Diana Ros. What was I thinking when seeing the book in the library some profound disection of Ms Ross an in depth look into her life well after many chapters of trashing Ms Ross it seems she was destined to be a Diva and no one in this world was going to stop her not even in the name of love Did not realize she had several children not that it mattered I believe according to Taraborelli she chose her lifedetermined that any focus would be on her and I believe it has its own rewards by no one wanting to be around you but hey she had a pretty good life never did like her singing voice

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Diana Ross A BiographyThere is only one Diana Ross And this is her story Drawn from hundreds of interviews conducted over four decades and featuring rare never before published photos Diana Ross paints an unforgettable picture of an extraordinary and often controversial legend a woman who has distinguished herself as a Civil Rights trailblazer a temperamental celebrity yes you should call her Miss Ross a loving Diana Ross PDF or and very present mother and a consummate entertainer Beautiful and fascinating she is her own invention the definition of a superstar Illum. Diana Ross with all her flaws the Motown goddess of soul music exposedJ Randy Taraborrelli is a uniue celebrity journalist Read any one of his Motown books and you can see he genuinely worships the artists and the music that sprang from urban black America in the mid 20th century His enthusiasm and committment are undeniable Unfortunately as a writer J Randy lacks any kind of charisma or style much less a coherent philosophy or agenda He's like the six o'clock news he has the sort of bland neutral voice that makes it impossible to hold the reader's interest even when he's detailing the most sensational scandals imaginable I never thought I'd say this but he really makes me nostalgic for the passionate polemics of Dave Marsh who certainly was no geniusFrom the evidence compiled here Diana Ross is absolutely monstrous as a human being From the very early days she was cruel selfish and narcisstic willing to ruin anyone's life in order to get ahead and incapable of focusing on anything other than her own career Even as America ignited in the Sixties her own outlook remained unbelievably shallow and self centered J Randy shows us all of this in excruciating detail but without ever moralizing or even expressing shock Great facts great research lousy writing

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REVIEW Diana Ross A Biography 107 Þ [Reading] ➵ Diana Ross A Biography ➼ J. Randy Taraborrelli – There is only one Diana Ross And this is her story Drawn from hundreds of interviews conducted over four decades and featuring rare never before published photos Diana Ross paints an unforgettable pic There is only one Inated by unparalleled access J Randy Taraborrelli's insightful portrait surpasses previous biographies of Miss Ross First time revelations abound from the tough decisions Diana made while having Barry Gordy's baby to her run in with the police at Heathrow Airport to her triumphant recovery after a surprising drunk driving arrest Taraborrelli also explains in vivid detail the real reasons behind the break up of the Supremes and relates the exclusive facts behind her complex romance with the founder of Motown Delving deep into her personal histo. In 1982 a friend and I had the chance to catch Diana Ross in action as shehttpsleaze factorblogspotcom201