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Read É PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB È Jessica Steele Horrified she returned his ring Kathryn couldn't have known then that Rex's injuries in an accident would prevent the truth from coming out that she'd be accused of callousl. This is one of Jessica Steele's better books It was so filled with WTF angst I thought I was reading a Charlotte Lamb Kathryn is engaged to be married to Rex first brother when she happens to walk in and find him in bed with his secretary She is devastated breaks the engagement and runs off to be with her sister for the weekend Rex on the other hand recognizing the error of his ways gets drunk and crashes the car seriously injuring himselfIn comes brother number 2 The Other Brother Of course he has her pegged as one callous mercenary bi## who is just dumping his brother because she doesn't want to stick around for the recovery Brother is the injured party Brother can do no wrong Brother shouts her name while suffering in the hospital So second brother poisoned by first brother decides to take a little revenge on sweet Kathryn Plan A Get her to fall in love with him and then dump her sorry as# Only this time second brother wants to leave her at the altar and give her the ultimate of humiliations This is where the story gets a little off track and why the heroine was really TSTL First of all she transfers her affection rather uickly to Other Brother She rationalizes her feelings as not having been in love with the first brother but it still came off as fickle and cheapened her Secondly she continues to miss all the signs that he is setting her upHarsh words evil glances hands choking her throat Luckily they decide to do the deed and alas he realizes since she was a virgin that everything his brother said was false But too late hero had his revenge and the heroine finally sees him for what he is Of course she continues to keep working for him instead of walking out Seems she feels some loyalty towards his predecessor Which I thought a bit absurd She also goes to the 50th company reunion because she doesn't want to hurt her other boss' feelings so she subjects herself to yet of that wonderful Kingsbury charm I kept scratching my head saying reallyIf the heroine had been just the slightest bit sharper this could have been a ten star But as it is I still really liked it It has all that WTF angst I so love in my HP's I even didn't notice all those fragmentation and poor punctuations that JS is known for

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Free download The Other Brother ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ò ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ The Other Brother Author Jessica Steele – Could love exist without trustKathryn had been joyously anticipating her wedding to Rex Kingersby until she found him one week before their wedding in bed w Y jilting RexNate Kingersby Rex's older brother was another surprise He regarded her action as an insult The Other Epubto his brother and family for which Kathryn must suffe. I love how Jessica Steele creates conflict in her heroes who end up loving the very one they despise and distrust And threaten and bully They realize they misjudged the girl Then they must grovel and in this case the other brother has to really grovel Her heroes can be so ruthless Others by Steele with ruthless gamma heroes who see the light grovel scenesDevil In DisguiseIntimate EnemiesInnocent Abroad Tethered LibertyPride's MasterJessica Steele writes Harleuin Romances and some Hn Presents She is now about 85 years old sad to say Steele is one of the worst writers in terms of syntax grammar etc Her sentence construction is unusual But IMO she is among the best at Hn in terms of storytelling and sexual tension Her heroines are virgins and the wanting drives the heroes nutsI read this eons ago and never forgot it keeping it on hand

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The Other BrotherCould love exist without trustKathryn had been joyously anticipating her wedding to Rex Kingersby until she found him one week before their wedding in bed with his secretary. I am one of the few die hard Jessica Steele fans because I love reading about her urbane bossy British alpha males in conservative Savile Row suits with their stiff upper lips and other stiff parts too Lol Ok I shall behave This was one of my fav novels by this author because she amped up the angst and actually allowed her MC's to have sex too Now that's a big deal for Jessica Steele since she's an author whose heroines always wait until after marriage before becoming hymenally challenged This heroine Kathryn is like too many of Jessica's soft English maidens too self sacrificial She protects her cheating fiance's reputation to avoid hurting his family's feelings That bothered me a lot because these people are all adults and they deserved to know that Rex was a douche donkey cheater Rex Kathryn's cheating rat bastard dick of a secretary screwing fiance does NOT deserve her protection At the beginning of the story Kathryn walked in on Rex while he was banging the skanky secretary For long seconds her stunned brain refused to think—the couple sharing the bed appearing to be similarly dumbstruck For the man she hadn't expected to see until they were in church rehearsing their responses tomorrow just sat and stared too his chest bare while his blonde companion—his secretary Kathryn recognised—tried to cover up her naked breasts Why does the heroine not tell his relatives the real reason she broke their engagement Well Rex was traumatized after Kathryn found him banging the skankytary that he got drunk and was involved in a horrific car crash This is Rex just before the car crashes Kathryn the martyred maiden feels sorry for him and doesn't want to hurt his relatives with bad news I didn't agree with her So what if the dickhead is in a coma with half his body in a plaster cast As far as I'm concerned his meandering penis should have been broken too But in HPlandia someone always has to pay the price for a tragedy and in this instance it's Kathryn who has to fork out the penance dollars Some of Rex's relatives think she's a cold and brutal bitch for jilting him 2 days before the wedding Her reputation shouldn't be maligned just because she feels the need to protect his goody two shoes image in the eyes of his super doting relatives This is one of the things I can't stand self sacrificial or martyr type heroines especially when they're protecting people who don't deserve it This brings me to the big bad hero Nate He was Rex's big brother and he decided it was his duty to seek vengeance for how Kathryn had destroyed his sibling's life He was such a fucked up chameleon to the poor sweet h He hid his evil intentions and pretended he cared for her in an effort to break her and embarrass her Why did I like this novel then Jessica Steele manages to portray the H's tormented feelings because he has a great longing for this woman he is supposed to loathe The build up to the climax pun intended 🤣🤣🤣 was interesting The poor sweet heroine is slowly falling in real love with Nate She realises that her feelings for the rat bastard Rex were not in any way as intense or meaningful as they are for his hunky older brother She's in love for the first time while the reader knows the H is just playing a game An effective musical comparison can be shown here It's like Kathryn's listening to the following song and she's all light and happy for the poor sweet oblivious Kathryn it's all about Love is a many splendored thingIt's the April rose that only grows in the early SpringLove is nature's way of giving a reason to be livingThe golden crown that makes a man a kingOnce on a high and windy hill In the morning mistTwo lovers kissed and the world stood still Meanwhile the H's vengeful feelings are suitably expressed in the following song fact I'll even uote a few lines from that song since it's exactly how the H feels Eye for an eye tooth for a toothA life for a life it's my burden of proofRevenge just for youRevengeYou ask forgiveness I give you sweet revenge Of course the climax to this revenge trope is brought on by the sex scene All Steele's heroines are virgins so our H sleeps with her he discovers that his brother had been lying about certain things It's perhaps the most apt use of virginity as a plot device It might have taken a lot longer for Nate to realize the truth if Kathryn hadn't been a virgin I know it's an old fashioned staple in the vintage harleuins but I guess it's the easiest way for an author to solve a big problem Kathryn was so in love with Nate that she broke her own rule about pre marital sex and slept with him She's filled with joy and bliss the morning after but the jackass H tells her that it was all for revenge It was a painful scene to read 'Hello darling' she said softly instead staying near the door She saw Nate jerk at the sound of her voice and thinking only to wait to see his face to see his smile before she rushed into his arms stood waiting for him to turn around Strangely his hands were now clenched at his sides she saw but she shrugged aside whatever that might mean as she anticipated his loving smile as he began to turn But there was no smile on his face as he turned to face her Then it got worse 'Darling what's wrong' and heard none of the loving gentieness she had been expecting as he grated harshly 'Why the hell didn't you tell me you were a virgin before I became too—involved to stop' Only an old school British H would use a euphemistic term like involved to describe passionate love making Then Nate bursts her romantic bubble by revealing the nasty truth about his vengeance scheme 'God' Nate exploded 'Can't you see why Can't you see this whole mess is based on lies' 'Lies' she repeated dumbfounded too stunned by his attitude being so different from what she had thought it would be to take in what he was trying to tell her 'Of course lies' Nate said and Kathryn wasn't sure then who he was growing furious with her or himself as he flung at her 'Can't you see yet that every time I was the least bit pleasant to you it was false Are you so dumb you don't know I've planned to make you pay from the very beginning' 'Make me pay' she whispered stupefied 'I looked for a way to make you suffer the way you'd made my brother suffer' he threw at her 'I watched you for days trying to see what made you tick I watched to find out where you were most vulnerable' Suffice it to say that the dejected Kathryn was probably hearing this song now but I doubt it was released at the time of this book's publication Lol I know the last song is a bit of a stretch but I just love Metallica and I am shamelessly gratuitous when it comes to the stuff I love It took this betrayal for Kathryn to spill her guts to Nate She finally gets mad and tells him about Rex having sex with the bimbo secretary and they both reach an impasse for a short while The h makes the H grovel And that's why I enjoyed this novel Nate was really destroyed emotionally when Kathryn refused his apology and wanted to have nothing to do with him Kathyrn was like this adorable dog who is reluctant to play with its ownerMoving on from my second shameless example of gratuitous insertions of stuff not related to the storyThe man REALLY grovels and that's why it worked for me Readers will have to read the book to see what he does that's so selfless but his final act of grovelling makes up for his former shitty behaviour and they all lived HEA even Rex whose penis will still be working unfortunately This novel might not appeal to all readers but I enjoyed it a lot in spite of my impatience with Kathryn's maidenly martyrdom and my anger at Nate's cruelty Safety No cheating No OW or OM The heroine had never had sex with Rex Of The Meandering PenisThis is the heroine KathrynThis is the H Nate